40 Video APIs on ProgrammableWeb

The world of video APIs continues its impressive surge, with 40 video APIS now listed on ProgrammableWeb, up from the 30 video APIs profiled in February and more than double the 19 video APIs from last fall. And more video mashups appear every week, now with 340 video mashups listed.

Among the notable new video API entries are:

Vodpod is a video sharing site, and with the Vodpod API you can programmatically do most of the same things that you can with the site. Use the API to create a video widget, get a video list complete with metadata and player, upload videos, get thumbnails, and retrieve your activity list.

Ustream.tv is a live video broadcasting and video chat room site, and its Ustream.tv API allows broadcasters and end-users to share, show, or browse the video database. A developer can search broadcasters for a specific name, retrieve a popular show, and start streaming a show.

Medioh.tv is also a video search and sharing site, and the Medioh.tv API lets a developer search, filter, and sort the video database, give users custom channels, and access titles, descriptions, tags, and other video information.

Permission.tv is a software-as-a-service video delivery Platform aimed more at organizations and businesses that mange their own video. Its Permission.tv API gives developers a way to prepare and manage videos, create players, reports, utilities, and web components.

The video meme also pops up in related services like the Palbee enterprise videoconferencing API and the GamesRadar videogame database that includes videos of the games.

It's clear that the proliferation of ways to access video - traditional mainstream video, user-generated content, marketing video, internal corporate communications, and personal lifestreaming - will continue apace, and it's also looking like having an API is becoming a requirement for any online video service today.

Keep tabs on the fast-moving space with our video mashups dashboard. Here are all the APIs tagged with video that we have to date - if you see any missing, use our API Share page to add it.

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