400 Twitter Mashups

It's perhaps the hottest service on the web and it's definitely the most popular API recently. Twitter mashups continue to grow at a rapid pace, having just passed another milestone. We now list over 400 Twitter mashups in our directory.

In the last two weeks, it accounts for more than a quarter of all mashups added to the directory. Twitter also holds the distinction of being the only API to take the top slot from Google Maps in our "last 14 days" pie chart (above). The number of mashups has doubled in less than a year, since we announced 200 Twitter mashups. You can see our full coverage of Twitter's tremendous growth in a blog post from before its Chirp conference.

We're still seeing a wide variety of types of mashups, as you can see from this selection of recent additions to the database:

  • TweJay: Making Twitter Talk: Make your Twitter stream audible with TweJay or listen to a Twitter search. APIs: Google Translate, Twitter. More at our TweJay: Making Twitter Talk profile.
  • TweJay: Making Twitter Talk

  • My City Now: Tweets, Pictures and Video from major cities in Canada. Currently sites available for Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. More cities to be added. APIs: Flickr, Google Search, Twitter, YouTube. More at our My City Now profile.
  • My City Now

  • Twitter and Box.net: This mashup allows Box.net users to share files from within their Box accounts using Twitter. APIs: Box.net, Twitter. More at our Twitter and Box.net profile.
  • Twitter and Box.net

    The popularity of Twitter mashups shouldn't be a surprise. Three-quarters of Twitter's traffic comes from its API. Perhaps more exciting are the nearly 50 Twitter-related APIs. Between those and Twitter's service itself, expect Twitter to continue to be a major force in the mashup landscape.


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