41 New APIs: Bitcoins, iOnRoad, and ApartmentsApart

This week, we had 41 new APIs added to our API directory including a payroll service API, an open-source database for Bitcoin averages, and a weather service that provides information on ski and mountain conditions. We also discuss how Cisco is providing a foundation for the emerging "Internet of Things (IoT)" phenomenon.

ApartmentsApartApartmentsApart API: ApartmentsApart is an apartment rental service for locations across Europe. It offers apartments as an alternative to hotels or hostels for people traveling in major cities. Users can choose from over 3000 apartments. Listings provide full details on the apartments as well as feedback from previous visitors. Buyers can save money with last-minute deals, and regular customers can expect additional discounts.

Beenius BeesmartBeenius Beesmart API: Beenius is a progressive interactive TV middleware provider for service operators. Beenius' Beesmart service delivery Platform is a comprehensive application layer for providing interactive TV services. The platform converges TV, phone and internet services. Beenius offers and open API which enables the development of interactive TV features for client devices. API service are REST-based. Security is provided via OAuth and SSL Authentication. Access to full API Documentation comes with an account and service.

Behavioral Media Networks Cognitive InsightsBehavioral Media Networks Cognitive Insights API: Behavioral Media Networks (BMN) is a spin-off of MIT’s Mind Machine Project focused on predicting behavior from text and other unstructured data sets. BMN’s Cognitive Insights API infers user personalities, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles from user generated texts including social posts, SMS, emails, cover letters, blogs, and more.

BitcoinAverageBitcoinAverage API: BitcoinAverage is an open-source data service that provide the weighted average for various bitcoin statistics using data collected from the major exchanges. The BitcoinAverage API, using REST calls and returning JSON or CSV, allows users to query for the full data contained within the site. The API includes calls to get ticker data for bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as well as fiat currencies, get exchange volumes, pricing and historical data as well as make other calls.

BitcoinMonitorBitcoinMonitor API: BitcoinMonitor is a Bitcoin payment solution that doesn't require access to Bitcoin wallets but only facilitates transactions from payer to payee. The BitcoinMonitor API allows users to access several resources on the BitcoinMonitor site including agent resources, address resources, and notification resources. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and is free to use.

Boronia Travel CentreBoronia Travel Centre API: Boronia Travel Centre is an Australian travel agency that specializes in battlefield tours to locations like Gallipoli and the Western Front. It is also the official travel agent for the Australian War Memorial Battlefields tours. Developers can use the Boronia Travel Centre API to retrieve information on types of holidays, types of hotels, and regions.

BTCjamBTCjam API: BTCjam is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending service. The company aims to mae the lending process easily accessible from around the world, where users can choose the interest rate they can afford by listing the loans they want, and lenders and can pick those they wish to lend to. The BTCjam API allows users to query the current listings open for investment. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses both SSL and OAuth 2.0 for authentication. An account is required with service, and users must register the application that the API us being used in.

BTCmerchBTCmerch API: BTCmerch is a bitcoin merchant service whereby users can add the capability of accepting bitcoins and litecoins as payments within merchant sites. The BTCmerch API allows for quick payment acceptance Integration, and allows for more control over payments. The services uses JavaScript for integration. No API Key is required for service, only a merchant ID.

Checkbook NYCCheckbook NYC API: New York City provides programmatic access and feeds to the financial data that flows through The Office of the Comptroller. The Checkbook NYC API allows users to make REST calls to return a maximum of 1000 records. The API allows access to Budgets, Contracts, Payroll, Revenue, and Spending. The API returns data in XML format.

CloudConvertCloudConvert API: CloudConvert is a cloud-based file conversion service that offers over 150 formats into which files can be converted. The CloudConvert API allows users to integrate the conversion service into third-party applications. The service allows users to make calls to start a file conversion, check the status of a conversion, cancel a conversion, delete a conversion, Callback after a conversion, list conversion, and select a conversion type. The API uses REST calls, and uses SSL and an API Key for authentication.

CoinkiteCoinkite API: Coinkite is a bitcoin service that provides an exchange and bank for bitcoin and other crypto-currency use. Coinkite also both online banking and a debit card with which to transact in bitcoins offline. The Coinkite API allows users to utilize the exchange to deposit funds into Coinkite accounts. The Coinkite API uses REST calls, and an account is required with service.

CoinSetterCoinSetter API: CoinSetter is a bitcoin trading service that aims to bring bitcoins into broader markets and make it a known, and often traded, commodity. The site offers a full trading platform with low latency. The CoinSetter API allows users to make queries to get Market Data, Account information, interact with client session, get customer information, get customer addresses, view financial transactions, place orders, and other calls. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. Through these users can execute trading strategies and perform other account functions.

ComunioComunio API: Comunio is a fantasy European football / soccer service that lets users create and manage their own Bundesliga teams and leagues with their friends. Bundesliga is a professional German football league. Comunio site members can manage their teams' line-ups, tactics, and transfers. Although much of the website is available in many languages, some parts of the site (e.g. news) are only available in German.

CRMTextCRMText API: CRM Text is an SMS platform company that connects developers to the world of short code SMS and 2 way text messaging. CRM Text Solution' API allows users to establish real-time, two-way text messaging using reliable short codes. CRM Text's short codes are hosted by Twilio and allows developers who are sending more volumes of messages than long codes may allow a secondary option of using our Stack of short codes. Our Rest API allows for simple opt-in, opt-out management and complies with all Mobile Marketing Association and Federal guidelines to keep you compliant.

CryptoTraderCryptoTrader API: CryptoTrader is a an algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The site features backtesting for strategy development and robot driven trading over a VPS cloud. The CryptoTrader API allows users to implement and test fully featured algorithmic trading strategies, as well as automate trading. An account is required with service.

Deep VoyageDeep Voyage API: Deep Voyage is an Egyptian dive operation, created and run by experienced divers. Divers will travel on the ship, Liberty, which has a maximum speed of 12 knots, a spacious dive deck, and fully air conditioned cabins. The Deep Voyage API allows users to send booking requests and subscribe or unsubscribe from the Deep Voyage mailing list.

GoDoGoDo API: GoDo is an activity booking service for Australia and New Zealand. Site visitors can choose from over 2000 activities such as cooking classes, tours, sky diving, and kayaking. Activities are sorted by category, sub-category, price, and region, making it easier for users to browse or search for their preferred activity. Developers can retrieve information on GoDo's offerings programmatically via SOAP API.

Hampton Roads TransitHampton Roads Transit API: Hampton Roads Transit is a regional transportation system, providing bus, light rail, and ferry services for Hampton Roads Virginia. The Hampton Roads Transit API provides programmatic access to real-time bus data. Available calls include bus routes, current bus locations, and more. The API is able to return data on the entire system, or on a specified route.

iOnRoadiOnRoad API: iOnRoad is an application for mobile phones to help drivers navigate their way through driving. iOnRoad provides traffic information, collision warnings, and features to make calling and talking easier while driving. The iOnRoad API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of iOnRoad with other applications. Public API access is not available; interested developers should email team@ionroad.com for more information.

KarmacracyKarmacracy API: Karmacracy is a service for people who like to share content online. Share links on social networks via Karmacracy's URL shortener and receive detailed statistics on the relevance of that content to your audience. Learn how relevant you are to your followers, improve your influence, and to meet new people and discover new content along the way. Karmacracy offer a REST API for programmatic access to Karmacracy services. Use the API to retrieve: user info, Facebook pages, evolution stats, relevance stats, domains, and more. An API key is required.

MarkedUpMarkedUp API: MarkedUp is an analytics and insights platform for applications. Developers and publishers can use MarkedUp to review metrics and user behavior of their applications to make informed decisions. The MarkedUp API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MarkedUp with other applications. Some example API methods include viewing user behavior, accessing inapp purchase behavior, and managing user accounts.

Meteogalica MeteoSIX Meteogalica MeteoSIX API: MeteoGalicia is the regional meteorological agency for Galicia, Spain. MeteoGalicia provides operative weather forecasts, numerical weather forecasts, meteorological visualization and climatology. MetoGalicia's MeteoSIX API is a free Web Service for access to meteorological and oceanographic information. Use the API to retrieve tide forecasts, estimated sunrise and sunset hours, and results of the different numeric forecast models. The API is RESTful and an API key is required.

Meteomedia Weather Development KitMeteomedia Weather Development Kit API: Mminternational is a weather measurement network from MeteoGroup, a German weather services company. Meteomedia is a division of mminternational providing weather products and services for the media and public. The meteomedia Weather Development Kit is an API providing programmatic access to data from the mminternational database. Accessible services include worldwide weather data, measurements and forecasts, and more.

Open DesktopOpen Desktop API: OpenDesktop.org is an online community where developers, artists, and users can share applications, tools, wallpapers, sounds, icons, themes and more for the open desktop. OpenDesktop.org provides developer access to its site through its Open Collaboration Services API. The REST based API allows applications to manage user accounts and relationships, retrieve data, manipulate folders, upload files, and much more.

Open University of Catalonia (UOC)Open University of Catalonia (UOC) API: The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) is a public, internet-centered university that offers online degree and specialization courses. Based out of Barcelona, Spain, The UOC is an internationally recognized online university with a community of over 60,000 students. The Open University of Catalonia offers an open REST API. Available services include calender, classroom, mail, people, subject, and user. Accepted formats are XML and JSON. An API key is required.

P4DP4D API: P4D provides online shipping services including international parcel, pallet, and document transportation. The P4D API allows customer applications to generate quotes, place bookings, track parcels, and more.

PrevisitePrevisite API: Previsite is an international online real estate marketing service. When users submit property listings, they are automatically distributed to real estate portals around the world and, if necessary, translated into languages specific to those portals. Users can manage, monitor, and view these listings online. Previsite provides panoramic viewers using methods such as JAVA, Flash, and HTML5 to give potential buyers a preview of the property in question. These viewers can be extensively customized and will display images in a variety of formats, along with music and voice-overs. The viewers work on mobile and tablet displays, and users can link end-users to the previews using QR codes. These previews can also be shared directly on social media sites. The Previsite API allows users to add, find, update, and delete virtual tours; create, update, and retrieve user account information; find ads that can be used on a real estate Portal or platform; and more. Although the Previsite website is in English, the API documentation is given in French.

ScaleDoScaleDo API: ScaleDo is an online marketplace where you can shop for a variety of SaaS services. Shop at ScaleDo to find solutions for managing your businesses. Services offered include online invoicing, domain hosting, customer support solutions, and more. ScaleDo offers a REST API for ScaleDo Vendors. API methods include Users, Products, Product Prices, and Ordered Services. Authentication is provided via basic HTTP authencication with username and password.

SecurePayTechSecurePayTech API: SecurePayTech provides businesses with an online payment gateway for authorizing and processing credit card transactions. It also comes with a reporting service that can provide information on both individual transactions and trends over time. Users can access the payment gateway programmatically using either REST or SOAP methods. Sample Code is available for PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP.NET.

SimplyHired JobsSimplyHired Jobs API: SimplyHired is an online recruiting solution that serves over 30 million people and thousands of employers across 24 countries. The site offers an extensive job search tool searchable by both job title, and locations, as well as allowing additional filters to refine searches. The SImplyHired Job API allows developers and web publishers to create custom job search tools, widgets, and mashups, using the database of over 5 million jobs. Select partners who utilize the API can join the affiliate program and monetize third-party sites.

SquidAnalyticsSquidAnalytics API: Squid Solutions is a data collection, transformation, and insight service. The site offers a data management service, data auditing, data reconciliation, and multi-level session analytics. The SquidAnalytics API allows the user to use standard Rest calls to access to all platform functionalities and be able to integrate them into third-party applications. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. SSL and OAuth 2.0 are used for authentication once an account has been created.

Timeneye Time TrackingTimeneye Time Tracking API: Timeneye is an online time-tracking service that provides a simple User Interface for tracking time spent and billable hours for multiple projects. Users can get reports at varying levels of detail for specific projects, users, or time frames. The status screen allows project managers to view team progress almost in real time. Timeneye is designed to be compatible with Basecamp, an online project management and collaboration service. Users can automatically sync information between the two services, tracking time in either service and having the information available in both. Developers can integrate Timeneye's time tracking functions into their projects or applications using the RESTful Timeneye Time Tracking API.

TradierTradier API: Tradier is a brokerage platform for equity and options trading. It is designed to provide simple, intuitive, and inexpensive ways for users to place trades, check their balances, and transfer money. Tradier provides a RESTful API for accessing the platform's trading functions, account services, and real-time and historical market data.

Trendy SkillsTrendy Skills API: Trendy Skills is a database of language and programming skills that employers seek in the technology industry. The Trendy Skills API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trendy Skills with other applications. Some example API methods include searching for keywords, searching by category, and retrieving results.

TwinPushTwinPush API: TwinPush is a delivery and segment analysis platform for push notifications. Twin Push helps you manage and analyze mobile campaigns through proximity notifications, audience targeting, and by letting you know how may times messages have been read. TwinPush offers developers a REST API for the integration of TwinPush services into any application. API resources include apps, notifications, and devices. Authentication is provided via SSL and an API token.

University of Toronto EASIUniversity of Toronto EASI API: ROSI, the University of Toronto's Repository of Student Information, stores student information where it can be accessed by the university's students and staff. Developers can extract information from ROSI in a secure manner using the EASI web services. These services can be accessed via SOAP calls. Code samples are available for PHP, Python, .NET, Java, and Perl.

wooplawoopla API: Woopla provides telecommunication solutions for business and residential clients. Services include low cost international calls, SIP/VoIP termination, service numbers, and more. Among its value added services, woopla provides an Alert Call API, allowing applications and web services to execute outgoing voice calls. Woopla creates a customized voice dialogue which is automatically executed when the other side picks up the phone. Suggested uses include PIN queries, phone number verification, and appointment reminders.

World Weather Online Ski and Mountain World Weather Online Ski and Mountain API: World Weather Online provides global weather content and forecasts businesses, travel industry, and websites. The World Weather Online Ski and Mountain API method allows developers and programmers to access accurate and reliable weather forecast for Top, Middle and Bottom Elevations. The API uses REST calls and returns weather data in XML and JSON format and contains weather elements like Chance of Snow, Total Snowfall amount, temperature, precipitation (rainfall), weather description, weather icon and wind speed. It could be used for personal as well as for commercial purpose.

You Tracker Image WatermarkerYou Tracker Image Watermarker API: You Tracker offers the Image Watermarker API, which allows users to add a picture or text watermark to an image in whatever size, opacity, location, font, or color that they want. Examples of watermarked images and basic documentation for the API are provided on the You Tracker website. The API is free for public use.

Yumpu DocumentYumpu Document API: Yumpu provides document conversion and publishing services, allowing organizations of all types to turn PDF documents into web optimized e-Papers. The Yumpu Document API provides a RESTful interface for managing documents, collections, and conversions.

ZenPayrollZenPayroll API: ZenPayroll is a payroll management service that facilitates tax calculations, tax filings, payments, direct deposits, and checks, independent contractor payments, and other functions. The ZenPayroll API allows users to integrate third-party systems with the ZenPayroll platform. An account is required with service, and OAuth 2.0 is used for authentication.