42 New APIs: Amazon Web Services, Sentiment Analysis and QR Code

This week we had 42 new APIs added to our API directory including a text and sentiment analysis service, mobile push notification service, QR code management Platform, video format conversion service and a bitcoin exchange service. In addition we also covered the Animetrics face recognition API. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Amazon Elastic TranscoderAmazon Elastic Transcoder API: The Amazon Elastic Transcoder is a cloud-based Web Service that provides developers and businesses with a way of converting (or "transcoding") video files into other formats. The Elastic Transcoder service is designed to be easy to use. It comes with presets for popular output formats and can create multiple renditions of the same content in one job. Users are given precise control over the Scaling, cropping, matting, and stretching of their videos.

Elastic Transcoder users can transcode up to 20 minutes of video for free each month. After that, users pay based on the number of minutes and the resolution of the video they need to transcode. All of the service's features are available through the AWS Management Console and via REST API.

Animetrics Face RecognitionAnimetrics Face Recognition API: Animetrics develops 3D face recognition applications and face identity management solutions. The Animetrics Face Recognition API can be used to detect human faces in pictures and match them against a set of known faces. The API can also add or remove a subject from a searchable gallery, and add or remove a face from a subject. Requests are made via HTTP GET/POST. Responses are JSON formatted. API Key required.

AzonMobile QR CodeAzonMobile QR Code API: AzonMobile QR Code Management and Tracking platform is a product built to help businesses generate, manage, and track QR Codes. The AzonMobile QR Code API provides developer access to the full functionality of the AzonMobile platform. Supported calls include QR Code generation, QR Code and campaign management, and analytics. The API can be used to generate QR Codes with specified shapes and foreground/background images. The API accepts XML formatted HTTP POST calls and returns XML formatted responses.

BreezeBreeze API: Breeze is a project management tool that provides visual boards for storing tasks and visualizing workflow. The tool allows you to brainstorm ideas and problems with others, assign tasks, track and report on how your team spends their time, and sync tasks with your favorite calendar.

The Breeze API is a REST style API that allows your application to access Breeze resources such as projects, lists, todos, tasks, comments, and time entries. It has predictable Resource URLs and uses HTTP response codes for errors. Requests and responses use JSON.

CitiFXproCitiFXpro API: CitiFXpro is a forex trading service provided by Citibank. CitiFXpro provides account and trade access in real-time through the desktop software, a web interface, and a mobile service. The CitiFXpro API uses automated feeds for execution and a pricing model based on volume. The service uses an FIX protocol.

CM23CM23 API: CM23.tk is a service offered by Clark Moody. The service allows users to shorten URLs that have been submitted into the service. The API takes REST calls and will return shortened URLs as JSON. The API currently has no rate limit and follows a similar terms of service as the Twitter API. Contact the site admin with comments, bugs, concerns, and questions.

DatafieldDatafield API: Datafield allows its users to create and distribute surveys that are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. Datafield collects the resulting information, which can then be exported in CSV format. The Datafield API allows developers to retrieve survey information and campaign results programmatically. It can also be used to create, delete, and manage information on users and teams.

Dial2VerifyDial2Verify API: Dial2Verify is a free, cloud-based, missed call notification service built around an API that enables users to build call verification based applications. The Dial2Verify API allows missed calls to be forwarded to CRM applications, remote URLs, E-mail addresses, and much more. The API accepts HTTP calls containing a telephone number to be verified and responds with a JSON object or image response.

DMV TREDSDMV TREDS API: TREDS (Traffic Records Electronic Data Systems) is a Virginia State program that discloses accurate, contemporary, and pertinent information about highway crashes, injuries and other road incidents. The TREDS API allows users to query for specific information from the database. The service uses SOAP calls. An account is required with service.

EasyCronEasyCron API: EasyCron is a tool for scheduling calls to specified URLs by time or time interval. Registered users can manage jobs and set them according to their own timezone. Premium users can also receive email notifications about a job's execution and view execution logs for each job. The EasyCron API allows users to manage their jobs without having to log in to the EasyCron website. The API takes RESTful calls and responds in JSON format.

Emailtor Email VerificationEmailtor Email Verification API: Emailtor Email Verification is a completely web-based service for verifying email addresses down to the mailbox level. It cleans invalid emails from a list of any size which can then be downloaded for use. The service can also retrieve mail exchanger (MX) records, mail servers, and metrics for a given email address. Emailtor Email Verification provides a SOAP API that allows it to be easily integrated with other systems.

EU-nomen PESIEU-nomen PESI API: EU-nomen's PESI (Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure) provides an online database of taxonomic information on species occurring in Europe. It merges information from other major online databases and contains hundreds of thousands of scientific names along with vernacular names in 89 languages. For many species, PESI also includes images, distribution, and conservation status as well as links to other portals that provide additional information.

Developers can integrate PESI's taxonomic data into their own applications using the SOAP-based PESI API.

Europe PubMed CentralEurope PubMed Central API: Europe PubMed Central is a free database of full text research articles for biomedical and health researchers. The Europe PubMed Central REST API provides developer access to all publications and related information in the database. Access is supplied to 28 million abstracts, 2.6 million full text articles, crosslinks to other public biomolecular databases, reference lists from full text articles, citing articles, and terms that have been text mined from full text articles. Supported calls include article searches, database hit counts, retrieval of references, citations, and text mined terms, and more.

The API is available to all users and requires no Authentication. The database is also accessible via a SOAP API.

ExotelExotel API: Exotel provides its users with virtual phone numbers that can be used for customer service, bulk SMS, and conference calls. These numbers come with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording, data collection, and analytics services. Exotel provides a RESTful API that allows developers to integrate its IVR and SMS systems into their applications or websites.

ExpressPlayExpressPlay API: ExpressPlay is a cloud-based service that allows users to add content protection to their media apps without having to add new infrastructure or incur setup costs. Using industry standards like DASH, HLS, and Marlin, ExpressPlay encrypts media contents so that they remain protected until playback. The Encryption key is stored within the app's backend system, and secure tokens are used to let end users play the protected content through the app. The ExpressPlay API allows apps to request secure tokens from ExpressPlay.

Ferret go Sentiment AnalysisFerret go Sentiment Analysis API: With a focus on German natural language processing, Ferret go offers topic and context analysis for web contents and text collections. The Sentiment API analyzes text of various lengths, form short tweets to longer articles, and returns an aggregated overall sentiment as well as a detailed, sentence-based analysis. Data in API requests is sent as form-encoded query parameters (GET or POST). API responses are supplied in JSON format.

Getty Images MoodstreamGetty Images Moodstream API: Getty Images Moodstream was designed as a brainstorming tool to help give people new ideas by streaming an assortment of images, footage, and music. Users can customize the media that streams to them by selecting a preset mood or inputting a custom mood based on factors like happiness, energy level, seriousness, etc.

Moodboards are like multimedia playlists. Users can save their favorite images, songs, and footage from Moodstream to Moodboards to create highly-customized streams. The Moodstream API allows users to create, view, and edit Moodboards programmatically via SOAP calls.

GILDA beamlineGILDA beamline API: The GILDA Beamline, a collaborative Italian research project, is a general purpose beamline using a bending magnet source. It is mainly dedicated to the investigation of local structures.
The GILDA Beamline API provides methods for calculations in Synchrotron Radiation X-ray science and structural modelization. Currently supported methods include the calculation of absorption of an ion chamber of specified values, and the Bond Valence Method. This is a freely accessible API that requires no authentication.

GlosbeGlosbe API: Glosbe is a multilingual online dictionary and translation memory. The translation memory is a database of previously translated sentences and phrases. The Glosbe API offers developer access to dictionary translations and translation memories. The API can also be used to add a translation to the Glosbe data. XML and JSON formatted responses are supported, including JSONP for Callback.

GSLB.meGSLB.me API: GSLB.me is a complete DNS hosting service that also does dynamic DNS for fully qualified domain names. It has high availability and is capable of doing failover, disaster recovery, and business continuity for applications. GSLB.me can monitor applications for availability and performance and alert the user in the event of service failure or degradation. GSLB.me is also capable of CDN offloading, geographical balancing, routing, and more.

GSLB.me comes with a REST API that allows developers to manage their DNS services, such as adding or disabling domains and managing geohosts. More features are expected in future releases.

GuideboxGuidebox API: Guidebox is an internet TV episode and movie finder. It offers users the ability to follow the shows they watch on a regular basis and locate sites that have the newest episodes, sites with the old episodes, and create watch lists based on what shows the user watches and which paid services they subscribe to. The Guidebox API allows users to integrate the the television and movie resource into web, iOS, and Android applications. The service requires an account, an API key, and returns JSON or XML.

ICBIT TradingICBIT Trading API: ICBIT is a derivatives market and exchange for bitcoins. The site allows users to use U.S. dollars or Russian Rubles to buy Bitcoins or a variety of futures contracts and derivatives. The ICBIT API allows users to issue/cancel trade orders, as well as get real-time market information about Bitcoin and its status among other currencies. The service uses JavaScript and sockets to connect with the API server. Access Tokens, API keys, and SSL are used for authentication. An account is required with service.

iPostiPost API: iPost provides digital marketing services, document management systems, and secure email for businesses. The iPost API allows other systems to import, export, or control the iPost iMM, an on-demand connected digital marketing platform. The XML- RPC API is secured by HTTPS encryption.

LearnUponLearnUpon API: LearnUpon is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that allows users to create and manage their own courses. It includes functions that let users import course content, create exams, award certificates, and get reports on how lesson-takers are doing. LearnUpon also provides an e-commerce platform that lets users sell the courses they've made. LearnUpon comes in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German.

The LearnUpon platform's functions and contents are programmatically accessible through an XML-based SCORM API. SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications designed specifically to allow different LMSs to work together.

LoginTCLoginTC API: LoginTC provides a two-factor authentication system that can be used with networks, websites, and both mobile and online applications. The system uses LoginTC credentials on smartphones in combination with a traditional username and password for authentication. This means that a potential hacker would have to possess both a user's password and their smartphone in order to breach an account.

The LoginTC REST API allows users to perform common administrative tasks and to send and check authentication sessions with end-users.

mingle.iomingle.io API: Mingle.io connects developers with various public and private data sets, enabling them to enrich their applications with quality information and share their applications’ data with the world via the mingle.io data mashup platform.

The mingle.io API enables developers to query the mingle.io Open Data sets using a comprehension syntax. The API accepts a JSON object via HTTP POST.

MumbleBoxesMumbleBoxes API: Mumble is an open source voice over IP system specifically designed for gaming. MumbleBoxes is a Mumble server hosting service designed by gamers.

The MumbleBoxes API provides a RESTful interface for developers to automate account management. Exposed resources include lists of channels, servers and users, server details, server management, messaging, and setting management. JSON and XML formatted responses are supported. API Key required.

NSW State RecordsNSW State Records API: NSW State Records is the New South Wales Government’s archives and records management authority. With over one million entries, it is also NSW’s largest dataset. The NSW State Records API provides developer access to the entire catalog, including full search functionality. All API responses are available in XML or JSON format. Some methods support additional formats, such as MODS.

OpenJaw TribeOpenJaw Tribe API: OpenJaw is a distribution solutions company that works with travel companies to provide customers with a better shopping experience. The site offers multiple services including a customizable booking engine, a retail packaging solution, a loyalty program, and cross-selling features. The Tribe API provides users with access to the t-Retail platform of services that OpenJaw provides in hopes of reducing time-to-market development of storefront travel retailing solutions. A developer account is required to access the API.

PushBotsPushBots API: PushBots is a scalable, reliable push service for sending notifications out to application users, including those who use iOS or Android devices. It can be linked to an app's Twitter account to push Tweets as messages. Messages can be sent out to specific groups of users based on factors such as their location or their interests. The service also provides real-time analytics for tracking and evaluating messages and campaigns. PushBots' functions are made accessible for Integration via REST API.

QuantopianQuantopian API: Quantopian is a algorithmic trading platform that was developed for investors and statisticians to build, test, and execute different trading strategies. The site provides 11 years of US equity data for uses to back test trading strategies. The Quantopian API allows users to check the trade log, view orders, get open orders, get orders, cancel orders, check portfolio positions, and call for snapshots of portfolios. The service uses SOAP calls.

QuomageQuomage API: Quomage is a simple tool for creating a shareable image out of a selection of text. Users can edit the image by choosing the text's font, size, color, alignment, background color, etc. Once created, the image can be downloaded and shared. The Quomage API gives users programmatic access to these functions using REST calls with responses given in JSON.

Quttera Website Malware Scanner Quttera Website Malware Scanner API: Quttera is a set of investigation engines designed to detect security vulnerability exploits hidden within legitimate web-site content.
The Quttera Website Malware Scanner API provides developers with a RESTful interface to Quttera’s Web Investigation System data. The API allow a 3rd party application to perform a “blacklisting check” or run a real-time scan of a domain via HTTP requests. Responses may be JSON, XML, or YAML formatted. API Key required.

SignNowSignNow API: SignNow provides users from most countries with an easy way to sign legally-binding documents online. Getting an account allows users to personalize and save their signature as well as organize, track, and save all of their signed documents. Because SignNow is accessible from mobile devices as well as PCs, users can access their documents from anywhere, at any time. SignNow's functions are made available to developers programmatically via REST API.

StatTrackrStatTrackr API: StatTrackr is a service that is designed to compliment the Basketball Shot Tracker HD app, which allows users to record their shots on a replica basketball court and track their own statistics. StatTrackr is designed to help users share their basketball stats with the world and to easily record stats for players and teams. The StatTrackr API allows developers to integrate their recorded statistics with websites and applications. The API is platform independent and can be used to back up statistical data in the cloud.

TextbrokerTextbroker API: Textbroker is an article writing service that creates custom written content to client specifications. The Textbroker API is a SOAP webservice allowing 3rd party applications to implement and manage the entire ordering process. The API uses SOAP protocol but does not have WSDL files. The Texbroker API is nearly universally acceptable: SOAP clients are available for PHP, PERL, Python and Java.

Timeanddate.comTimeanddate.com API: Timeanddate.com is an online resource for information on local times worldwide, time zones, holidays, dialing codes, sun/moon rise and set times, and much more. The timeanddate.com API provides developer access to the site’s data via HTTP calls. IP geo-location is supported. Responses may be XML or JSON formatted. The API has a query builder form to assist in constructing calls.

U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian Ebook CatalogU.S. Department of State Office of the Historian Ebook Catalog API: The U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian Ebook Catalog contains all ebooks from the Foreign Relations of the United States series, the official historical record of significant foreign policy decisions and diplomatic activity.
This RESTful API allows developers to embed the catalog in 3rd party applications and to locate download links to the ebooks and their cover images. The API uses the Open Publication Distribution System Catalog. The API supports HTTP GET calls and returns XML formatted responses. No authentication required.

University College Dublin BiowareUniversity College Dublin Bioware API: The University College Dublin hosts the Bioware server, which offers a collection of bioinformatics tools. These tools are designed for tasks such as discovering short linear motifs, characterizing peptides, and performing other such analyses of proteomics data. Three of these tools - PeptideLocator, SLiMPred, and Gopher - can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

The PeptideLocator service finds bioactive peptides in a given protein sequence. SLiMPred examines protein sequences to identify potential SLiMs (Shared Linear Motifs). Lastly, Gopher generates alignments of proteins that are orthologous (i.e. that fulfill similar roles in different species).

UnocoinUnocoin API: Unocoin aims to be a centralized location for all Bitcoin information. It provides lists of forums, news, mining technology, Bitcoin wallets, and other information. The The Unocoin API allows users to display payment instructions on a merchant site, receive notification with payment and status, submit an order in over 30 currencies, and receive payouts to bank accounts in 9 countries. The API is based on JSON, an account is required with service.

ValidicValidic API: Validic helps healthcare businesses connect with dozens of mobile health applications - apps such as Fitbit, RunKeeper, MapMyRide, and iHealth - and offer them to their users. When end-users enter data into an app, that data gets sent to the healthcare business's system. This allows the business to collect useful information from their customers and improve their healthcare services without incurring the cost of developing and maintaining their own system of app connections. Integration with Validic is accomplished using its RESTful API.

XivelyXively API: Xively is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the Internet of Things, which refers to the virtual representations of real-world objects and the connections between them. The platform is designed to make it easier to connect devices, data, people, and places. To this end, it provides messaging, data archiving, provisioning, and directory services. These functions are all accessible programmatically through the Xively API.