42 New APIs: Dryad, Gharpay and Instamojo

This week we had 42 new APIs added to our API directory including an international repository of scientific and medical data, Spanish-language mass texting service, list management, creation, and sharing service, location information utilizing a site visitors IP address, and mobile coupon management service that enables users to design, manage, and distribute coupon campaigns. In addition, we added an office sports tracking platform to our directory. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AthletableAthletable API: Athletable is an office sports tracking Platform, supporting the creation of leaderboards and competitive statistics for office sports such as ping pong or foosball. Users simply create an organization profile, add players, and update. The Athletable API allows users to integrate the platform into applications and websites. The API requires a user ID and API Key, and accepts simple HTTP calls. A list of supported calls is available with login.

bimsyncbimsync API: Bimsync is a secure storage and distribution service for building information modeling. Bimsync offers complete revision control of all building models in a project along with intuitive 3D visualization in the cloud so that everyone involved in a project has access to all of the models at any time. A REST API is available for access to bimsync services. All API access is over HTTPS and responses are returned as JSON. Authentication is based on the OAuth 2.0.

Bistri ConferenceBistri Conference API: The Bistri Conference API allows developers to build a simple video chat application in only a few steps. The service is compatible with WebRTC enabled browsers and is easily integrated into custom applications. Developers can take advantage of quality API Documentation and tutorial pages that make working with this service incredibly simple.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Public DataBureau of Labor Statistics Public Data API: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a federal agency that tracks labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the U.S. economy. The BLS Public Data API provides users with access to raw economic data from all of the BLS's programs for use in their original applications. This API is freely available to the public and requires no registration to use.

ChargeOverChargeOver API: ChargeOver is an automated invoicing service designed for use by subscription-based businesses. It includes features for recurring billing, dunning, accounting, and reporting. The brandable customer Portal allows customers to view their own payment history and invoices and to make payments online. The service is designed to be integrated with the user's website or application via API.

DatumBoxDatumBox API: Datumbox offers a Machine Learning platform composed of 14 classifiers and Natural Language processing functions. Functions include sentiment analysis, topic classification, readability assessment, language detection, and much more. The Datumbox API provides developer access using REST-like RPC-style operations over HTTP POST requests. The API accesses all of the platform’s functions. Responses are JSON formatted. Access requires a user account and API Key.

Dryad DataONEDryad DataONE API: Dryad provides an international repository of scientific and medical data - such as tables, spreadsheets, flatfiles, etc. - from peer-reviewed, published papers. By making this data publicly available, they enable researchers to validate published findings, repurpose the data for other research questions, perform meta-analyses, and more. All of Dryad's data files are available to be downloaded and reused, except for those under a temporary embargo period. Developers can retrieve data files and information from Dryad via REST API.

EgoPayEgoPay API: EgoPay is an e-currency that can be used to pay for goods and services online without having to provide sensitive credit card or bank details. Users can sign up for EgoPay for free without providing any personal information. The EgoPay API allows users to automatically send payments, get information on incoming and outgoing payments, obtain a history of transactions performed, or retrieve information about EgoPay accounts.

Elibom SMSElibom SMS API: Elibom SMS is a Spanish-language mass texting service that allows users to send messages via web interface or API. It is aimed at businesses of all sizes and requires no contracts or monthly fees. List of recipients' phone numbers can be entered manually or imported from Excel or CSV files. Elibom includes features for managing groups and contacts and for creating detailed, downloadable reports on both sent and failed messages. Developers can integrate Elibom's messaging and account viewing features with other systems and applications via REST API. The Elibom SMS website and documentation are only available in Spanish.

FireflyFirefly API: Firefly provides cobrowsing services, which allow customer representatives to connect with a customer's browser and show them features or fill out forms for them. Unlike screensharing, Firefly's cobrowsing only allows representatives to see what's on the customer's open web page and not their other active tabs or applications. This makes Firefly faster and much more secure than screensharing. Firefly's cobrowsing functions can be integrated with other applications via API.

FosburyFosbury API: Fosbury is a mobile coupon management service that enables users to design, manage, and distribute coupon campaigns. The Fosbury API allows users to create and distribute passes for mobile wallets to potential customers. The services uses REST calls, and Fosbury provides sample SDKs in RUBY, Python, PHP. An account is required with service, and an API key and SSL are used for authentication.

Freedom800Freedom800 API: Freedom800 is a cloud-based provider of toll-free numbers. The service is designed to help users create a professional image for their business without having to purchase an additional phone line. Freedom800 provides customizations for their service, such as changing automated greetings based on the time of day, allowing callers to enter information via keypad, providing confirmation numbers to callers who leave voicemail messages, and more. Freedom800 provides a SOAP API for Integration purposes. No public documentation is currently available for the API.

GharpayGharpay API: Gharpay is an doorstep cash payment network based in Hyderabad, India. The company offers its services to online merchants whose customers choose to make a cash payment for online transactions. Payments are collected within 24 hours, and settled with 48 hours. Gharpay offers an API for pushing order information and tracking order statuses. API methods include createOrder, cancelOrder, cancelProductsFromOrder, viewOrderDetails, getCityList, getPincodesInCity, isCityPresent, and more.

GrooskerGroosker API: Groosker is an online shopping solution that eliminates the hassle of entering credit card information by using QR codes to handle payments. Shoppers need only scan the Groosker QR code with their mobile phone, verify the details and accept. Groosker helps merchants lower transactions costs and offer loyalty rewards to customers. Groosker offers a REST API to merchants and web developers. Example methods include request payment, await payment, accept payment, and decline payment. An API key is required.

Hired in NYHired in NY API: Hired in NY is a mobile app enabling users to discover, connect, and apply to jobs from New York based startups and tech companies. The application was originally built for NYC BigApps 2013. The Hired in NY API provides free developer access to the application, supporting access to information on companies, jobs, and people. The API supports search through a variety of parameters. Results are JSON formatted.

InstamojoInstamojo API: Instamojo is a simple payment system that lets users sell digital creations directly to customers simply by sharing a link. Instamojo provides an out-of-the-box e-commerce Framework and takes care of all of the details, from payment to delivery. All the user needs to do is share their link with an audience. Instamojo offers a REST API for programmatic access to Instamojo services. Use the API to create new offers, edit existing offers, query your own offers, and archive an offer. Registrationand an app ID are required.

InvisibleHandInvisibleHand API: InvisibleHand is a browser add-on that automatically informs users when the product that they're shopping for is available at a lower price elsewhere. It also provides a link to the lowest-priced option. InvisibleHand can circumvent Minimum Advertised Prices (MAPs) in the U.S. by uncovering the real prices of products in cases where the price is too low to legally advertise. The InvisibleHand API allows users to access the real-time prices for millions of products at hundreds of retailers. It is also capable of discovering where else a product is sold and retrieving product identifiers, such as UPCs, EANs, MPNs, ASINs and ISBNs.

ListiamoListiamo API: Listiamo is a list management, creation, and sharing service. Users can create lists, work on lists with other people, and search lists. The Listiamo API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Listiamo with other applications. Some example API methods include searching lists, retrieving lists, and returning list items.

Magic: The GatheringMagic: The Gathering API: Magic: The Gathering is a card trading game in which players use a set of printed or virtual cards. As of 2011, the official database listed over 11,000 distinct card types. The Magic: the Gathering API is an unofficial Web Service providing simple API calls allowing developers to programmatically access game card information. Accessible card information includes card ID, name, type, statistics, printing information, rating and votes, and more.

MyTSAMyTSA API: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides the MyTSA API which allows users to integrate several features into third-party applications. These features include TSA security checkpoint wait times, TSA PreCheck locations, sunrise/sunset times for all locations, and other data sources. The services uses REST calls and can return XML or JSON.

NUSModsNUSMods API: NUSMods (National University of Singapore Modules) is an unofficial API for consolidating NUS module information. Modules are the NUS equivalent of courses. Information used in the NUSMods API is taken from the Centralized Online Undergraduates Registration System (CORS), the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE), the NUS website's bulletin, and their examination time-table. The NUSMods API is still under development, and suggestions are welcome.

Open GifOpen Gif API: Open Gif is an open source REST API for retrieving the JSON files for animated GIFs located at gifapi.com. Users can search for GIFs by tag, file weight, width, or height. Users may also request the most recent GIF or a random GIF. Alternatively, users can simply retrieve data for all of the stored GIFs. Open Gif is still under development, and pull requests are welcome.

Oxygen CloudOxygen Cloud API: Oxygen Cloud is a cloud-based desktop that works exactly like a regular desktop, but allows users to keep their files secure and synced across multiple devices. Users can edit files while offline, and Oxygen will automatically sync the updated files when the device is online again. Oxygen Cloud supports selective file syncing along with multiple, simultaneous uploads and downloads. As an enterprise service, Oxygen Cloud gives companies a way to let their employees work on the go without compromising the security of company information. It comes with extensive options and controls regarding file access, sharing, and data ownership. Oxygen Cloud's functions and contents can be integrated with other systems and applications via REST calls.

PersuasionPersuasion API: The Persuasion API is designed to determine the best way to persuade people on an individual basis, creating a "persuasion profile" for each customer. It also allows users to alter their communication methods in real time in response to accumulated information, thereby increasing customer loyalty and conversion rates. Currently, Persuasion API is accepting clients on an invitation-only basis. Potential clients can request an invite on the Persuasion API website.

PhyloBoxPhyloBox API: PhyloBox is a service for creating and sharing phylogenetic trees online. Trees can be viewed anonymously without signing in, but users who do sign in can save and return to their phylogenetic trees, invite collaborators to fork trees into new versions, and track how many times their trees have been viewed. Forking a phylogenetic tree results in a new tree with a new UUID that does not to disrupt the original. The entire history and lineage of a tree's forking and contribution is maintained, and the first author is always the original author.

PredictiousPredictious API: Predictious is a Bitcoin prediction market that allows people to make predictions on events, buy shares on predictions using Bitcoins, and collect a profit if those predictions are correct. Predictions can be made regarding any event, such as the number of sales for a new video game or the outcome of a political election. The costs of shares varies, going up and down like the prices of stocks. Users can choose to sell their shares before an event or short sell if they think an event will not occur. Predictious allows users to perform trades from other applications and services using its REST API.

Roll20Roll20 API: Roll20 is a web-hosted platform for tabletop games that allows groups of pen-and-paper gamers to play out campaigns entirely online. It provides text and video chats, player journals, turn tracking, dice rolling, background music, and a real-time shared graphical tabletop. Because Roll20 doesn't deal with game mechanics, it can be used with all kinds of tabletop games, including Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, FATE, and many others. Roll20 is designed for ease of use and requires no downloads or installations. The Roll20 API allows users to write pieces of JavaScript code that tell Roll20 what to do during gameplay. Some possible uses include moving pieces, adding status markers to tokens, or rolling dice.

stamprstampr API: Stampr is a free letter mailing web service. Users simply submit a letter of five pages or less, and Stampr will print, fold, insert into an envelope, and send. Stampr prints in full color and works with any desktop application with a print button. The Stampr API provides a RESTful interface for automating mailings. The supports the creation and control of letter batches as well as individual mailings. The API is designed to eventually support full customization, including options such as letter size, turnaround time, color values, and return envelopes.

TalentLMSTalentLMS API: TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning platform that helps small and medium sized organizations train their employees and customers. Users can create courses using their own videos, presentations and documents, or use publicly available content from the web. TalentLMS makes effective usage of time and maximizes training output by eliminating unnecessary functionality and emphasizing the reuse of existing training material. TalentLMS offers a REST for programmatic access to the platform. API resources include users, courses, categories, groups, and branches. An API key is required.

TelizeTelize API: The Telize API allows users to get a site visitor's IP address and then use it to obtain location information using REST calls. The API accepts calls in both JSON and JSONP, and it returns the requested IP geolocation data in JSON. As of this writing, the service is free to use and has no rate limits.

TextalyticsTextalytics API: Textalytics is a meaning extraction service that produces meaningful data from social media content, contracts, news, and other documents. The Textalytics API allows users to integrate the analysis portion of textalytics into other applications to allow real-time linguistic information production and text tagging. The service uses REST calls, and a license key is required for use. Textalytics has provided SDKs in JAVA, PHP, and PYTHON to facilitate integration.

TinkercadTinkercad API: Tinkercad is a web-based tool for creating digital designs for 3D printing. Designs created in Tinkercad are stored in the cloud, and users can easily share their models and fork other peoples' designs. Users can import 2D or 3D images into Tinkercad and treat them just like any other Tinkercad objects. Designs can be exported in a variety of formats, and Tinkercad is compatible with all 3D printers that accept the standard STL format. If users don't have their own 3D printer, they can print directly from Tinkercad using a third-party printing service. Tinkercad provides a Shape Scripts interface, which allows users to create JavaScript programs to build 3D shapes that are capable of interacting with other shapes in Tinkercad.

TwitcherTwitcher API: Twitcher provides simple JavaScript methods by which users can access Twitter's API. It was created by Steer, a web development teaching group, in response to changes that Twitter made to their API that made it harder for beginning programmers to use. The methods exposed by Twitcher allow developers to get a Twitter user's information and timeline, get a tweet's information and retweets, and search Twitter.

TypeformTypeform API: Typeform is a survey creation service that can make surveys that adapt to any device. These surveys feature a user-friendly UI that is designed to improve user enjoyment and completion rates. The Typeform application is currently available in English and Spanish with more languages to come. In the meantime, users can still create surveys in many different languages. The Typeform API allows developers to create surveys from within their own applications or systems.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management Government Operating StatusU.S. Office of Personnel Management Government Operating Status API: The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) works over several broad categories to recruit, retain, and honor America’s workforce. OPM maintains an API that accesses federal government operating statuses for employees. The API, capable of returning XML or JSON formatted responses, can check current operating statuses, serve status type descriptions, or deliver an archive of operating status records.

USAJOBSUSAJOBS API: USAJOBS, under the umbrella of the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), is the Government’s official program for Federal jobs and employment information. OPM maintains the USAJOBS API, with the intent of broadening the reach of USAJOBS to commercial job boards, social media outlets, and mobile apps. Both REST and SOAP based APIs are available.

Versium AnalyticsVersium Analytics API: Versium is a Big Data provider that has assembled date points on over 240 million consumers and 20 million businesses. The Versium LIfeData service provides billions of demographic information points that have been generated through predictive analysis. These points allow companies to work through product research and purchasing interests. The Versium Analytics API allows users access to Versium data and predictive scoring service. The API uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON.

VRPSolverVRPSolver API: VRPSolver is a web service that addresses the Vehicle Routing Problem. Specifically, VRPSolver was designed as part of a delivery planning system to address capacitated routing with a single depot. The service is built around genetic algorithms. VRPSolver is implemented as a SOAP web service. Access is free but does require a client key.

Webmention.ioWebmention.io API: Webmention.io is an API designed to keep track of webmentions and pingbacks, both of which are methods of letting the author of a webpage know who is linking back to their page. The Webmention.io API operates using calls in JavaScript and XML-RPC formats. The API is not currently open to sign-ups, but several of its functions are available without an account.

WindOnTheWater.comWindOnTheWater.com API: WindOnTheWater.com is a mashup of data from real-time public wind sensors and Google Maps. It was built as a Resource for kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing, and other wind-based activities. WindOnTheWater.com exposes its mashed up data through a free API. Through simple HTTP calls, developers can automate access to wind data, tides, webcams, and more, filterable by region or specified location.

Wisconsin Center for the BookWisconsin Center for the Book API: The Wisconsin Center for the Book celebrates the culture of the book by encouraging the joys of reading and writing and by honoring Wisconsin’s literary heritage. Through its API, the Center provides a simple way for developers to access information about Wisconsin books and authors. The API is free and accessible to anyone. Responses may be returned in JSON(P), XML, or PHP format.

ZOMBIEHOR.DEZOMBIEHOR.DE API: ZOMBIEHOR.DE is an attention getting URL shortener. ZOMBIEHOR.DE provides programmatic access to its shortening functionality through a simple API. 3rd party applications can simply post a URL to the API and receive a generated ZOMBIEHOR.DE URL in response, or can submit a URL plus a custom ZOMBIEHOR.DE URL to create a link between the two.