42 New APIs: Sprint, TD Ameritrade, Verizon and KISSMetrics

This week we had 42 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile geolocation service, New York City transit service, flower sales and delivery service, lawyer and doctor directory, web based lean project management application and cloud based logging service. We wrote about three of these more in-depth: New York City Touts Its API on Subway Advertisements; Expert Legal and Medical Directory an API Call Away; and TD Ameritrade's Second API Aimed at Financial Advisors. Below is more detail on all 42 new APIs.

AgileZenAgileZen API: The AgileZen API provides developer access to the functionality of the AgileZen application. AgileZen is a web-based project management application built on ideas from lean manufacturing. The API provides functionality such as getting projects, project details, phases, members, roles and more. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

AvvoAvvo API: The Avvo API allows access to profiles from Avvo's Lawyer & Doctor directory. Avvo profiles contain helpful information including experience, background, disciplinary history, and reviews from patients and clients. The Avvo Rating, as well as their patient, client and peer rating systems, helps consumers in assessing their doctor and lawyer's qualifications.

China Mobile 139.comChina Mobile 139.com API: Using this API, a developer's application can access the China Mobile 139 Platform, open the data and its business functions. Mobile Internet provides access to API 139 multi-lingual client SDK, through the SDK, can help developers access to API interface. Developers can access functionality such as returning lists of users and friends, reply to feeds, access photo albums and more. An API Key is required and it uses RESTful protocol. Responses are formatted in XML and JSON. The site and Documentation are in Chinese.

Cleartrip HotelCleartrip Hotel API: Cleartrip provides booking for flights, hotels and trains, as well as other travel services across the world. The Cleartrip Hotel API provides developers access to the hotel search and booking functionalities of Cleartrip. You can search for hotels, get more information, book a hotel, view itenerary and even cancel hotels, all from the Cleartrip Hotel API interface.

The REST API returns XML and the documentation provides example code for common functions in both Ruby and Java.

CodeMunchCodeMunch API: CodeMunch is a recruitment platform which makes good use of emerging social networking technologies. It gives developers complete access to CodeMunch data. Using the CodeMunch API, developers can post jobs, get job listings, get career status and follow careers.

DaftDaft API: Daft.ie is Ireland's no. 1 property website. Daft.ie has nationwide coverage and contains about 80% of the total available properties in the country. The Daft API is a service that allows developers to build tools and websites powered by Daft.ie. The aim of the Daft.ie API is to open up a subset of Daft.ie's property data to third-party developers. Developers can use the data to create an estate agent website, statistics about the Irish property market, a new property search tool and more. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

EinzteinEinztein API: Einztein is a free online Social Learning Network. Einztein provides a free API that lets users query the Einztein database through simple HTTP requests. Data is returned in many different formats (JSON, JSONP, XML, YAML, Django). There is also a Sandbox available for testing code.

EnstoreEnstore API: The Enstore RESTful API allows developers to create their own custom Enstore clients. Developers can use the API to integrate an existing retail management application w/ Enstore, create a custom Front-end store, or create a custom Enstore management application, among other things.

Florist OneFlorist One API: The Florist One API lets you sell florist-delivered flowers on any website or application. Display flowers to your visitors in a fully customizable white-lablel storefront, have them purchase flowers without ever leaving your website - fresh flowers are delivered and you earn a 22% commission on sales.

FluidSurveysFluidSurveys API: FluidSurveys provides tools to easily create online surveys. Using the FluidSurveys' API developers can build their own applications around FluidSurveys' tools. The API contains methods to retrieve surveys and responses, create surveys, and even create new users. A language parameter can be provided that will translate the data being returned, and all data is returned in either xml or json format.

GinzametricsGinzametrics API: Ginzametrics is a company that provides SEO service, and is currently in private beta. Developers can access data from the service about sites, keywords and rankings. A beta release of the v1.0 of the Ginzametrics API is currently available to users upon request.

JoliprintJoliprint API: Joliprint is a webservice that converts HTML webpages into PDF documents. Joliprint also provides a free RESTful API for developers to integrate Joliprint's service into their own applications. In addition to converting webpages into PDFs, Joliprint's API can also provide an XML/JSON document that describes the PDF, a JPG thumbnail image of the PDF's 1st page, or return a short URL to link to the converted PDF.

jsFiddlejsFiddle API: JsFiddle is an online web development editor, a playground for web developers. The tool can be used in many ways, such as an online editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers add their bits of code into boxes for each type. These snippets are called "fiddles" in the jsFiddle system. The jsFiddle API provides access to the fiddles created by the jsFiddle users.

KISSmetricsKISSmetrics API: The KISSmetrics API enables developers to add key metrics to their application quickly and easily. KISSmetrics is an analytics solution that provides a visual representation of a user's customer lifecycle. The API's most common functions include:

record events that take place within your product
set properties on a person without recording an event
set the identity of the current person using your product
associate one identity with another

The JavaScript API also has extra provisions for:

Automatically tracking identities using a variety of technologies
Automatically aliasing users anonymous identities with named identities you provide
Automatically tracking common web events (e.g. search engine traffic)
A/B Testing

A REST API is also available and an API key is required for use.

LogglyLoggly API: Loggly is a cloud based logging service, with tools for collecting data in any format, searching data easily and accessing data analytics. Loggly also provides a RESTful API for developers to create their own applications around the Loggly services. Developers can send events to Loggly, retrieve events and access inputs and devices.

Loggly is currently in Beta stage.

MetaGlanceMetaGlance API: MetaGlance is a Web Service used to generate metadata for web pages, documents and text passages. Developers can insert MetaGlance code into their own websites and applications to automatically generate metadata for their own documents and webpages.

Metro TrafficMetro Traffic API: Metro Traffic provides developers access to its 24/7 traffic data in the United States. Documentation is not publicly available but developers can contact Bill Martin, Senior Vice President at bill_martin@westwoodone.com

MTAMTA API: New York City's system of buses and trains--the Metro Transit Authority--provides its data for download and inclusion in developer applications. All routes and schedules are available by borough in Google's GTFS format. Additionally, service status (ie, delays) and elevator/escalator status messages are updated every five minutes and available via XML Feed. Finally, turnstile traffic is available at per-unit levels in four hour increments, with data refreshed weekly.

The MTA continues to make data available, including bridge/tunnel traffic and GIS files of subway entrance and exit points. Coverage includes all of the MTA's services, including the bus, subway, Long Island Rail Road, Metro North Bus, Long Island Bus and Bus Company.

OAS AdvertisingOAS Advertising API: Use the OAS Advertising API to integrate advertising into your application. OAS 2.0 supports the Advertising API for end-users on either an iPhone or an Android mobile phone. Download the appropriate SDK and follow the implementation instructions online.

OAS Credit Card BillingOAS Credit Card Billing API: The OAS Credit Card Billing API enables developers to integrate credit card billing and settlement by mobile phone into their applications. First, developers add products to the Credit Card Billing Console, then code the purchase process using the OAS Credit Cart Billing API. The service provides one-time charge, one-time delayed charge and recurring billing options.

OAS SearchOAS Search API: A real-time search engine allows end-users to search information occurring across the Internet in quickly changing streams such as Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, blog comments, news feeds, Flickr, etc. The OAS Real-Time Search API (RTS API) allows you to build this search functionality into your own application.

OAS SMSOAS SMS API: Use the OAS Short Message Service (SMS) API to integrate text messages into your application. During the development/test key phase, you can send a limited number of text messages from your application to a mobile device. After upgrading to a live application key, your application can both send and receive text messages using the SMS API. At this time, the SMS API is a North American service, for phone numbers in the United States and Canada.

OAS SubscriberOAS Subscriber API: OAS Subscriber is part of the Open API Service (OAS), a suite of telephony tools that unify mobile carrier network APIs. With location-based applications, end users must agree to their carrier's Terms and Conditions of use, and agree to reveal their location data (opting in). The OAS Subscriber API automates this with two calls-- optinStatus and optin --as well as a required optout operation.

Patient OpinionPatient Opinion API: Patient Opinion is a UK organization that collects patients' opinions about heath care and treatments they have recently received. Patient Opinion also offers a read-only API, intended to make it easier to spread and share the data stored on Patient Opinion.

PetfinderPetfinder API: Petfinder is a website that lets users search for pets that are up for adoption. Petfinder also offers a RESTful API that allows developers to create their own applications that query the Petfinder database. Searches can be by breed, pet, shelter, or by breed/pet at a specific shelter.

Prototype GeoIPPrototype GeoIP API: This is an API for GeoIP, an IP-to-location service. Pass the locate method an IP address, and it returns the location information, including latitude, longitude, city and country. Response format is in JSON (by default) or XML. It's currently in "alpha" with not a lot of functionalities.

SemantiNet Knowledge GraphSemantiNet Knowledge Graph API: The Knowledge Graph API is a RESTful API that lets developers build complex queries that can draw data from many different web resources. Data is returned in a JSON format. Currently, users do not need an API Key to make requests to the API.

SiteUptimeSiteUptime API: SiteUptime is a website monitoring service. Through the RESTful SiteUptime API, developers can create applications that can access the SiteUptime functionality. Users can use their own applications to administer their website monitors and view daily/monthly/annual site statistics.

SPARQcode QRGenSPARQcode QRGen API: QRGen is an API that enables you to create custom dynamic QR Codes that are optimized for North American mobile camera phones. SPARQCode is a 2D optical recognition technology provider that specializes in the mobile phone space. The OR Codes that are created can invoke users' phones to dial a phone number, open a map, send an SMS message and more. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are QR Codes.

Sprint GeofencingSprint Geofencing API: Geofencing allows the developer to define an area to determine if a Sprint device is inside or outside the defined area. Geofencing API provides various operations, such as listDevices and checkPerimeter.

Sprint LocationSprint Location API: As part of the larger Sprint Services Framework, this Location API determines the location of a Sprint CDMA Device that is opted in to a developer's account. This service can be accessed once every 5 minutes for a new location, otherwise it will returned a cached location.

Sprint PresenceSprint Presence API: As part of the larger Sprint Services Framework, the Sprint Presence API is used to determine if a device is present on the Sprint CDMA network. Requires knowledge of the device's mobile directory number (MDN) and permission from the device owner.

TD Ameritrade VeoTD Ameritrade Veo API: Financial services company TD Ameritrade's second API is focused on independent financial advisors. These consultants manage money for their clients and use TD Ameritrade services for investing. Details of the API are not yet available.

ThirdPresenceThirdPresence API: ThirdPresence API can be used to do a deep Integration of ThirdPresence mobile video platform, which is a white-label mobile video publishing service. Developers can integrate ThirdPresence into their content management system or any application. The API allows applications to list, update, add and delete videos. Additionally, the API provides access to the categorization system used by ThirdPresence.

TinEyeTinEye API: TinEye is a reverse image search service provided by Id�e Inc. Users can upload an image or provide an image URL and TinEye searches for images that match the provided image. TinEye also provides a RESTful API for commercial usage. The commercial API is useful for image copyright compliance, brand monitoring, image tracking, among others.

TransifexTransifex API: "Transifex is an open service allowing people to collaboratively translate software, documentation and other types of projects. Designed as a hub for translations of open source projects, Transifex supports translations straight from the project's source."

The Transifex API is a RESTful API that allows developers to build their own applications using Transifex's tools.

TxtMobsterTxtMobster API: Txt Mobster provides a two-way API enabling users to send or receive SMS mobile text messages to a single contact or multiple contact groups or keyword contact lists. The API allows developers to integrate Txt Mobster into their applications. A wide variety of programming such as managing keyword lists, activating new keywords, and billing management is available. The API is a common straight-forward URL HTTP POST. API documentation is available once users register.

VenmoVenmo API: The Venmo API is made up of two different public APIs. "The Payment Links API provides a simple method for sending invoices or suggested payments via any medium (Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter). Payment links have 3 optional parameters and are constructed by adding these parameters to the base URL. The Receipts API allows every Venmo user to send receipt data for payments they receive to a third party webservice. By default, users get receipts via Email and SMS, but the Receipts API provides a simple method for automating followup actions to payments (like collecting a postal address for fulfillment or automating digital fulfillment via email)."

Verizon LocationVerizon Location API: The Verizon Wireless LBS API allows developers to create applications that use the subscriber's location as part of the delivery of their service. An increasing number of mobile applications are built to provide information and services based on the current physical location of the subscriber. While some applications are based completely on the X/Y coordinates of the mobile user, others benefit greatly by using location as an additional feature, enriching the user's overall experience.

The API uses both REST and SOAP protocol. Documentation is not provided.

Verizon MessagingVerizon Messaging API: Verizon Wireless provides authorized application developers with a network based Messaging API service to offer interactive services to our customers using MO and MT messaging. Authorized application developers may act as integration points, supporting Verizon Wireless with interactive messaging, including television voting, info-on-demand, real time stock quotes, and other premium content services.

The API uses both REST and SOAP protocol.

WeplayWeplay API: Weplay is a youth sports community that connects youth athletes, parents, and coaches. Weplay offers an API that lets developers create applications that can access Weplay (update/retrieve/delete data) through HTTP calls to the API Endpoint. Data is returned in an XML or JSON format.

ZootoolZootool API: Zootool is a webservice that lets users collect, organize, and share their favorite images, videos, and documents from all over the web. The Zootool API lets developers build their own applications around Zootool's tools. Developers can access user information, such as friends, followers and items. In addition, the API provides access to detailed item data, including the number of views and likes. Applications can also add new items to the Zootool database.