42Crunch Introduces API Security Platform

42Crunch, an API security company, recently released its 42Crunch API Platform. It is an API security cloud platform that API owners and developers can use to uncover API vulnerabilities and prevent attacks. The platform covers SaaS, Web, and IoT APIs and microservices.

"Our experience at 42Crunch both in the web application security and API Integration space made it very clear that API security is the biggest challenge for security teams today, and that we had to change the way companies can protect their applications and data in a much more holistic, integrate, and simple way than they do today in web application security," Jacques Declas, 42Crunch CEO, commented in a press release.

The 42Crunch API Platform includes integrated services that developers can include in an API DevSecOps cycle. The primary services include an API Contract Security Audit, API Contract Conformance Scan, and API Protection.

The security audit includes an exhaustive security audit of the OpenAPI definition with a scoring feature. The contract conformance scan looks at live endpoints for potential vulnerabilities and API discrepancies. The API protection provides a set of policies that utilize a lightweight, low-latency, API-native micro firewall.

The platform displaces the legacy, piecemeal approach to API security. No need to combine SAST, DAST, WAF, RASO, and other tools to audit and secure APIs. This single platform should cover these tools and more. Check out the platform site to learn more.

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