43 New APIs: Recipeon, GymFlow and Code for America

This week we had 43 new APIs added to our API directory including a service aimed to help government agencies utilize the internet to promote openness and citizen participation, an application to inform gym users of how busy the gym is, and a recipe database search engine. In addition, we profiled a savings account core processing platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AASHE STARSAASHE STARS API: STARS is a program of AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System, is a self-reporting Framework for colleges and universities in the United States or Canada to measure and track their sustainability performance. The STARS API exposes three resources: Institutional metadata, reports, and the STARS technical manual. This is a REST API that currently only accepts GET requests.

AccountingSuiteAccountingSuite API: AccountingSuite integrates accounting, inventory, and order management into a single cloud application. The AccountingSuite API provides a RESTful interface for developers to integrate the AccountingSuite Platform. Exposed objects include customers, items, cash sales, sales invoices, and cash receipts.

AlgoliaAlgolia API: Algolia is a search API designed to support developers in delivering great search experiences in apps and websites. Search features include design for mobile performance, customizable and comprehensive ranking, and the ability to search infinite attributes from a single search box. The API allows applications to interact directly with the Algolia platform. Algolia is a REST API, all communication is over HTTPS.

AlphaMailAlphaMail API: AlphaMail is a cloud-based transactional email service that makes it easier for developers and marketing professionals to utilize transactional email in their daily work. Users can stop worrying about maintaining their own infrastructure and let AlphaMail provide high deliverability, dynamic templates and real-time statistics. AlphaMail offers a RESTful API for programmatic access to AlphaMail services. API methods include Email Queue, Projects, Templates, and Signatures. An API Key is required.

BitBalloonBitBalloon API: BitBalloon is a free hosting service optimized for static sites. In addition to performing asset compression, image optimization, CDN Integration, and perfect caching, BitBalloon provides a REST API capable of deploying sites, managing form submissions, injecting JavaScript snippets, and intelligently updating HTML documents.

BudgetSMS.netBudgetSMS.net API: BudgetSMS.net is an SMS service that can often provide many routes to a single destination and handle a large volume of messages. Their messaging gateway can send SMS to almost any network in the world. The BudgetSMS.net API allows users to send SMS messages, check their credit balances, and get information on a mobile phone operator.

Code for America NAICSCode for America NAICS API: Code for America is a non-partisan organization dedicated to helping government agencies use the internet to promote openness, efficiency, and citizen participation. The NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) classifies businesses by type and is maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Code for America's NAICS API is designed to help make the NAICS's classification system machine-readable and easier to search. This will allow apps that need to understand or collect information about businesses to do so in a way that is compatible with the U.S. government's framework.

ContinuityAppContinuityApp API: ContinuityApp is a fully hosted application integration and deployment service. Users write the code and ContinuityApp runs the tests suites and deploys the projects. The service allows developers to test and deploy apps without having to worry about servers or systems administration. ContinuityApp offers a REST API for the integration of ContinuityApp services. The API uses HTTP basic Authentication and OAuth2 and all responses are returned in JSON.

DemocracyMapDemocracyMap API: DemocracyMap provides a simple interface that helps citizens and journalists discover the civic entities and governing bodies for a given location. The DemocracyMap API provides contact details and other primary information on all governing bodies and officials representing a given location in the form of structured data. A demo of the API is publicly available; its coverage is currently limited to the U.S.

DoximityDoximity API: Billed as the professional network for physicians, Doximity is a social platform that includes national directories of physicians and facilities, online services such as HIPAA-secure faxing and text messaging, clinical journals, honoraria opportunities, and more. Developers can use the Doximity API to verify the identity of users against the Doximity medical database, use Doximity profiles for registrations, and access users’ colleague networks.

EAGLERICHSMS247EAGLERICHSMS247 API: EAGLERICHSMS247 is a Nigerian bulk SMS service. Users can integrate with EAGLERICHSMS247 by using its API, which provides users with direct access to the SMS Gateway. This allows users to send messages or check their account balances from within other applications. Users can register with EAGLERICHSMS247 for free and get 5 free SMS units to start with.

EncodeItEncodeIt API: EncodeIt allows users to encode videos for any device at any screen size, format, or codec. Its transcoding software supports iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, WebM, MP4, H.264, Flash Video, Apple ProRes, and DivX formats. EncodeIt claims to provide the fastest recording speeds online. Users can integrate EncodeIt into any application via API.

eOptin Authorize ConnecteOptin Authorize Connect API: eOptin is an end-to-end platform that authorizes secure connections between the cloud and any kind of electronic device or appliance. It also enables users to manage those connections securely from anywhere in the world. Users can connect with eOptin's authorization services from within their own application or device via the eOptin Authorize Connect API.

FindAAFindAA API: FindAA is an unofficial, searchable directory of Alcoholics Anonymous meeting information. FindAA provides developer access to this data through a SOAP API. The API supports a single call returning metadata for all meetings within a specified postal code. The API is available for non-commercial uses only.

FotoNotesFotoNotes API: FotoNotes is a mobile work management solution. It can be used for project management, task management, work order management, issue reporting, and inspections. Users can access work information anywhere and make existing processes, tasks, and forms mobile-friendly so that everything can be done on-the-go. FotoNotes can capture, store, and share information securely in the form of data, photos, voice notes, GPS, time stamps, and more. Users can integrate with FotoNotes using its RESTful API. The API can move data to and from the FotoNotes application and extend other existing systems to mobile devices via the FotoNotes platform.

GlobalBulkSMSGlobalBulkSMS API: GlobalBulkSMS is a bulk SMS service based in India. They provide coverage over 480 networks in 182 countries. Users can schedule SMS to send automatically at a later time, send 2-way SMS that recipients can respond to, customize their sender ID, and more. Users can send messages via web interface, HTTP REST, SMPP, or SMTP.

GoVivaceGoVivace API: GoVivace provides a plethora of voice-related software and solutions, including speech recognition, speaker identification, voice authentication, speech synthesis, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, gender identification, and language identification. GoVivace provides both SOAP and XML- RPC integration options that allow customers to deploy their speech recognition services in telephony, desktop, and web applications.

GymFlowGymFlow API: GymFlow is an application that lets users know how busy the gym is before they go. Gym traffic varies significantly from day to day and even over the course of an hour. GymFlow partners with local gyms to access card swipe information in order to get real-time data on how many people are in the gym at any given moment. The GymFlow application also uses historical data to predict how crowded the gym will be in the near future, allowing users to plan their schedules accordingly.

HackerEarthHackerEarth API: HackerEarth is an online programmer community that also provides an extensive list of practice problems and an in-browser code editor for testing code. The HackerEarth API allows developers to compile and run computer code in multiple languages, including C, C++, C++11, Clojure, C#, Java, JavaScript, Haskell, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby. The API accepts calls via POST and returns all data in JSON format.

KimolaKimola API: Kimola is a Backend as a Service platform that enables business to rapidly build search based or search enabled applications. In addition to providing common search features, Kimola creates an environment that allows users to browse and search whole content online. Kimola offers a REST API for access to Kimola features over HTTP. Current API methods include Search, Get Phrases, Get Suggestions, Get Part Spaces, Delete Part Spaces, and Index Document. Responses are returned in JSON. An API key is required.

MtgDBMtgDB API: MtgDB is a simple, open-source database API for the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) card game. It allows users to copy and sync their own MTG databases. Although MtgDB does support basic filtering, it is not designed as a full search API. All of the information provided by the API is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast, the company that owns MTG. This API is not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast in any way.

NetmeraNetmera API: Netmera is an app engagement platform that helps developers build relationships with users. The service offers communication and engagement tools such as push notification services and pop-up messages and enriches them with detailed targeting tools. Netmera's REST API allows developers to interact with Netmera by sending HTTP requests. The API allows developers to easily register and unregister devices, send notifications, and get notification and device info. An API key is required.

PencePayPencePay API: PencePay is an online payment and mobile billing platform for merchants. The PencePay API allows customer applications to integrate mobile billing functionalities. The API supports Premium SMS and Direct Carrier Billing Methods.

plug.djplug.dj API: Plug.dj is an online community that allows people to enjoy music and video content together in a real-time socially interactive environment. Use plug.dj to create parties with friends and peers from around the globe. Choose from a variety of unique avatars each with their own dance moves, and communicate with international party-goers using real-time chat translation. Plug.dj offers a Javascript API that enables developers to write extensions. The API consists of functions that return various data as well as an event dispatching engine.

prismic.ioprismic.io API: Prismic.io is API-driven web software supporting content management within any type of website or app. The prismic.io API allows developers to query and manipulate their content through a REST interface. The API supports predicate-based queries, and returns either JSON or HTML formatted responses.

Recipeon.usRecipeon.us API: Recipeon.us is a recipe search engine. Users enter ingredient lists and Recipeon.us returns a list of relevant recipes. The Recipeon.us API allows applications to perform recipe searches. The API allows calls to specify a particular meal (e.g. breakfast) and is capable of suggesting ingredient matches for partial or misspelled names.

Silanis e-SignaturesSilanis e-Signatures API: Silanis e-Signatures allows companies to use electronic signatures for banking, insurance, government contracts, and fulfilling the requirements of various regulated industries. Users can customize the e-signing process to suit any situation - including mobile e-signing - and improve user satisfaction and conversion rates. Silanis also focuses on providing electronic evidence that is comprehensive, secure, accessible, and reliable so that it is easy to prove the legality of e-signatures. The Silanis e-Signatures API allows developers to integrate e-signatures into their applications via REST calls.

Social Money CoreProSocial Money CorePro API: CorePro is a savings account core processing platform from Social Money, that allows prepaid card companies, merchants, PFM, payroll companies, and startups to integrate savings accounts into online and mobile solutions. The Platform is capable of accruing and paying interest, generating monthly electronic statements, and electronically submitting 1099s to the IRS. The CorePro REST API allows customer applications to incorporate FDIC-insured saving accounts, including issuing accounts and initiating ACH transfers for users.

SolarPermit.orgSolarPermit.org API: SolarPermit.org is the host of the National Solar Permitting Database, an online database of free information related to solar permitting requirements of cities and counties nationwide. SolarPermit.org exposes their database though a freely accessible API. The API allows applications to query for information on states and jurisdiction regulations, or to submit suggestions and comments to the database.

SplitwiseSplitwise API: Splitwise is a bill splitting and IOU tracking web application built to make it easy to split bills with family and friends. The Splitwise API exposes its backend, allowing applications to access and manipulate data types such as currencies, users, groups, expenses, and friends.

SquirroSquirro API: Squirro is a digital research and content curation service that scans multiple sources from internet and social media channels, private databases, and internal systems to find the most relevant information on a topic of interest. The information is then updated continuously and automatically. This living collection of content can then be saved, shared, and synthesized with friends and colleagues in a private workspace. A REST API is offered for access to Squirro services. API entities include Filters, Fingerprints, Folders, Items, Preview, Signals, Subscriptions, Tasks, Temporal Signals, and Topics.

Starcraft IIStarcraft II API: Starcraft II is a sci-fi, real-time, strategy game created by Blizzard. The Starcraft 2 community site exposes a RESTful API for gathering data about individuals' profiles and ladders. Ladders are the official ranking system used to show the top player rankings for the game. This data can be retrieved from the API via REST calls.

TappedOutTappedOut API: TappedOut is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) deck building website. It provides an API for validating the formats of one or more MTG cards, retrieving card details, retrieving the latest decks posted by users, and getting collection lists and details. The API can also return a response similar to opening a booster pack of MTG cards or get multiple simulated booster packs via the Cube Booster Function.

The Blue AllianceThe Blue Alliance API: FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) hosts a Robotics Competition that is open to high school students around the world. The Blue Alliance is a website the provides archives of FIRST Robotics Competition matches. This includes team information, event results, and videos. The Blue Alliance API provides users with all of the data found on the website.

Threat StreamThreat Stream API: Threat Stream is a SaaS Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform designed for enterprise and government security operations. Threat Stream delivers a real-time stream of actionable intelligence. The Threat Stream API delivers developer access to that stream, either as a limited free offering, or as part of the Enterprise and Government products.

Thumbr.ioThumbr.io API: Thumbr.io serves the user's images at the right size and resolution for whatever devices they appear on and can add Instragram-like filters without affecting the original file. Users only need to upload one hi-res image, and Thumbr.io makes the adjustments automatically. Thumbr.io also provides smart cropping and thumbnail generation services. Thumbnail previews of websites or documents can be generated at any size or resolution. All of these features are available programmatically via the Thumbr.io API.

VendoVendo API: Vendo is an online shopping cart application providing retailers with a simple solution for seeing up websites as online stores. Vendo provides customer applications with read/write access to their products database through a RESTful API. The API can be called via the customer website or the Vendo site.

VoxofonVoxofon API: Voxofon is a low-cost international calling and SMS service. It can be used by businesses that make a lot of international calls to employees and customers overseas, or it can be used by resellers wanting to create and market their own international calling services. Wholesale resellers can take advantage of the white label licensing, customizable rates and margins, and the SOAP and XML-RPC APIs for integration.

what3wordswhat3words API: what3words allows users to pinpoint any location on the globe using a unique 3-word combination. This allows users to relay exact (to 2 meters) locations to others in a format that is easier to remember than GPS coordinates. Users can access this functionality from their own applications using the free what3words API. The words used to label locations can be in English, Spanish, or Russian.

World of Tanks ClanWorld of Tanks Clan API: World of Tanks (WoT) is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game that revolves around WWII-era tanks. The WoT Developer Wiki provides access to technical information and services relating to WoT. One of the tools it offers is the Clan API, which allows users to retrieve information on World of Tanks clans. It can retrieve a clan's name, leader, description, members, motto, date of creation, and more.

XloudiaXloudia API: Xloudia is an image recognition service for mobile devices, designed for use with augmented reality applications. It can recognize one image out of millions in 0.2 seconds with a false positive rate of less than 1%. It provides excellent tracking capabilities and can adapt to environmental conditions, including clutter and partial occlusion. Xloudia can handle massive database searches and real-time database expansion. Users can connect Xloudia’s data directly to their systems using the REST API. Xloudia's user dashboard is available in English, Japanese, and French.

XMSXMS API: XMS is a smartphone app that provides free, real-time, unlimited messaging over the user's internet connection. Users can send messages containing text, images, videos, locations, emoticons, and other content. XMS supports both individual and group messaging. Developers can integrate XMS into their applications by using XMPP (formerly known as Jabber).

You Tracker Image ResizerYou Tracker Image Resizer API: You-tracker.com’s Image Resizer API is a free Web Service allowing websites to resize images to a specified height and width. In addition to the ability to specify an image’s quality percentage, the API supports the options of preserving the aspect ratio and/or preventing enlargement.