43 New APIs: StubHub, AppURL and Miniflux

This week we had 43 new APIs added to our API directory including a service to connect applications to HTTP URLs, online marketplace for event tickets, RSS Feed reading service, application monetization platform and human body 3D imaging service. We also covered an API to help with the recruiting process as well as a bug reporting service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AblyAbly API: Ably is a hosted, real-time messaging service for web-enabled devices. The subscription-based service provides a scalable, fast, and secure solution for connecting any Internet-enabled device or app to any other device or server in milliseconds.

The Ably REST API provides a way for a wide range of server and client devices to communicate with the Ably service. API functions include Authentication, publication of messages, retrieval of message history, retrieval of presence state and presence, and retrieval of statistics for application usage.

Algorithms.ioAlgorithms.io API: Algorithms.io is a cloud service using Machine Learning algorithms to deliver predictive analytics to businesses of all sizes. Customers simply upload data, select and run an algorithm, and receive a JSON formatted response. Algorithms.io exposes this workflow through a REST API that allows developers to embed algorithms into their applications.
The API supports HTTP GET/POST/DELETE calls allowing applications to manage datasets, jobs, and account balances.

App55App55 API: App55 is a UK-based online payment service that enables merchants, websites and mobile application developers to offer their customers secure, one-click payments for products or services via any internet-enabled device.

App55 offers a restful API for access to their payment services. Use the API to send requests to the App55 Platform in order to manage users, manage cards, and perform transactions. Responses are returned in JSON or JSONP. Authentication is via API Key.

AppURLAppURL API: AppURL is a service that connects applications to the web using HTTP URLs. AppURL offers features such as cross-platform linking, ability for applications to show up in search engine results, and Documentation to help other developers understand how to link to the applications.

The AppURL API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of AppURL with other applications. Some example API methods include transforming apps to links, uploading JSON files to URLs, and retrieving URL links.

BugDiggerBugDigger API: BugDigger provides users with bug reporting services for their websites. It is designed to capture all potentially useful information, including a screenshot, environment data, and website usage history. Screenshots can be marked up easily using a built-in editor.

BugDigger can be integrated with bug tracking systems via REST or JavaScript API so that information is automatically collected and sent to the tracker. As of this writing, there are plans to extend the API's functionality to include "read" operations and other features.

Cloudbase.ioCloudbase.io API: Cloudbase.io is a backend management service for mobile developers that takes care of all of the relational and non-relational data storage required for an application’s data. Shared API functionality allows developers to turn their mobile app into a platform by sharing data between applications or with other cloudbase.io developers.

Cloudbase.io offers a set of RESTful APIs for developers. API functions include data, register-device, cloudfunction, applet, log, log-navigation, notifications, email, paypal, and shared-api. Supported output formats include JSON and XML.

Count.ioCount.io API: Count.io is a simple counting API that can be used to keep a persistent count of anything the developer wants, such as clicks on a link or conversations between users. Developers can access the API's functions using JSON-formatted REST calls. This API is currently in beta. Interested persons can sign up to receive updates by email.

DashbookDashbook API: Dashbook is a platform that allows users to create and manage all of the information they want in one dashboard screen. Users can tailor and customize the feeds and information they want to see in their dashboard.

The Dashbook API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Dashbook with other applications and to build new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here http://dashbookapp.com/#contactForm for access.

DatalancheDatalanche API: Datalanche is a database and server management service for working with structured data. It is designed to provide persistent data storage for mobile and web apps. It also offers a public data repository containing things like directory information and medical codes. This repository can be queried via REST API or downloaded as a CVS file.

Datalanche is also capable of acting as a central repository for structured data from multiple sources. The REST API can automate the aggregation of this data and then access it from a single point. Datalanche users can share their structured data privately with 3rd parties, or share an API Endpoint that lets others read or write the data.

DNSDBDNSDB API: DNSDB is a database of both passive and authoritative DNS data. Passive data comes from Farsight Security's Security Information Exchange while authoritative data is provided by various zone operators. DNSDB allows users to easily search for individual RRsets and provides additional metadata as well. It can also perform inverse, or RDATA, searches. Developers can use DNSDB's REST API to make automated bulk queries against DNSDB in JSON format.

Fare Buzz Flight GatewayFare Buzz Flight Gateway API: Fare Buzz is a travel booking site, connecting customers to flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. Fare Buzz provides clients with access to published and consolidator air fares through their Flight Gateway Web Service. This SOAP API can be used to search for and book fares through a 3rd party application or website.

FareclockFareclock API: Fareclock provides web-based employee time tracking services built around biometric verification. Fareclock offers a REST API enabling customers to integrate their service into 3rd party applications. The API delivers employee clock in/out times as well as accompanying metadata. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

FlixFitFlixFit API: FlixFit provides applications and websites with the ability to take high quality human measurements through imaging. It can use regular consumer devices such as laptops, smartphones, and iPads to take pictures of an individual. FlixFit then uses those images to create a three-dimensional representation of their body. It is designed to replace traditional methods of taking body measurements and provide sizing information for online shopping.

gazeMetrixgazeMetrix API: gazeMetrix is a service that allows brand marketers to find and curate pictures from social networking sites that contain their brand. The service uses optical character recognition to identify brands present in images, even in low light or when the logo is tilted. This allows users to discover such images without the aid of captions or hashtags. gazeMetrix also provides analytics to help discover where a brand is popular and which people and events are influencing the brand's image.

gazeMetrix's data and functionality can be integrated with other applications via REST API. Developers need an API key in order to view the documentation.

GigaToolsGigaTools API: GigaTools allows artists, bands, labels, and agents to manage and promote future gigs online. Musicians can integrate their performance schedules with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud as well as their own blogs or websites. Labels and agents can use GigaTools to manage all of their artists' schedules from one place, keeping information up-to-date across all personal sites and social networks.

The GigaTools API allows users to retrieve data on upcoming gigs from the GigaTools website. Users can search for gigs by location, venue, date range, or the artist's Soundcloud or Twitter ID.

HallHall API: Hall is a communications platform for organizations, teams, and businesses. Hall offers a variety of communications and collaboration features, such as group chats, file sharing, and instant messaging on multiple platforms.

The Hall API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Hall with other applications, such as Zapier, Zendesk, Github, and Get Satisfaction. The main API method is linking Hall to accounts on these other applications.

HollybyteHollybyte API: Hollybyte is an online video platform that offers a solution for managing, distributing and monetizing digital video across multiple channels and devices. Hollybyte offers multiple video uploading options as well as an intuitive interface to sorting, managing and organizing your video content.

The Hollybyte API allows developers create their own rich video sites and applications.

Host Stream SellHost Stream Sell API: Host Stream Sell is a video hosting and streaming solution for providing secure access to your videos. Use the platform to upload, encode, and securely store your videos in the cloud. Access to your videos is permitted using simple API calls in your application. The API enables you to send requests and retrieve information dynamically for display to your users. The API also provides methods to grant and remove access to videos on your website based on a user's unique user ID. Requests are returned in XML or JSON format. An API key is required.

InterMineInterMine API: InterMine lets users create databases for integrating and analyzing complex biological data from many sources and formats. InterMine comes with a user-friendly, customizable web interface as well as an API for accessing stored data. InterMine also provides a JavaScript API to make it easier to load JS and CSS libraries. This service loads libraries based on the dependencies between them and skips libraries that already exist or pass a specific check.

jwmoz Pinterestjwmoz Pinterest API: Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard where users can post and share images, which are referred to as "pins." It can be used to collect recipes, project ideas, clothing items, vacation destinations, and pretty much anything else found online.

This unofficial API was developed at a time when Pinterest lacked their own API, circa June 2012. It has recently run into some difficulties since Pinterest made changes to their backend, but it is still capable of retrieving pins via REST calls.

LaunchPad RecruitsLaunchPad Recruits API: LaunchPad Recruits is an online video interview service that allows you screen job candidates more effectively than by a resume or curriculum vitae alone. Video interviews can be an alternative to phone screening or first round interviewing.

Tha LaunchPad Recruits API allows you to integrate video interviewing into your own application. API resources include accounts, interviews, questions, candidates, invites, and callbacks. The API is RESTful and all responses and error messages are returned using JSON.

MailerMailerMailerMailer API: MailerMailer is a service that helps users run their email-based marketing campaigns and newsletters. It can be used to create or import lists of recipients and will automatically remove bounces, unsubscribes, and invalid email addresses. MailerMailer also provides an editor for creating professional and visually-appealing email messages from scratch or with a template. Legally required features, such as an unsubscribe link, are automatically included.

MailerMailer also provides users with metrics on the number of opens, clicks, bounces, signups, unsubscribes, and complaints that their emails receive. It uses several authentication technologies to reassure ISPs that users' email messages are legitimate and improve the rate of successful delivery. Developers can connect MailerMailer to their websites or applications via XML- RPC API.

MarketingshipMarketingship API: Marketingship is an email marketing and email newsletter service. Organizations can create, manage, and track email marketing campaigns with Marketingship.

The Marketingship API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Marketingship with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact info@marketingship.com for more information.

Miami Beach Visitor and Convention AuthorityMiami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority API: MiamiBeachAPI.com is a service of the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (VCA) that delivers information on Miami Beach businesses and events. The site is powered by a RESTful API, through which the VCA exposes this information. The free API requires no signup and supports browsing and searching of events and businesses by category. Responses are JSON formatted.

MinifluxMiniflux API: Miniflux is an RSS feed reader that's been optimized for simplicity and readability. It only comes with basic features and does not support social networking. It also eschews ads and pixel trackers. It does, however, provide support for keyboard shortcuts and viewing entire articles directly from the application. Users can download and use Miniflux for free or subscribe to the hosted version, which costs €10. Miniflux can be accessed programmatically via JSON-RPC API.

MoPubMoPub API: MoPub is a monetization platform and service for mobile and web applications. MoPub offers features like advertising Integration, a dashboard of revenue, and other monetization services for applications.

The MoPub API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MoPub with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving revenue lists, retrieving transactions, and managing account information.

NACappNACapp API: NACapp is a service for relaying notifications, alerts, and chat messages to groups of mobile devices. It is designed to provide timely messaging services to teams who communicate primarily via mobile devices. Users can create messages by logging on to the website, via email, or by using the REST or SOAP APIs. Once a user sends a notification, they can see which devices have received, viewed, and acted on the notification.

OlapicOlapic API: Olapic is a crowdsourced visual content platform. Olapic offers eCommerce features for attracting customers, buying, and selling visual content and photos.

The Olapic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Olapic with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Olapic for more information: https://www.olapic.com/contact-us/.

ScreenPlayScreenPlay API: ScreenPlay provides an API web service for customers to access their video database with a simple series of parameters. This method of accessing ScreenPlay content allows publishers to integrate with websites and apps more efficiently by programming specific calls from the Screenplay API. Some example API methods include requesting specific titles, categories and retrieving data.

Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact information@screenplayinc.com for more information.

Sippy SoftSwitchSippy SoftSwitch API: Sippy Softswitch provides a complete network management platform for VoIP (Voice over IP) carriers. Its call-control software allows developers to build VoIP networks that are both scalable and reliable. This software is based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and handles thousands of client networks around the world. Developers can integrate Sippy Softswitch with other software and applications via XML-RPC API.

SlidePaySlidePay API: SlidePay is a credit card payment acceptance service. SlidePay allows merchants and users to accept swiped credit card payments in their applications on a variety of platforms.

The SlidePay API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SlidePay with other applications. Some example API methods include processing payments, retrieving payments, and sending receipts.

SlimSurveysSlimSurveys API: SlimSurveys is a survey creation and management service. Users can create mini surveys that can be completed in a short amount of time. SlimSurveys offers features to create different types of surveys, with images and different responses.

The SlimSurveys API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SlimSurveys with other applications and create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here: https://slimsurveys.com/developer.

SnapComms Desktop AlertSnapComms Desktop Alert API: SnapComms is a push notification solution for employee communication on desktop and mobile devices. The SnapComms API gives organizations the ability to integrate the SnapComms push notifications with other platforms (for example, intranet and contact center solutions). Notification formats include: pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, pop-up quizzes and surveys and interactive screensaver messaging.

Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service and login.

Squirrel ToolsSquirrel Tools API: Squirrel Tools is an API that lets users calculate poker odds and hand rankings. It works for regular poker with hands of 5, 6, or 7 cards as well as for Texas hold'em with 3, 4, or 5 cards on the table. It will also determine the winner for a group of known hands and return the Sklansky group for a pair of cards in Texas hold'em.

StubHubStubHub API: StubHub is an online platform for people to buy and sell tickets. Users can list and sell concert tickets, sporting event tickets, and other event tickets for others to purchase and use.

The StubHub API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StubHub with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, retrieving events and listings, and searching ticket inventory.

Tiramizoo.comTiramizoo.com API: Tiramazoo.com is a German product delivery service built for ecommerce. Tiramazoo.com offers both direct integration through a plugin and a REST API. The API is capable of creating or cancelling orders, and delivering service area information. The API communicates over SSL, authenticates with an API token, and returns JSON formatted data.

Traveller MapTraveller Map API: Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game (RPG) in which characters travel between star systems to explore, fight, and trade. It is a fairly open-ended game, and players may choose whether to seek out wealth, technology, political power, or new discoveries. Traveller Map is pieced together from several different official maps of the Traveller universe. The map can be accessed and viewed directly through the website, or it can be retrieved programmatically via REST API.

UltraHookUltraHook API: UltraHook is a free webhook service. UltraHook allows users to create and manage Webhooks over localhosts, allowing for updates over HTTP requests.

The UltraHook API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of UltraHook with other applications. The main API method is sending webhooks.

USERcycleUSERcycle API: USERcycle is a service designed to help optimize products through actionable learning. It starts off by benchmarking product performance and identifying constraints or metrics that can be improved. From there, developers can make changes and measure whether those changes make the product better or worse. Developers can feed data into USERcycle from their product or app by using either the REST or JavaScript API.

VivochaVivocha API: Vivocha is a cloud-based customer interaction platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers online at the right time and using the most effective communication channel. Businesses can communicate with customers using any combination of VoIP, video, chat, and callbacks as well as collaboration tools such as assisted browsing and form and document sharing.

The Vivocha REST API offers access to the main features of the platform. Use the API to subscribe webhooks to vivocha events, request new contacts, set a custom webservice for checking agent availability, or get information about pending contacts and current status.

Washington State Department of TransportationWashington State Department of Transportation API: The Washington State Department of Transportation uses an API to provide developer access to their traveler information data. The API, accessible through RESTfull HTTP calls or through a SOAP service, is capable of delivering information on border crossings, highway alerts, mountain pass conditions, traffic flow, travel times, ferry information, and much more.

World Travel and ToursWorld Travel and Tours API: World Travel and Tours is a real-time tour marketplace that connects travelers, tour providers, and travel affiliates. World Travel and Tours exposes its activities and tours database to affiliates through an API.
The API accepts HTTP GET calls and provides access to information and booking capabilities for tours and providers. Responses are XML formatted.

yourtaximeteryourtaximeter API: Yourtaximeter is a free online service that calculates taxi fares in the UK. Calculations account for local rates, date, time, passengers, and surcharges. The yourtaximeter API allows 3rd party applications and websites to instantly calculate fares as well as lookup car license plates and confirm that a vehicle is a licensed taxi. The API requires an API Key and returns XML or JSON formatted responses.