44 New APIs: Mozilla, Football, and Xignite

This week, we had 44 new APIs added to our API directory including a user login solution for applications, a food truck directory for Chicago, and a Google+ analytics platform. We also shared coverage of a series of API conferences in Northern Europe, Nordic APIs.

31Events31Events API: 31Events is a calendaring service that sends invites directly to a customers' calendars. If the invite is accepted, the recipient is automatically signed up for the event. The service aims to monitor large groups along with accept or deny status and hopes to Increased Webinar attendance. The 31Events API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to make a variety of calls including create, update, get , list and delete events, as well as manipulate account information. An account is required with service.

BandwidthBandwidth API: Bandwidth is a communication service that allows users to add voice and SMS services to software and applications. The service includes access to local numbers, and scalable pricing. The Bandwidth API allows users to make calls to get information about an account, get a list of transactions made on an account, as well as calls for phone numbers, messages, calls, media, applications, errors, and other resources. The API uses REST calls. An account is required with service.

Blockr.ioBlockr.io API: Blockr.io is a site that allows users to browse Bitcoin transaction blocks and view individual transactions and the addresses to which they occurred. The site also offers information on the addresses with the most Bitcoins, the addresses with the most transactions, and other trivia. Blockr.io provides APIs that enable users to retrieve information on coins, blocks, transactions, and addresses.

briidge.net Connectbriidge.net Connect API: SecureKey briidge.net Connect API offers developers a cloud based, password-free, software-only solution that simplifies user login and quickly, easily adds strong, multi-factor device and user Authentication into their mobile apps. Compared to current software market alternatives like out of band SMS codes or hardware and software tokens that add complexity and inconvenience to the user, briidge.net Connect streamlines and simplifies your users’ mobile experience within your existing fully branded app. briidge.net Connect replaces cumbersome usernames, passwords and typical out of band codes with a cryptographically authenticated device ID and an optional multi-device PIN, (called QuickCode) for easy login. Similar to a chip and pin credit card, The QuickCode is never stored on the device or on the server, but can be ‬‭cryptographically verified.‬‬‬ The Connect API, is purpose-built to allow developers to quickly and easily add strong authentication to a wide number of workflows, use cases, and applications.

Chicago Food Truck FinderChicago Food Truck Finder API: The Chicago Food Truck Finder site features a map, list of vendors, weekly schedule for common food truck sites, and a blog tracking the mobile food scene in Chicago. Its REST API allows other application developers to use the Chicago food truck location data as well.

CilenisCilenis API: Cilenis is a language analysis service that helps users to analyze and extract information of texts. The Cilensis API allows users to integrate language technology into a users software using a cloud solution. The API uses REST calls and an account is required with service. The API is currently in a public beta.

CircleCountCircleCount API: CircleCount is a Google+ analysis site that tracks the number of circles profiles are in under the assumption that the number of followers is a metric that measures a person's influence on Google+. The higher the number, the higher the person's influence since more followers are likely to view this person's posts. The CircleCount API exposes public Google+ data and provides access to the data collected by CircleCount and is customizable by the user. The API returns JSON formats and currently has no rate limit for use.

Equa ImagesEqua Images API: Provided by Tools Webtop, Equa Images allows the user to submit a mathematical equation or formula expressed in the most common operations. The Equa Images API returns the formula expressed as an image in PNG format.

ESA Semantic RelatednessESA Semantic Relatedness API: Amtera helps organizations conduct semantic searches through its Esprit Search Platform product, and helps them manage online marketing campaigns through its Sentient Web Marketing product. It also offers consulting services on using and analyzing Big Data. Its Semantic Relatedness API utilizes Wikipedia to compare the meanings of two input text excerpts per request. Currently available in English and Portuguese, the service calculates semantic relatedness by measuring how often words occur in similar contexts.

FieldAwareFieldAware API: FieldAware is a field project management service that combines mobile apps, invoicing, business management, scheduling, quotes, and reporting into a single platform service. The FieldAware API is designed to simplify the process of integrating the FieldAware system with existing accounting, ERP, CRM and other business systems.The API uses REST calls to pass data to accounting, ERP, and CRM systems for invoicing, process improvement, payroll, human Resource management, management reporting and other critical business functions. An account is required with service.

FootballFootball API: Football-API provides a live scoring service for a variety of football leagues including the english premier league, 15 European leagues, 50 major world leagues, and 350 competitions including the world cup. The Football-API allows users to make REST calls to get current tournament standings, get scheduled match lists, and get live scoring. An account is required with service.

HappyFoxHappyFox API: HappyFox is a web based customer support ticketing system hosted on the cloud. HappyFox helps you to track and manage customer support requests across multiple channels like email, chats and social media in a centralized ticket support system. The HappyFox API supports operations like creating a ticket, adding updates to a ticket, listing tickets and users of the Helpdesk. The API Uses REST calls and returns JSON or XML. An account is required with service.

MapumentalMapumental API: Mapumental is a tool for creating travel time maps for places of interest in the UK. Users may type in a postcode or geographic coordinates along with a maximum travel time in minutes and instantly see their travel range. The Mapumental API's map output can be represented as either a PNG image file or a GRASS ASCII grid raster.

MethodMethod API: Method provides customizable customer relationship management (CRM) Integration for small businesses. It can manage contacts and leads; sync with QuickBooks for orders, invoicing and time tracking; and connect with common email marketing services. The Method API allows developers and programmers to incorporate an end user's QuickBooks and Method CRM data into their own applications.

Mozilla CameraMozilla Camera API: The Camera API from Mozilla enables the ability to upload pictures taken with a device camera directly to a web page. Utilized with the File API, which accesses the photograph, you can create a URL referencing the photograph and set that as the src of the image. Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

Mozilla GamepadMozilla Gamepad API: The Gamepad API from Mozilla provides new events on a Window object for reading gamepad and controller state. It also enables the ability to query the state of connected gamepads with an added Gamepad object. Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

Mozilla TelephonyMozilla Telephony API: The Web Telephony API from Mozilla enables web content to handle phone calls from JavaScript code. Web content is able to manage the following call functions: dial out, answer, reject, hold, and resume. Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

Mozilla VibrationMozilla Vibration API: The Vibration API from Mozilla enables web apps with the ability to access the vibration hardware included on mobile devices. Using javascript, it is designed to addresses the need for tactile feedback. It can enable alerts within mobile web applications. Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

OpenCPUOpenCPU API: OpenCPU provides embedded scientific computing services that are available on public servers or, alternatively, that users can download and host themselves. The OpenCPU API acts as a middle layer interface to R, a software programming language for statistical computing. The API can work with any language or Framework that can handle HTTP.

PriceChartingPriceCharting API: PriceCharting is a video game pricing database that tracks historical and current prices on on over 26,000 games fro a variety of consoles. The site includes price comparisons from multiple stores, charts for every item showing price changes over time, downloadable game prices with customizable Game Price Guide service, a video game news and price analysis in the Video Game Pricing blog. The PriceCharting API allows users to access data users have purchased as part of a custom price guide. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.

QLD Wildlife DataQLD Wildlife Data API: WildNet is Queensland's database of the names and conservation statuses of their plants, protists, mammals, fungi, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and some fish and invertebrates. This API from Queensland (QLD) Government enables access to QLD Government's WildNet data that is approved for public release. Species profiles, notes, images, statuses, and survey locations are all available via a number a retrieve functions. There are three formats to do this retrieving: JSON, XML, and CSV. GeoJSON or KML will be used when requesting spatial locations with the json and xml formats.

Recognize.ByRecognize.By API: Recognize.By is developing the means for automatic analysis of data formats such as images, photographs, audio files, and videos. The Recognize.By API currently allows developers to integrate its proprietary image recognition service into their own websites or applications.

Scalyr LogsScalyr Logs API: Scalyr Logs is a real-time, cloud-hosted server log monitoring service. It brings all of the user's event logs together in one place and then structures and parses their data for searching and analysis. Users can create custom dashboards to monitor for security and performance issues in real time. The Scalyr Logs API allows users to communicate directly with Scalyr's servers in order to send and receive log data.

Schedjoules CalendarSchedjoules Calendar API: Schedjoules is an in-app calendar store that has over 180,000 public calendars that include sports, finance, holidays, and other scheduled events. The Schedjoules API provides users access to the SchedJoules Public Calendar Library. Providing calendars in 40 languages, users can use the API to integrate calendars into applications to further monetizing services. Am account is required with service. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses SSL and API Keys for authentication.

SDL Language Cloud TranslationSDL Language Cloud Translation API: SDL is an industry leader in translation and related technology, and provides customer experience optimization services, including analysis, strategy, management and delivery of web content, Documentation, and marketing materials, to facilitate communication between businesses and their customers worldwide. Depending on price, quality, and timeling requirements, the REST-based SDL Language Cloud Translation API can provide a text-based information translation service to end users, by either machines or human translators. Developers may translate up to one million characters each month for free using machine translation in Sandbox mode.

SecureVideo.comSecureVideo.com API: SecureVideo provides a HIPAA-Compliant videoconferencing service allowing mental health care providers (psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, etc.) to conduct virtual appointments with patients. The SecureVideo API integrates user and report information, session workflow data, and HIPAA compliance data with third-party electronic medical records or other applications.

skyParse Resume ParserskyParse Resume Parser API: skyParse provides a cloud-based resume parsing service primarily for Human Resources departments and recruiters. Users input resume files (usually Microsoft Word, RTF, or PDF) and the parser returns the resume data in an XML document based on the industry standard HR-XML schema. The Resume Parsing API is available in either REST or SOAP protocol.

Street Food AppStreet Food App API: This Vancouver, B.C. based software and app developer company has created mobile apps to locate food trucks in a small but growing number of Canadian and U.S. cities. The Street Food App API lets developers add the food trucks' scheduled stops to their own websites or applications.

Streetline ParkerDataStreetline ParkerData API: Streetline is a company focused on improving parking in cities around the world. Streetline brings together aspects of parking management technology in one integrated system, street-level sensors, mobile apps, analytics and system management software. The Streetline ParkerData API enables users to build their own parking visualizations on mobile and web apps, or in-car navigation.The visualizations can display an availability count, as well as the total capacity for the facility or collection of spaces. The API uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON. An account is required with service.

SurveyMethodsSurveyMethods API: SurveyMethods' REST API enables you to integrate third party applications or systems with SurveyMethods. Using our API, you can automate the sending of surveys to respondents without having to log in to SurveyMethods.com and manually launch your surveys. You can also configure your applications to send data to SurveyMethods in a predefined manner whenever a workflow based process is completed. The output/response for an API call request is in the following formats: • XML (Default Output Format) • JSON

The CityThe City API: The City is a social network for churches, enabling church communities to stay engaged. The City API is a social and data management platform for church communities. Using The City API, church communities can manage church data, create and manage groups, communicate through a single platform, simplify and enrich children’s ministry check-in, and modernize church giving. Developers have the ability to build a UI with labels that make sense for a church's specific terminology.

TimeCampTimeCamp API: TimeCamp tracks time your Team spend on each project. The company aims to improve billing time, measuring productivity, save strength and money through process analysis to determine which way the time runs out to prevent it project stoppage. It also facilitates planning time and budgeting for future projects. The TimeCamp API allows users to perform basic tasks such as make queries to deal with users, tasks, time entry, computer activities, clients, and invoices. The API uses REST calls and can return XML, JSON, CSV, rawxml, JSONP, serialized, PHP, or html. An account is require with service and SSL and API Tokens are used for authentication.

TransportTransport API: TransportAPI is a data-as-a-service company that provides transportation data to apps and websites using industry sources like Travelline, Network Rail, and Tfl. The TransportAPI uses REST calls and has a variety of endpoints. Users can make calls to get data on bus routes and times, London underground transit info, and several public trip planners. The API is already being used for live bus departure services, and UK travel option applications. An account is required with service.

VentureDealVentureDeal API: VentureDeal is a database that provides the latest information about venture capital firms and transactions. The VentureDeal API provides customized XML data Feed tracking activity in the venture-backed technology startup arena. The API allows users to customize data feeds by region, industry, and other criteria. Users can set up feeds to follow transactions, watch active investors, and other feeds. An account is required with service.

WavecellWavecell API: Wavecell is a global messaging service that offers reliability, scalability, analytics, multi-carrier access, and other features. The Wavecell API for SMS allow applications to send SMS worldwide. The API is designed for the sending of SMS-MT messages, as well for receiving SMS-MO and delivery report. An account is required with service. The API is available in both REST and SOAP formats.

Xignite Convert Historical ValueXignite Convert Historical Value API: Forex API-Convert Historical Value from xignite converts an amount from one currency to another using the rate as of a specified historical date. Fixing time can be provided for rates that go back to 1/4/2010. Historical rates prior to 1/4/2010 are London midnight rates. The API uptime is at least 99.9% and the data is updated in true real-time as new quotes are issued from market participants. Data is returned in XML, JSON, or CSV formats.

Xignite Convert Real Time ValueXignite Convert Real Time Value API: Forex API-Convert Real Time Value from xignite converts an amount from one currency to another using the real-time rate. If the real-time rate is not available for a currency pair (e.g. on a weekend), then the most recent available rate is used. Over 29,000 historical and real-time currency pairs are covered. The API uptime is at least 99.9% and the data is updated in true real-time as new quotes are issued from market participants. Data is returned in XML, JSON, or CSV format.

Xignite Get Real Time RateXignite Get Real Time Rate API: Forex API-Get Real Time Rate from Xignite returns a real time spot rate for a requested currency pair. Calculated rates are returned for currency pairs for which spot rate data is not available. Over 29,000 historical and real-time currency pairs are covered.

Xignite Get Real Time Rate TableXignite Get Real Time Rate Table API: Forex API-Get Real Time Rate Table from xignite returns rates for multiple currency pairs in a matrix structure. Over 29,000 historical and real-time currency pairs are covered. The API uptime is at least 99.9% and the data is updated in true real-time as new quotes are issued from market participants. Data is returned in XML, JSON, or CSV format.

Xignite Global Indices HistoricalXignite Global Indices Historical API: The Xignite Global Indices Historical API enables users to retrieve historical prices for equities going back to January 1, 2000. It provides closing prices along with open, high, low, volume and other market statistics for equities on more than 50 global exchanges. API users may also request split prices and prices adjusted for dividends.

Xignite Global Indices Real TimeXignite Global Indices Real Time API: The Xignite Global Indices Real Time API provides users with real-time access to index values from over 10,000 U.S. and international markets. These include the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and other popular index families. API users can view index lists by group or search for indexes by name. Volume information is only available for a limited number of indices.

Xignite Global Real Time OptionsXignite Global Real Time Options API: The Xignite Global Real Time Options API provides real-time quotes for equity options listed in the U.S. Users can also perform option chain lookups and get highs, lows, contract sizes, underlying asset information, and other data. The API allows users to retrieve data on one or more securities at a time.

Xignite Initial Public Offering Calendar & Performance DataXignite Initial Public Offering Calendar & Performance Data API: Initial Public Offering Calendar & Performance Data API from xignite offers initial public offering (IPO) data, including IPO pipeline, IPO calendar, IPO schedule and performance data for U.S stocks. The API provides comprehensive coverage of IPOs listed on NASDAQ, NYSE, BATS Exchange and OTCBB market.

Xignite List CurrenciesXignite List Currencies API: Forex API-List Currencies from Xignite returns currencies for which spot and historical data is available. Over 29,000 historical and real-time currency pairs are covered. The API uptime is at least 99.9% and the data is updated in true real-time as new quotes are issued from market participants. Data is returned in XML, JSON, or CSV format.