44 New APIs: Sochi Olympics, Plivo, and Qualcomm

This week, we had 44 new APIs added to our API directory including a company that builds app-enabled products,hacker event listing service, and a digital magazine publishing platform. We also covered 2014's Developer Week, which took place last week.

100TB100TB API: 100TB is a premium web server hosting service featuring fully-automated, dedicated servers. They specialize in providing on-demand, scalable-bandwidth servers on their own network. All of their servers use Intel processors and run over Cisco equipment. There are multiple data center locations to choose from, and support is available at all times. Users can manage their servers and billing information programmatically via API.

AirgramAirgram API: Airgram provides free mobile alert web services. In addition to transmitting text and images, Airgram is able to send interactive HTML5 and geolocate and geofence users. Airgram is accessible via API. The Airgram API supports unauthenticated methods capable of sending messages to small groups of users who already have the Airgram app. All other methods require an Airgram service account.

apis.isapis.is API: Apis.is is an Icelandic Web Service that scrapes open data from public websites, providing developer access to various types of Icelandic data. Examples of available data include Icelandic company directories, cinema showtimes, earthquakes, international flights, vehicle registry, bus system information, and much more.

atamaatama API: Atama is a UK based company that focuses on developing app-enabled products that work with smartphones. Current products include Seasame, a wireless lock that automatically locks your Mac computer when you walk away, and Kilo, a scale that tracks weight and BMI. Atama offers a REST based API for app developers. The API provides access to the atama cloud, which stores information about users and events. The API uses OAuth 2.0 and supports JSON and XML formats.

AttendeaseAttendease API: Attendease is an event Platform that allows users to publish their event's website, schedule, and registration forms in one place for distribution. It also provides a drag-and-drop Form Builder that lets users build as many different forms and registration flows as they like. Attendease can also check guests in when they arrive at events. Users can create mobile-friendly online surveys to get instant feedback on events from their attendees.

BeepsendBeepsend API: Beepsend provides messaging services to mobile operators, SMS aggregators, and enterprise clients. The Beepsend API exposes a variety of SMS services and support functions. The API is able to send messages, retrieve analytics, manage contacts, and much more. The API is available as a robust RESTful API as well as a light weight HTTP API.

Belgium Hacker AgendaBelgium Hacker Agenda API: Belgium Hacker Agenda is a calendar of events in Belgium that may interest Hackerspaces and a few other web resources. Events are parsed from The Belgium Hacker Agenda API provides developer access to JSON formatted event data. Data includes event titles, dates, locations, as well as relevant URLs.

BetterServersBetterServers API: BetterServers provides users with fast cloud servers that can be deployed in less than ten seconds. Users may deploy whatever number of servers they need, from one to over one thousand. BetterServers comes with an API that can be used to provision, manage, and delete data center resources, such as server instances.

Bit2cBit2c API: Bit2c Ltd is an Israeli company that provides a monetary exchange system with Bitcoins. The Bit2c API uses REST calls, and returns JSON. The API allows users to access various trade resources including the orderbook, and transactions. An authenticated users can query to view account balances, add orders, get orders, cancel orders, get order history, and create merchant credentials. An account is required with service, and SSL and an API Key are used for Authentication.

BlueTarp AuthorizationBlueTarp Authorization API: BlueTarp Financial is a financial services company dedicated to serving building supply dealers in the U.S. BlueTarp provides a transaction authorization API that developers can integrate into their own websites or systems in order to support transaction processing through BlueTarp. Supported transactions may include sale, credit, void, deposit hold, and deposit collection transactions.

Business TexterBusiness Texter API: Business Texter is a customer support and advertising service that allows companies to automate responses to general inquiries that users submit. The Business Texter API provides the basic categorization of inbound messages so that user systems can auto reply with appropriate responses. These responders trained using Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning techniques from data sets coming from the Android App called BizTexter built by www.businesstexter.com.

CaascadeCaascade API: Caascade is a Computations-as-a-Service API, which runs queries against the computer algebra system Maxima, which is installed on its cloud servers. After whitelisting a dedicated IP with Caascade, 3rd party applications can pass HTTP GET calls using a variety of algebraic operations. The API returns JSON formatted objects.

CocoaPodsCocoaPods API: CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C. It can handle cross-dependency resolution, semantic version managements, and automatic Integration. CocoaPods does not automatically resolve dependency conflicts, but instead notifies the user that a conflict has occurred and allows them to resolve it themselves. Users can search CocoaPods programmatically using the REST API.

CoinedUpCoinedUp API: CoinedUp is a a crypto-currency-only exchange that does not deal in fiat currencies. Users can transfer currencies in, and trade between the crypto-currencies. The API allows users to make market calls, orderbook listings calls, trade listings calls and other market related calls. An account is required with service. The exchange and API are free to use.

CoinMarketCoinMarket API: coinmarketcap.northpole.ro is a crypto-currency data service that scrapes data from coinmarketcap.com. The API makes the data on the listed crypto-currencies available in a JSON format, accessible via REST calls. The API is free to use, and no account is required with service. Users can integrate the data into third-party applications that utilize crypto-currency data.

Commercial Property Database (CPD)Commercial Property Database (CPD) API: CPD is a commercial property database that provides access to currently available and archived commercial property marketing details from across the United Kingdom. Real estate agents can use the database to market and manage properties and connect with other agents. CPD offers a REST API for programmatic access to CPD data. An API token is required. Full API Documentation is available upon request.

CradlePointCradlePoint API: CradlePoint provides networking solutions and mobile broadband services. They offer high-performance routers that can be managed remotely through their Enterprise Cloud Manager server. Developers can enable other applications to access the server using CradlePoint's RESTful API. This opens up access to all kinds of information and functions, including alert notifications, authorizations, logs, patches, permissions, security tokens, settings, and more.

CrewRevuCrewRevu API: CrewRevu allows users to create a snapshot of their online social activity to give employers a better idea of who they are and present their own personal brand. Users can showcase information taken from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. The service comes with a discriminatory information filter which allows potential employers to view profile information without legal complications.

Dieren TheaterDieren Theater API: Dieren Theater is an independent web service delivering structured data scraped from the website of the Belgian Parliament (La Chambre De Kamer). Available data includes information relating to Deputies, Parties, Commissions, law projects, annual reports, and more.

fastsmsfastsms API: Fastsms provides cloud-based SMS services that operate over tier 1 UK network routes. Pricing for texts starts at 2.1 pence per message. Customer support is available at all times. Developers can integrate fastsms into their own applications and systems using REST, FTP/SCP, or SMTP calls.

Ghent University Academic BibliographyGhent University Academic Bibliography API: The Ghent University Academic Bibliography provides bibliographic information describing scientific publications by Ghent University researchers. The Ghent University Academic Bibliography API provides a number of methods for developers to programmatically access that bibliographic information. The API is able to deliver feeds for bibliographic data from various departments and projects, access data describing single publications, subsets of the collection, or the collection in whole, search for publications using a variety of parameters, and much more.

JoomagJoomag API: Joomag provides digital interactive magazine publishing and hosting services to individuals and organizations of all sizes. The Joomag API allows 3rd party applications to programmatically create magazines from PDF Files.

Kimono Sochi OlympicsKimono Sochi Olympics API: Kimono is an API creator that turns websites into APIs by extracting the data based on patterns, not by Screen Scraping. The Kimono Sochi Olympics API allows users to access to up-to-date athlete, country, sport and medal data. The API uses REST calls, and allows users to query to get information by country and sport as well as specific data like age, birth date, gender, height, id, image, name, weight, medal gold, medals silver, medals bronze, medals total, sport, and country.

LayerVault Designer NewsLayerVault Designer News API: LayerVault is a site for creative professionals that provides hosting and other cloud services. The Designer News feature of the site provides a Feed of the top design related stories in the news. The Designer News API provides tools for interacting with Designer News and allowing applications to access user information. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. For authentication, the API uses OAuth 2.0 and SSL. An account is required with service and usage limits are defaulted to 300 calls per hour.

LeaderboardedLeaderboarded API: Leaderboarded is an online platform for creating community leaderboards. The platform uses social and business data to assign individuals scores and rank them against their peers. This can be used as an influential tool that inspires motivation and engagement. Leaderboarded offers a REST API for programmatic access to their services. Use the API to send player profile data and scores to leaderboarded and retrieve leaderboard rankings. JSON, XML and HTML formats are supported. An API key is required.

ListSellTradeListSellTrade API: ListSellTrade is a merchant site that allows users to access online auctions, fixed price listings, business sale listings, classified advertising, recruitment, as well as to promote a users business. The ListSellTrade API allows users to automatically list entire product ranges and update it every 24 hours. An account and an API Key are required with service.

MiddlecoinMiddlecoin API: Middlecoin is a digital currency mining pool that automatically mines the most profitable type of coin and then exchanges those coins for Bitcoins when it pays out. Payouts occur automatically on a regular basis when the user has earned a sufficient balance. No registration is required. Individual payout reports can be retrieved programmatically via REST calls.

Mincoin ToolsMincoin Tools API: Mincoin Tools is a crypto-currency mining pool where users combine their processing power to solve blocks to receive coins. The Mincoin Tool API allows users to make calls to access statistics on the pool. The API allows users to see the block dificulty, block count, hash rate, btc price, USD price, the trading mnc, trading btc, and the current date. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON and JSONP. An account is required with service.

NoteHubNoteHub API: NoteHub is a free, anonymous pastebin designed specifically to provide one-off publishing for Markdown pages. Users can specify a font and color scheme for each page. Pages come with their own short URLs and basic statistics on metrics such as views. Developers can integrate NoteHub's functions into their own program or application using the REST API provided.

Open Onderwijs DataOpen Onderwijs Data API: Open Onderwijs Data (Open Education Data) is an organization that connects citizens to data from the Dutch educational system. The Open Onderwijs Data API provides developers with a unified programmatic interface for accessing data from various institutions, including DUO (the Education Executive Service), the Home Education Inspectorate, and the Windows for Accountability program.

PaymentVault PaymentVault API: Auric Systems International is a PCI compliant solutions provider that produces payment transaction processing applications from cryptographic key management to tokenized credit card storage.The PaymentVault API, provided by Auric Systems, allows users to integrate merchant shops with the PaymentVault service. PaymentVault Tokenization provides off-site data storage for tokenized credit card account numbers and separate bulk storage of encrypted credit card information from the cardholder's personally identifiable information. The API uses JSON- RPC, and account is required with service.

Plivo Voice ChatPlivo Voice Chat API: Plivo Voice Chat is a free, open-source audio conferencing service. To get started, users simply create a conference room, invite others to the URL provided, and begin talking. Conference rooms are automatically shut down after 24 hours. Users may create conference rooms programmatically using the Voice Chat REST API.

Project SunblockProject Sunblock API: Project Sunblock is a content verification tool that offers brand safety for digital advertisers on the web. The tool monitors and protects online brands by combining content analysis, image recognition and an extensive database of website relationships in order to safeguard against harmful associations with a client's brand and online content. Project sunblock offers a RESTful API for delivery, admin and reporting. The API allows developers to to connect, interact and integrate directly with the Project Sunblock service. API methods include Organizations, Campaigns, Ads, Rules and Statistics. An API key is required.

QuickyCoinQuickyCoin API: QuickyCoin enables businesses to accept bitcoin, litecoin and other crypto-currencies as payment. The QuickyCoin API solution is tailored to a user's business enabling bitcoin, litecoin and other crypto-currencies users to actually make payments. The solution immediately enables businesses to receive litecoin payments and is scalable to include other crypto-currencies upon demand. An account is required with service.

RigorRigor API: Rigor is a real-time performance monitoring service for websites, applications, and APIs. It monitors user flows and business transactions, enabling users to identify issues before their end users encounter them. It can monitor every page, picture, link, and file on a website for errors and provide real-time alerts when failure occurs. Rigor allows users to compare their website's performance with the sites of competitors and track current and historic performance statuses.

SolidShopsSolidShops API: SolidShops is a cloud-based e-commerce CMS that handles updates, backups, and security on behalf of the user. Users can easily build and customize themes for their website as well as customize invoices, emails, and other materials. Products and orders can be managed and tracked via mobile devices. SolidShops comes with built-in SEO features and allows users to build stores on Facebook to attract more customers.

SpotOptionSpotOption API: SpotOption is a binary option trading platform that allows users engage and provide option trading. A Binary Option, also known as Digital Options or FROs, is a prediction of the direction of a stock, commodity, index, or foreign currency will move by a designated expiry time. The SpotOption API allows users to integrate platform into third-party platforms and applications. An account is required with service.

Stockholm Film FestivalStockholm Film Festival API: The Stockholm Film Festival is a 12-day event that includes screenings of 170 films from over 40 countries. The screenings are accompanied by film quizzes, parties, seminars, and other activities. The Stockholm Film Festivals API allows developers to access information on all aspects of the festival and integrate that information into their own applications.

ToshlToshl API: Toshl is a personal spending tracker that helps users monitor what they're spending their money on. Expenses can be entered in any currency through mobile apps or the Toshl website. Users can create budgets for specific categories of spending and get reminders for recurring monthly expenses. Users can view summaries of their spending using fun graphs and visualizations, and they can also export financial calculations in CSV format.

Tran.slTran.sl API: Tran.sl is a human translation service that users can integrate into their own applications and services. When users publish their content, they can send it to Tran.sl where at least two people will work on translating it into the desired language. Once the translation is complete, Tran.sl will publish it wherever the user wants. To translate text on a large scale, users may employ the JSON API.

Vuforia Web ServicesVuforia Web Services API: Vuforia is an app-building service that allows users to create highly interactive, augmented reality applications that include 3D graphics, touch, video, and audio features. Vuforia includes a cloud-based recognition system designed to identify objects stored in the user's cloud database. Developers can add and manage targets in their cloud database using the Vuforia Web Services API (VWS API).

WeerAPIWeerAPI API: WeerAPI is an unofficial API that scrapes basic weather data from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). WeerAPI delivers data from 36 monitoring stations. Datatypes include temperature, humidity, wind speed, visibility, and air pressure.

YAGAJOBSYAGAJOBS API: YAGAJOBS is an online UK jobs service that provides access to a database of live job vacancies gathered from numerous UK job boards. YAGAJOBS offers a normalized and constantly refreshed service in a single, highly comprehensive database. The YAGAJOBS REST API searches and matches vacancies based on given criteria. Data attributes are normalized and include advertiser, salary, location, title, description, type, hours, and more. Supported formats include simple JSON, simple XML, and HR XML. An API key is required.

ZenobaseZenobase API: Zenobase is service that provides users with the ability to store data, as well as aggregate and visualize personal time-series data. The Zenobase API allows users to store and retreive data. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API exposes 4 sections of the API: the authentication, the buckets of data, events, and common data. Each of these categories includes a number of resources. An account is required with service.