443 Enterprise APIs: LinkedIn, Salesforce and FedEx

443 Enterprise APIs: LinkedIn, Salesforce and FedEx

Our API directory now includes 443 enterprise APIs. The newest is the Swift-Kanban API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the LinkedIn API. We list 48 LinkedIn mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of enterprise APIs. In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 267 enterprise REST APIs and 148 enterprise SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 306 enterprise XML APIs and 129 enterprise JSON APIs. The most common tags within enterprise are 56 CRM enterprise APIs, 47 office enterprise APIs and 44 project management enterprise APIs. On the mashup side, we list 99 enterprise mashups. We named Workplace.com as mashup of the day last November. For reference, here is a list of all 443 enterprise APIs.

  1DayLater API: Business expense tracking tool

  360 Business Tool API: Business management service

  500friends API: Social rewards service

  88 Miles API: Project time tracking services

  Access ACS API: Church and ministry management service

  Activ Financial API: Financial market data services

  AddressTwo API: Small business CRM service

  AdSpeed API: Online advertising management services

  Advertory API: Local web marketing service

  Affiliate Spice API: Online content monetization service

  Agendize Action API: Business conversion tools Platform

  Agendize Analytics API: Business conversion tools platform

  Agendize Developers API: Business conversion tools platform

  Agendize Platform API: Business conversion tools platform

  Agree'nSign API: Online electronic signature service

  Alfresco API: Enterprise content platform

  AllClients API: Web Based CRM and Marketing System

  AlsaMarketing API: Online marketing platform

  Alterian Dynamic Messenger API: Email marketing services

  Amazon Gift Cards API: Corporate gift cards on demand

  Amazon SWF API: Business process service

  amoCRM API: Customer Relationship Management Service

  Appboy API: Mobile Customer Relationship Managment SDK

  AppShore API: Small business CRM service

  aql vCard API: Business card generator services

  Aria API: CRM and other business applications

  Ariett API: Enterprise travel and expense management service

  Assembla API: Online project collaboration service

  Assistly API: Online helpdesk tool

  AssureSign API: Web-based E-signature service

  Astroboa Resource API: Information Management Service

  AT&T mHealth Platform API: Health system backend

  Attensity API: Enterprise social analytics platform

  Australian Business Number Lookup API: Australian business number refernece service

  Axeda API: Machine to machine application platform

  BankCheck API: Online bank account validation

  Bantam Live API: Social CRM tools

  Barium Live API: Business process management service

  Basecamp API: Project collaboration service

  BatchBook API: Customer relationship management

  BeeBole API: Online timetracking application

  billomat API: Online billing service

  BIRT onDemand API: Business intelligence reporting service

  BlinkSend API: Online document sharing service

  BlueFolder API: service management software

  BlueService API: Field service management

  Boingnet API: Marketing platform

  Boldchat API: Online chatroom services

  Brightidea API: Enterprise social management service

  Brightpearl API: Business management tool

  Buddy Media API: Social media marketing platform

  Bullseye Lead Manager API: Lead capturing and management service

  Campaign Monitor API: Email List and Campaign management service

  Capsule CRM API: Online CRM service

  Cashboard API: Financial and time tracking service

  CashEdge TransferNow API: Online funds transfer service

  CashStar API: Digital gifting service

  Caspio Bridge API: cloud computing Integration service

  Catchpoint API: Web performance monitoring service

  CDYNE Death Index API: Access to the Social Security Death Index

  CentralDesktop API: Online collaboration software

  CFEngine API: Enterprise-grade IT frameworking platform

  Chatterbox API: Sentiment analysis and analytics service

  Checkfront API: Booking management service

  ChompOn API: Group-buying platform for publishers

  Cisco WebEx API: Conferencing and collaboration services

  Clarabridge API: Sentiment and text analytics software

  Clarizen API: Project management and collaboration platform

  ClickHQ API: CRM and sales management service

  ClientRocket API: Business loyalty solutions

  Cloudo API: Web OS application development platform

  Co-op API: Project time tracking and tasks

  Cobot API: Coworking management software

  Coface ICON API: Business credit report purchasing and selling

  CoffeeBean API: Social media sales prospecting and relationship management service

  Cogmap API: Org chart wiki

  Comindwork API: Online project collaboration service

  Comm100 API: Hosted customer-service platform

  Company Wizard Open Point API: Electronic company formation services

  Compass: Business Data API: Business marketing database

  ConceptShare API: Design and review collaboration services

  Concur API: Travel and expense reporting service

  Contact Hero API: CRM services

  ContractPal API: Electronic signature and document automation service

  Copy2Contact API: Online contact entry and data parsing service

  Cortera API: Business information and research data

  Cortera Business Vitals API: Basic company information Web Service

  Cortera Credit Pulse API: Credit check of businesses

  Cosential API: Contact tracking, sales lead, and proposal management system

  Coupa API: e-procurement and expense management service

  CrunchBase API: Directory of companies, people, and investors

  CubeDrive API: Cloud storage and application platform

  Dabbleboard API: Online whiteboard for drawing and team collaboration

  DabbleDB API: Online database service

  Datawitness API: Electronic records archiving

  Desk.com API: Customer support service

  Doba API: eCommerce service

  DocuSign Enterprise API: Electronic signature contract execution services

  DocVerify API: E-signature and secure file storage service

  Dojo Learning API: Training eLearning services

  DuoShare Address Verification API: US address verification service

  DuoShare Job Submission API: US address verification service

  Easy Insight API: SaaS based business intelligence service

  EasyLink WebServices API: Business messaging and transaction services

  eBridge Connections API: Cloud-based accounting integration with EDI, ecommerce, CRM & SCM

  ECGridOS EDI API: Web Services Communications API

  EchoSign API: Document management and e-signature service

  Econz Eservice API: Job Management and Wireless Dispatch service

  edocr API: Online document collaboration, storage, and publishing

  Elastic Server Manager API: Virtual hosting services

  ElasticPath API: eCommerce platform

  eLink API: CRM software

  Elite API: Legal practice management service

  Eloqua API: Automated marketing service

  Employease API: On-demand human Resource management

  Enstratus API: Cloud infrastructure management service

  Entellium API: CRM services

  entreprise-facile API: Create entreprise-facile automations and mashups

  ePages API: Online business management service

  ExactTarget API: Email delivery services

  Ez Texting API: SMS Text Messaging Services

  Fabasoft Folio API: Cloud based enterprise software

  FedEx API: Package shipping

  fetchflow API: Online invoicing and payment service

  Field Force Manager API: Mobile workforce tracking and management service

  FinCRN API: U.S. SEC Edgar filings

  Fishbowl API: Inventory management service

  Five9 API: Call center management service

  Fragmento API: Business compliance management service

  Freckle API: Time tracking service

  FreeAgent API: Accounting application services

  FreshDesk API: On demand customer support software

  Frontlab API: Marketing and print material optimization service

  Gastus API: Expense tracking

  Geckoboard API: Real-time business dashboard

  GoMoText SMS Gateway API: SMS mobile marketing service

  GoodData API: Business information service

  Google Apps Email Migration API: Migrate existing email systems to Google Apps

  Google Coordinate API: Workforce management application

  Google Documents List API: Document management services

  Google Email Settings API: Allows administration of Google Apps email accounts

  Google Enterprise License Manager API: License Manager

  Google Provisioning API: User provisioning for Google Apps

  GraphEffect API: Marketing Tools Platform

  Graydon Company Data Webservice API: UK company information database

  Harvest API: Project time tracking and tasks

  Heardable API: Brand evaluation tool

  HelpSpot API: Web-based helpdesk service

  Hey Spread API: Video distribution services

  Highrise API: Online contact manager and CRM

  HireAbility ALEX API: Résumé document processing and formatting service

  Hook Mobile API: U.S. and Canada multimedia mobile messaging service

  Hoovers API: Corporate data services

  HubSpot Leads API: Internet marketing service

  Huddle API: Project management and collaboration service

  HyperOffice API: Online collaboration software

  i-Payout API: Corporate payment service

  iCasework UsefulFeedback API: Customer support and contact tracking service

  IconCMO API: Church management service

  iCustomer Pulse API: Customer satisfaction survey

  Ifbyphone API: Cloud based telephony service for IVR and dialer apps

  iHelpDesk API: Customer service platform and help desk

  Incapsula API: Web site security and performance service

  Infogroup Infoconnect API: Data and marketing services

  Inforama API: Document automation and production service

  Informatica Cloud API: Data integration service

  Infusionsoft API: Online marketing automation service

  Inkdit API: Electronic signature service

  Innotas API: Project portfolio management services

  Innovation Games API: Serious games and consulting services

  InsideSales API: Sales and marketing tools

  Inspection Support Network API: Property inspector business management platform

  Intech IQ Hosted API: Address validation service

  Intralinks API: Enterprise communications and management service

  Intuit Data Service API: Cloud data service for Intuit apps like QuickBooks

  Intuit QuickBooks Online API: Intuit hosted payments service

  Invoice Machine API: Invoice management service

  InvoiceClarity API: Invoice management service

  Iron Mountain API: Enterprise cloud storage service

  Jama Contour API: Release managment software

  Janrain Capture API: User data collection and storage service

  Jigsaw API: Business information and contacts directory

  KassEnterprises APL Navigator API: APL programming and reporting service

  Kawet API: Mobile app creation platform

  Kayako API: Help desk software

  Keynote API: Internet and cloud testing and monitoring service

  Klipfolio API: KPI dashboard

  KnowledgeTree API: Document management software

  KnowMarkets Address Verification API: Postal and area code lookup services

  KPI Dashboard API: Business information service

  Kronovia Compliance Cloud Service API: Social CRM compliance service

  Kudos Flockworks API: Semantic text analysis service

  Kundo API: Customer service and feedback service

  LandslideCRM API: Customer relationship management system

  Launchpad API: Bug and issue tracking

  LDSTech Community Services API: Church membership and organization information service

  Lead Reporter API: Lead Management Software

  Lead Zeppelin API: Sales lead management tool

  Lead411 API: Company data provider

  LeadMaster API: Sales lead tracking service

  Ledgerble API: Online accounting software for small businesses

  Librato Metrics API: Data management and visualization service

  Librato Silverline API: Application resource monitoring and management service

  LicenseCube API: Billing systems licensing service

  Lighthouse API: Online project management and issue tracking

  Lighthouse- dupe API: Online project management and issue tracking

  LinkedIn API: Business social networking platform

  LiveAddress Verification API: US address verification, validation, and geocoding

  LiveOps API: Customer support and contact tracking service

  LiveWork API: On demand virtual workforce of freelancers

  Lokad API: Sales and demand forecasting (time series)

  Mailtrust API: Email hosting service

  Majestic SEO Enterprise API: SEO intelligence service

  ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus API: Network monitoring software

  Mancx API: Business question and answer community

  MangoApps API: Real-time collaboration platform

  Marketo API: B2B marketing automation software

  Marqui API: Content management and marketing platform

  Maventa e-invoicing API: Electronic invoicing services

  MemberClicks API: Membership management software

  Memset API: Hosting and server provider

  MerchantOS API: Point of sale and inventory control system

  Metricly Custom Data Import API: Data aggregation for dashboards

  Metricly Plug-in API: Data aggregation for dashboards

  Mindjet API: Collaboration and mind-mapping application

  MindMeister API: Collaborative online mind mapping

  Mineful API: Customer service and engagement service

  Monexa Billing API: Enterprise payment and billing automation service

  Monitis Open API: Monitoring extension service

  Net Oxygen SMS API: SMS service for business applications

  NetAccounts API: Online accounting service

  NetBase Insight API: Social media monitoring service

  NetDocuments API: Enterprise document management service

  NetSuite API: On-demand business application suite

  Network Solutions Public Ecommerce API: Online business and retail creation and management service

  NextUser API: Subscription sales management platform

  Nimble API: Online relationship management service

  NorseCorp API: Internet security intelligence services

  Nutshell API: Lead generation and CRM platform

  OANDA FXTrade API: Foreign exchange online trading services

  OfficeAutoPilot API: Business and marketing platform

  OfficeDrop API: Digital Filing System

  OffiServ API: Office management service tool

  Ofuz API: Customer management and invoicing service

  OKPAY API: Online business payment services

  Omnistar API: Affiliate software service

  OnApp API: Cloud services management platform

  OneDesk API: Product management platform

  OneLogin API: Single sign-on solution

  OnePageCRM API: Sales management and customer management platform

  OnForce API: Work order handling service

  OpenCorporates API: Corporate information database

  OpenX API: Online advertising management services

  Oracle CRM On Demand API: On demand CRM service

  Orange Multimedia Conference API: Teleconferencing services

  Orange Personal Profile API: Mobile customer profile service

  OrderHarmony API: Online stock control system

  Orderwave API: Order retrieval and management services

  Paglo API: IT monitoring and management service

  PalBee Mashup API: Conferencing and collaboration services

  PaperHost API: Electronic document management

  Paperlex API: Contract workflow management

  Papirus API: Task management, collaboration, and messaging service

  Paymo API: Time tracking service

  PayPal Invoicing API: PayPal Invoicing APIs

  PayPal Payflow Pro API: Online payment service

  PDF Alchemy API: PDF conversion service

  Persony API: Conferencing and collaboration services

  PGiConnect API: Email, messaging, and conferencing services

  PingGiant API: Lead generation service and database

  Pinknotes API: Secure instant messaging service

  Pipedrive API: Sales management platform

  PipeJump API: Sales and CRM service

  PipelineDeals API: Online CRM service

  PivotalTracker API: Project management service

  PlanMill API: Cloud based business management system

  Plaxo API: Address book management

  PostalMethods API: Web-to-Post service for sending letters

  Predixion API: Predictive analytics service

  Presseportal API: Press material database for German businesses

  Product Life Cycle Support API: Product management service for businesses

  PROMOpark API: Russian business project management service

  Q-Pulse API: Risk management software

  QualityCentral API: Product feedback and discussion service

  QuickBase API: Workgroup applications management

  Qumu API: Business video platform

  RapidPoints API: Rewards program services for small businesses

  Really Simple Systems CRM API: Customer relationship management service

  RealSatisfied API: Real estate client interaction service

  ReportGrid API: Reporting and Analytics Service

  Reppify API: Online background check service

  RescueTime API: Time tracking services

  Responsys Interact API: Cross-channel marketing management service

  RevelDigital API: Digital signage platform

  RimuHosting API: Virtual hosting services

  RingCentral Fax API: Internet fax services

  RingCentral RingOut API: Cloud based telephony service

  Risk I/O API: Vulnerability management platform

  RockTech CloudMate Platform API: Enterprise technology adoption

  RPM Software API: Process management software

  SaasGrid API: Web OS application development platform

  SalesBinder Inventory API: Inventory management platform

  SalesBoom API: Enterprise ERM and CRM service

  Salesforce.com API: CRM services

  Salesforce.com Apex API: CRM services

  Salesforce.com Chatter API: Salesforce social platform

  Salesforce.com Streaming API: CRM realtime streaming data

  SalesKing API: German online accounting service

  SAP StreamWork Integration API: On demand collaborative meeting tool

  Savi API: Smart Asset management services

  Schedulefly API: Restaurant staffing and scheduling service

  ScienceLogic API: IT operations management service

  Scottish Enterprise Events API: Scottish business event information service

  Scribd API: Document viewer and handling service

  Scribd iPaper API: Document embedding service

  Send Word Now API: Emergency notification services

  ServiceM8 API: Service job management service

  serviceminder API: Service provider online solution service

  ServiceObjects DOTS Lead Quality Solutions API: Lead data validation service

  Shiftboard API: Online business scheduling service

  ShiftPlanning API: Employee scheduling service

  Shoeboxed API: Receipt organizing service

  Simwood eSMS API: SMS Service and Management Tools

  Sitestat OneCall API: Data intregration and publication service

  SlideShare API: Presentation sharing community

  SlideShare Player API: Presentation customization service

  SmarterTools SmarterMail API: Enterprise email managment service

  SmartTurn API: Inventory management software

  Socialcast API: Aggregated collaboration service

  Solve360 API: Online CRM service

  SoundBite API: Unified messaging service for voice, text, and email

  Sourcemap API: Understand the green impact of supply chains

  Spigit API: Enterprise social network mining

  SpringCM API: Cloud-based enterprise content management service

  SproutVideo API: Video hosting service

  Streamio API: Online video management platform

  StrikeIron Lite Web Services API: Financial, census data, phone numbers, and other data

  stSoftware Job Track API: Online data management system

  SubscriberMail API: Email marketing service

  Sugar CRM API: Customer relationship management platform

  Sunnytrail API: Small business analytics service

  SupportBreeze API: Support email tracking service

  Survey Analytics API: Online survey and questionnaire service

  SurveyAnalytics API: Research feedback platform

  Swift-Kanban API: Project Managment improvement service

  Swivel API: Business data visualization and analysis

  Syncd API: Project time tracking and tasks

  Tactile CRM API: Online CRM service

  TalentAnalytics API: Recruiting and HR management content service

  Taleo API: Workforce management services

  Taskbarn API: Project management and collaboration tools

  Teambox API: Project collaboration service

  TeamDesk API: Web based database application service

  Teamlab API: Project management and collaboration software

  TeamSupport.com API: Online customer service and help desk

  TeamworkPM API: Project Management Service

  Teepin API: Idea collaboration platform

  TellMyCell API: SMS Messaging Service

  Terapeak API: eBay and eCommerce data service

  Textingit API: SMS Messaging services

  The Interviewr API: Interview scheduling and conducting platform

  ThinkFree API: Document management services

  Thomson Reuters DataScope Select API: Non-streaming content delivery platform

  Thru API: Managed file transfer services

  Tianji API: Chinese business social networking platform

  Tibbr API: Social network platform for workplaces

  TickSpot API: Project time tracking and tasks

  Time 2.0 API: Online time tracking and reporting service

  tinyPM API: Service for agile software development teams

  TomTom WEBFLEET.connect API: Real time fleet and job status

  Tradeshift API: Business Network and Invoice management service

  Tree.io API: Cloud based business management system

  TrewIDM Cloud API: Identity and access management

  Tribe HR API: Online human resource application

  TribeHR WebHook API: Real-time human resources service

  TRX TRUEXPENSE API: Travel expense automation service

  TSheets API: Time Tracking Tools

  Unfuddle API: Bug and issue tracking

  UniPay Gateway API: Enterprise billing software

  University of Washington HR Payroll API: Payroll information service

  University of Washington Person API: Personnel directory service

  Upsales API: CRM services

  UsefulBytes Stock Service API: Wholesale stock tracking service

  UsefulFeedback API: Enterprise Complaints Handling Tools

  UserRules API: Customer feedback platform

  VCASMO API: Presentation construction ad sharing service

  Venali Fax Web Service API: Enterprise fax messaging service

  VendorRisk API: Vendor tracking and management service

  ViaPost API: Send physical mail from the Internet

  Viewpath API: Online project management service

  Vindicia API: Online billing service

  ViralNinjas API: Viral user acquisition platform

  Vision Helpdesk API: Help desk software service

  Visma Severa API: Enterprise project management service

  Volvant API: Lead generation and social media marketing service

  WBP Systems Torch API: Project management software

  WebSitePulse API: Web site and application monitoring service

  When I Work API: Employee work scheduling application

  WibiData API: User data storage and analysis platform

  Workbooks API: CRM for small businesses

  Workday API: ERP business services

  WORKetc Web Service API: Small business management software suite

  Workflowgen API: Online workflow and process management service

  WorkingPoint API: Business process management service

  WorkMarket API: Labor Resource Platform

  Worksnaps API: Productivity and time-tracking service

  World Bank API: Worldwide indicators, business, and photo databases

  WorldApp Extreme Form API: Web form creation software

  WysuForms API: Online survey creation service

  Xactly Connect API: Sales team incentive services

  Xavier Finance Exchange Rates API: Exchange rates and charts

  Xignite Calendar API: Global economic calendars

  Xignite Global Historical API: Historical stock quotes from global stock exchanges

  XigniteAnalysts API: Analysts ratings on U.S. stocks

  XigniteCharts API: Stock chart creation service

  XigniteCompensation API: U.S. executive pay listings

  XigniteCurrencies API: Real-time currency exchange rates

  XigniteEdgar API: U.S. SEC Edgar filings

  XigniteEmerging API: Track government bond prices and yields

  XigniteEstimates API: Analyst earnings estimates for U.S. stocks

  XigniteFinancials API: U.S. company financial statements

  XigniteFundamentals API: U.S. company stock information

  XigniteFundData API: U.S. mutual fund facts and performances

  XigniteFutures API: Futures market quotes

  XigniteGlobalQuotes API: Global delayed stock quotes

  XigniteInsider API: Real-time corporate insider transactions

  XigniteInterBanks API: Global interbank interest rates

  XigniteLogos API: Company logo service

  XigniteMetals API: Real-time precious metals prices

  XigniteMoneyMarkets API: U.S. Treasury and LIBOR Swap Rates

  XigniteOptions API: Market quotes for options

  XigniteRates API: Global interest rates and government bond yields

  XigniteReleases API: Company news releases

  XigniteSecurity API: Global Securities Master Listing

  XWeb Lead API: Lead management services

  Yammer API: Microblogging for business

  Yellowfin Business Intelligence API: Business intelligence reporting and dashboarding service

  YesMail API: Email marketing campaign service

  YikeSite API: Web content management system

  YoolinkPro API: Corporate social networking platform

  Zen API: Personal project managment service

  Zoho Invoice API: Online invoicing service

  Zyncro API: Enterprise social networking service

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