45 New APIs: MongoDB, Podcast Retrieval, Skyscanner

This week we had 45 new APIs added to our API directory including a hosted MongoDB database, live chat Platform, fact sharing service, podcast retrieval service, distributed graph database, and a flight and travel search engine. In addition, we covered the launch of the Pearson Plug & Play Platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

100 Facts About Me100 Facts About Me API: 100 Facts About Me is a Russian website dedicated to helping people become better friends by providing an easy way to share information about yourself. The 100 Facts About Me API enables users to post, retrieve, and list facts about themselves and their friends using the XML- RPC protocol.

Activa Live ChatActiva Live Chat API: Activa provides an interface for live chat software that can be used for customer support and online sales assistance on web sites. The Activa Live Chat APIs are part of the larger SDK that allow developers to customize their Activa Live Chat deployments. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

Activism Network CommunityActivism Network Community API: The Activism Network Community is an online, interactive community for activists and social movements. The network includes a database of activists and social movements, contacts for certain movements and causes, resources for activists, events calendar, and email lists regarding certain topics.

The Activism Network Community API allows developers to retrieve upcoming events from the network's events calendar, as well as filtering by geographic location and issue. The site says the API will be expanded with time.

ClientBillClientBill API: ClientBill is an online invoicing and payment processing service. Users can create and send invoices to their clients, allow clients to pay online through supported payment processing services, and track payments.

The ClientBill API allows developers to access information in ClientBill. Some example API methods include creating, viewing, and editing client information, invoice information, estimates, and payments.

Collective2Collective2 API: Collective2 allows users to choose from a Library of stock exchange trading systems, subscribe to those systems, and then automatically trade those systems in the user's brokerage account.

Collective2 offers a Signal Entry API with which users can place trades and send trading-related instructions. Developers can also write software which pulls trading information out of Collective2 with the Collective2 AutoTrading API (C2ATI). Both APIs use HTTP.

Curriculum UCurriculum U API: Curriculum U is a web-based application that enables you to create and share curriculum. Its API lets you search learning content and school levels and returns K-12 content standards in XML format.

Deutsche Bahn OpenbahnDeutsche Bahn Openbahn API: Deutsche Bahn is one of the world's leading passenger and logistics companies and operates in 130 countries. The API is a wrapper of REST-style webservices for bahn.de. The following functions are implemented: Retrieve station names, List all connections between two stations for a defined day, List possible connections between two stations that repeat daily, Make ticket reservations, Book tickets. Responses are formatted in JSON.

EuroCV EuroCV API: EuroCV is a site where you can create your CV for free as well as create a public access link that you can provide to potential employers with your application. The EuroCV API enables companies to integrate their system with EuroCV's database to allow them to check CVs remotely as well as update Human Resource files without manual data entry.

Eyewitness Guide to LondonEyewitness Guide to London API: The Eyewitness Guide to London from Pearson is a travel guide for London, England. The guide includes geocoded information for restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping, and attractions in London.

The Eyewitness Guide to London API allows developers to access of the geocoded information included in the guide. Some example API methods include searching and retrieving geolocations for entries in the guide, information on the entries in the guide, searching entries with filters, and viewing multimedia from the guide.

Find your IPFind your IP API: Simply returns the IP of the requester. Good for applications / scripts needing their global IP. No documentation or homepage is available.

FinserFinser API: Finser is a simple online way to track your finances my listing incomes and expenses. The Finser API service allows third parties to create applications using the data stored in Finser. Developers can access accounts and transactions, including retrieving transactions by tag.

The site and documentation are in Polish.

Flickr Real-TimeFlickr Real-Time API: The Flickr Real Time APIs give developers real-time access to Flickr's collection of over 6 billion photos and enables them to build new applications with them. The API continuously searches new photos and delivers new and updated photos in real-time. It allows developers to subscribe to photos by geographic area, photo meta-data or social tagging like favoriting and friend-tagging. Over 50 institutions are participating in the Flickr Commons including NASA, The Library of Congress, and the National Archives of the U.S. and U.K. from which users can receive updates. The Flickr API supports many protocols including REST, SOAP, XML-RPC. Responses can be formatted in XML, JSON and serialized PHP.

FlowdockFlowdock API: Flowdock is a service that allows project teams to collaborate with each other. It features a team inbox with real-time group chat and activity feeds. Chat history is stored forever and users can organize their chats with tags for later reference. Flowdock provides an API that lets developers interact with flows, such as posting messages to Influx. With the API users can create custom integrations for Flowdock. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in HTML.

FT PressFT Press API: FT Press from Pearson is an electronic resource that captures and summarizes information from top-selling business books and business thinkers into shorter, easy-to-read formats.

The FT Press API allows developers to access the data stored in FT Press publications. Some example API methods include searching for and retrieving books, book categories, and book information and elements.

Fusicology Fusicology API: Fusicology is a website dedicated to the promotion of and documentation of the Soul music movement, as well as being a hub for progressive events. The site provides information about music events, fashion, and nightlife. The Fusicology API is in private beta and public documentation is no available.

GeoportailGeoportail API: IGN has the main tasks of ensuring the production, maintenance and dissemination of geographic information reference in France. The Geoportail API aims to bring reference datasets to any application, thus allowing overlays between users' datasets and the reference datasets.

Global Tennis NetworkGlobal Tennis Network API: The Global Tennis Network is an online community and network for tennis players. The Global Tennis Network helps tennis players and tennis fans set up tennis tournaments and tennis leagues based on the network's tennis ladders, as well as finding other resources on tennis, like court locations and information on tennis equipment.

The Global Tennis Network API allows developers to access the functionality and information within the Global Tennis Network. Some example API methods include finding tennis tournaments, ladders, and users, submit challenges to users, and accessing ladder standings.

gPoddergPodder API: gPodder is a service that allows the user to download free audio and video content (Podcasts) to watch on their computer or on the go. The gPodder Web Service API provides a way to upload and download subscription lists in bulk as well as more flexibility and enhanced functionality for applications that want a tighter Integration with the web service.

Hoiio SMSHoiio SMS API: Hoiio is a global communication servicing seeking to allow people around the world to communicate via telephone or SMS by routing their calls through the Hoiio service. The Hoiio SMS API allows developers to integrate SMS into their applications.

Hoiio Voice Hoiio Voice API: Hoiio is a global communication servicing seeking to allow people around the world to communicate via telephone or SMS by routing their calls through the Hoiio service. The Hoiio voice API allows developers to integrate telecommunications into their applications. You can make phone calls and query call status and history.

The API is RESTful and provides data as JSON (with an optional Callback Function).

InfiniteGraphInfiniteGraph API: InfiniteGraph offers a data management alternative to traditional relational databases. The company's products provide data management and relationship analytics capabilities to enterprise, government and large scale online ventures which depend on massive volumes of data. InfiniteGraph is a scalable, distributed and easy to configure graph database. The Java API provides developers access to the InfiniteGraph graph distribution system.

KnoticeKnotice API: Knotice is a digital direct marketing service. Their services include email marketing, mobile marketing, search optimization, and website targeting.

The Knotice API allows users to access Knotice functionality and information. Some of the features of Knotice's API include creating and updating offers, sending SMS and email, and accessing the user profile information, as well as an overall summary of marketing campaign activity.

Longman DictionaryLongman Dictionary API: The Longman Dictionary from Pearson is a comprehensive English dictionary with over 300,000 words, phrases, and meanings. The Longman Dictionary can help non-native English speakers in their pursuit to learn and speak natural, correct English.

The Longman Dictionary API allows developers to access the data from the Longman Dictionary database. Some example API methods include finding and retrieving dictionary entries, categories, and media from the Longman Dictionary. Users can also search for entries with filters.

MasspublisherMasspublisher API: Masspublisher is a website and widget creation and publishing service. Masspublisher also offers online marketing services through search engine optimization, getting their clients listed on partner pages, such as Eventful and Indeed, and overall editing and redesign of websites.

The Masspublisher API allows users to access and integrate information and functionality from Masspublisher in other applications. With the API, users can do a variety of things, like accessing account information, retrieving status of publishing of sites and widgets, and accessing site statistics.

MileSplit MileSplit API: MileSplit is an online network for high school track and field and cross-country sports. MileSplit provides state-by-state coverage of the sport. Coverage of track and field and cross-country include results, rankings, articles, videos, and statistics.

The MileSplit API allows other websites and applications to interact with the MileSplit website. Public documentation is limited; documentation is provided once users sign up for an API Key.

MnativesMnatives API: MNatives is India's leading bulk sms service. It's SMS Gateway service allows users to send and receive text messages from a PC. The mNatives SMS API allows developers to integrate short messaging services into their system and communicate with the mNatives SMS Gateway. Developers can use the RESTful SMS Messaging Web Service HTTP API to send one, or hundreds, of text messages in seconds.

MongoLabMongoLab API: MongoLab is a cloud-hosted MongoDB instance. MongoDB is an open source document-oriented database that is built to scale well. The MongoLab API provides developers with access to their hosted MongoDBs from within their applications. The API allows developers to store and query data, as well as update and delete data.

The service is free for storing/accessing up to 240 MB of data. Larger databases start at $10 per month.

OzMediaOzMedia API: OzMedia is an Australia-based marketing services provider, specializing in online press and media releases, and online message broadcasting for fax, SMS, email and text-to-speech. OzMedia Press and Media Release Distribution is available to Australia, Asia Pacific and the USA, for one flat rate fee.

Developers can connect their applications to OzMedia's platform via the SOAP-based API.

PamFaxPamFax API: PamFax is an internet faxing service. PamFax is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Android with built in support for Dropbox, Box.net and Google Documents.

The API provides full control of PamFax features. It uses HTTPS protocol and returns responses formatted in XML.

PGXNPGXN API: PGXN is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries. The PGXN API is an index API that distributes metadata about PostgreSQL extensions to distribution mirror sites using JSON. All mirror sites provide a set of API functions including browsing distributions by tag and user, as well as retrieving a list of mirror sites, among other information related to distributions. The central API servers are the only ones with specific functionality that includes full-text search, source viewing and accessing a list of all PGXN users.

Pwned.comPwned.com API: Pwned is an online community for gamers built by gamers. Gamers can interact with each other, learn about new games, as well as established games.

The Pwned API allows developers to access Pwned information and functionality. Some example API methods include accessing the database of games, searching and retrieving member feeds, and generating layouts.

SEOBudgetSEOBudget API: SEOBudget is a Russian site for assessing the value of your search engine links based on traffic, affiliate connections, and other metrics. The SEOBudget API follows the XML-RPC protocol and allows the user to access site ranking data, check for mirror sites in the RU domain, determine site traffic and index pages among other things.

ShifDShifD API: ShifD is an application that allows users to move content back and forth between their mobile devices and computers. Content that can be shifted includes notes, contact information, and links.

The ShifD API allows developers to access ShifD functionality. Example API methods include searching and retrieving content, such as notes, links, or contacts, adding content, deleting content, editing content, and accessing statistics for content and browsers.

ShowClixShowClix API: ShowClix is a ticketing service for performing arts centers, nightclubs, music venues, non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities.

The API can Fetch information about upcoming events as well as provide the ability to add events, sellers, and venues. It uses the RESTful protocol and returns responses in JSON.

SkyscannerSkyscanner API: Skyscanner is a travel search engine that searches airline websites, travel agent websites, hotel websites, and car rental websites for travel bargains.

Skyscanner offers three APIs that allow developers to integrate Skyscanner's functionality into other applications. The WhoFlies API shows which airlines fly to a certain location from the user's location. The FlightSearch API allows users to search for flights, searching Skyscanner's search engine. The Maps API shows flight routes on a map.

SongbirdSongbird API: Songbird is a free and open media and music streaming service. Songbird has products available for both desktop and mobile devices. In addition to being able to search and stream media and music, Songbird also has features that allow users to stay informed of their favorite artists and tour dates.

The Songbird API allows developers to integrate Songbird's functionality into other websites and integrate other websites into Songbird. Some example API methods include showing what's playing now, viewing playlists, creating libraries, accessing user information, and downloading media.

Splunk Splunk API: Splunk is a service that collects, indexes, and searches all types of machine data (physical, virtual, cloud). Using Splunk on machine data helps users to identify and troubleshoot any problems, as well as searching and analyzing machine data in real time and archived data.

The Splunk API allows developers to access Splunk data. Some example API methods include searching for and creating jobs within Splunk, searching and creating events, searching results, and accessing Splunk account information.

StereomoodStereomood API: Stereomood is a free internet radio service that recommends songs based on the user's emotional mood and activities. Stereomood also allows users to create playlists for certain occasions and emotions.

The Stereomood API allows developers to access Stereomood's music content and functionality. Some example API methods include searching for songs, libraries, and users, listening to songs and playlists, and deleting or creating playlists.

Thomas Beyer First Names and GenderThomas Beyer First Names and Gender API: This REST webservice is based on a list from Jorg Michael, containing more than 40,000 forenames, its gender and the approximate frequency of each name in all European countries and in a lot of other countries like China, India, U.S.A. and Japan. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML. The site and documentation are in German.

ViaNettViaNett API: ViaNett offers commercial services for sending and recieving SMS messages. The ViaNett API allows developers the ability to integrate the messaging gateway in their application, site or system. With the API users can send many types of messages including ordinary text, binary and MMS messages. Functionality includes bulk SMS delivery, two way SMS, SMS billing, status reports are more. API connectivity is provided for HTTP, YAP, SMPP, SMTP, SOAP, FTP and more. Responses are formatted in XML.

VISUALPLANTVISUALPLANT API: VISUALPLANT offers a cloud based video platform that lets users upload, manage and distribute video on the Internet. The developer API offers the ability to create custom Web sites, mobile and IPTV apps as well as functionality to access and modify content stored in users' VISUALPLANT account. The API uses REST or SOAP calls with responses formatted in XML.

WebSEOAnalyticsWebSEOAnalytics API: WebSEOAnalytics offers software that can scan and collect and analyze all the parameters involved in the process of indexing & ranking. The WSA API is a special service that allows users to access SEO Tools from within their software, web service or website, manage and create new reports, export the results in XML & JSON (BETA) format, combine the SEO Tools and develop their own tools and offer branded SEO reports for their clients. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Webwag Webwag API: WebWag is a service that adds alerts to any web or mobile application. Alerts can be generated programmatically, or automatically from RSS feeds and Twitter with other sources to be added. The WebWag API allows the user to create alerts, as well as widgets that add information notification capabilities to existing websites.

The documentation is in French.

Wireless Applications ServicesWireless Applications Services API: Wireless Applications Services provides RF engineering consulting services for the national and international wireless telecommunications industry. The API allows users to integrate telecom analysis and design software functions with their applications. It allows developers to perform telecom infrastructure analysis within their site. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

WithingsWithings API: Withings is a company focusing on the development of connected measuring devices, such as scales and blood pressure monitors, that can send health information directly to the internet. Withings Body metrics Services API (WBS API) is a set of webservices allowing developers and third parties limited access to users' data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.