45 New APIs: SharedCount, PeerIndex and Open New York

This week we had 45 new APIs added to our API directory including a crowdsourced online task assistance service, managed hosting solutions, social network profiling tool, workforce management service and multi-channel messaging service. In addition we covered and API that helps analysts evaluate intelligence data. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdriagateAdriagate API: Adriagate is a travel service specializing in holiday accommodations for Croatia. Their online offerings represent a large proportion of the tourism opportunities available in Croatia. These include private accommodations, hotels, Adriatic cruises, and authentic Croatian accommodations, such as stone houses and remote Robinson cottages on the islands. Additionally, Adriagate offers transportation services that include ferry tickets, transfers, and rent-a-car services.

The Adriagate API allows users to retrieve accommodation details, descriptions, and images via SOAP calls.

Aqua.ioAqua.io API: Aqua.io helps people comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), an act which establishes national standards for electronic health care transactions as well as identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers. Aqua.io allows users to retrieve names and explanations for standardized identification codes. It also provides Wikipedia links for ICD codes and two-way ICD9/10 equivalency mapping. Developers can access Aqua.io features programmatically via REST calls with responses formatted in JSON.

BesucherzaehlerBesucherzaehler API: Besucherzaehler (trans. Visitor Counter) is a German website visitor counter that also collects information about the most recent site visitors, such as referring website, country, and city. The counter shows the flag of the country and the name of the city from which each recent visitor accessed the site. The Visitor Counter can be added to a website by copying and pasting a bit of JavaScript code onto the target site.

BukGetBukGet API: BukkitDev is a repository for plugins that help people interact with and manage Minecraft servers. BukGet is an API for interfacing with this repository programmatically. While the API is designed to interact with multiple plugin datastores, it is primarily used for interacting with BukkitDev. The BukGet API uses RESTful calls and returns data in JSON format.

CGI Insurance Information ServicesCGI Insurance Information Services API: CGI is a company that provides a variety of business IT services. One such service is the web-based Insurance Information Services API, which enables clients to view the claim history of a driver and all of their policies. Information is retrieved based on the driver's license. This service is accessible via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Cogito IntelligenceCogito Intelligence API: Expert System is a leading semantic technology company and developer of Cogito semantic technology. The Cogito Intelligence API can process and analyze data sets and real-time information including documents, web pages and social media data. From this data, meaning and context can be deciphered and evaluated as relevant in terms of intelligence and security.

ConnectWise SuiteConnectWise Suite API: ConnectWise provides IT services and management services to small and mid-sized companies including IT Services, Application Development and Consulting, as well as Managed Services for companies that want to outsource
their IT Function. The ConnectWise Suite of APIs consists of 19 APIs which are available through the ConnectWise developer network for integrated. The following categories of API are available: Accounting, MSP, Activity, Opportunity, Company, Product, Contact, Project, Generic Billing, Purchasing, Invoice, Reporting, Marketing, Service Tickets, marketing, system, managed device, time, and member. For additional information, register with the developer network.

crowdcraftingcrowdcrafting API: Crowdcrafting is designed to provide online assistance for tasks that require human cognition, knowledge, or intelligence such as image classification, transcription, or geocoding. It does so using PyBossa, which is a free crowd-sourcing and micro-tasking Platform. PyBossa helps researchers, civic hackers, and developers create projects that anyone in the world with time, interest, and an internet connection can contribute to. The RESTful crowdcrafting API can be used to create new applications, get tasks, submit answers, etc.

DB-IP DB-IP API: DB-IP is an online geolocation IP database. Users can look up IP addresses to find out locations of the IP addresses, as well as download and access the IP database.

The DB-IP API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of DB-IP with other applications. The main API method is retrieving address and location information for IP addresses.

Endpoint ExchangeEndpoint Exchange API: Endpoint Exchange is comprised of a diverse group of financial institutions, check imaging software developers, and image-item processing outsourcers, is an electronic check image exchange provider for the financial services industry. The Endpoint Exchange API is a set of protocols by which any item processing system can connect to the Endpoint Exchange Network. The API is designed to help developers of check and item processing systems make their systems tightly integrate with the Endpoint Exchange client.

FancyBoxFancyBox API: FancyBox is a tool for showcasing images, multi-media and html content in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page. The FancyBox API allows users to manipulate the padding, margin, opacity, modal, scrolling, and other attributes of the images being displayed. Users can also change and manipulate the displayed content.

Fierce PayrollFierce Payroll API: Fierce Payroll is a web-based payroll service for small to mid-sized businesses that helps employers meet compliance and infrastructure needs. The Fierce Payroll API enables users to import data directly into the Fierce Payroll system for processing. API functions include: Accessing account balance, submitting new deposit notifications, deposit searches, deposit statuses, submitting payment requests, accessing date range of payments, and payment searches. An account and API Key are required with service.

FireHostFireHost API: FireHost provides managed hosting solutions, including secure cloud hosting. The FireHost API provides customers with developer access to all of the features and controls available in the cloud server customer Portal. The RESTful API returns JSON formatted responses.

HighChartsHighCharts API: Highcharts is a charting Library that lets users add interactive charts to a web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, Angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types. The API uses JavaScript. An account with service is required.

HighStockHighStock API: Highcharts is a charting library that gives users access to interactive charts that can be added to a web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types. Highstock lets users use JavaScript to create stock or general timeline charts, including navigation options like a small navigator series, preset date ranges, date picker, scrolling and panning. The API uses JavaScript. An account with service is required.

IBAN CalculatorIBAN Calculator API: The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Calculator can convert a national account number into an IBAN, validate an IBAN, and find bank information for an IBAN. These functions are useful when performing cross-border online transactions in Europe, validating account numbers, etc. Also, in the event of a fraudulent money transfer, the police can use an IBAN find out about the bank involved and its location. The IBAN Calculator guarantees the correctness of its calculations. Its services can be accessed directly through the website or programmatically via SOAP API.

JasonsJasons API: Jasons Travel Media is a major distributor of travel information for New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Site visitors can explore activities and book accommodation as well as read travel articles, check out destination guides, and share experiences through reviews.

Jasons has a Map Helper API that provides developers with programmatic access to information such as the towns in a given area, nearby attractions, and local accommodations.

LeadFusionLeadFusion API: LeadFusion is a financial experience management solutions service that helps financial institutions build relationships and brand loyalty. The API allows users to exercise full design control over tool calculation inputs and output interfaces. Decouple the financial tool interface from tool calculation and educator content. Embed financial tool functionality into environments such as mobile devices, e-commerce platforms, financial planning applications, and emerging media such as digital television and on-line or interactive video.

LinkmySMSLinkmySMS API: LinkmySMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS service that can be used to send text messages to any mobile network around the world. Users can access the service's functions using its online gateway or its API. The LinkmySMS API enables users to integrate the ability to send messages or check their account balance with other applications or software via REST calls.

Majestic International GroupMajestic International Group API: The Majestic International Group bills itself as a wholesale tour operator for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. The company specializes in trips to Disney destinations, Sea World parks, and Universal Orlando. It provides information and online booking services for hotels, tours, car rentals, etc.

The Majestic International Group API enables users to book hotels as well as search for and retrieve information from the website. This is accomplished via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

MlCalc.com Mortgage Loan CalculatorMlCalc.com Mortgage Loan Calculator API: Mlcalc.com provides mortgage and loan calculators to assist users in determining the expense of loan and mortgage obligations. The site includes a mortgage rate finder, website promotion tools, and mortgage widgets. The mortgage loan calculator API allows users to embed a payment calculator into user websites and applications. User must specify the desired loan parameters in the appropriate calculator form and click generate the code.

Names & Numbers EnterpriseNames & Numbers Enterprise API: NN Market Data is a company that collects, processes, and dispenses up-to-date information on Danish companies and individuals. One service they provide is Navne & Numre Erhverv (trans. Names & Numbers Enterprise), which enables users to access and update information on their existing and potential customers at any time. Names & Numbers Enterprise is designed as a multi-user system with multiple levels of user access.

Information stored in Names & Numbers Enterprise is accessible directly online or programmatically via SOAP calls.

Novelty Global SMSNovelty Global SMS API: Novelty Global SMS is a platform designed to allow people to communicate with their friends, loved ones, and business associates via text. Users can integrate Novelty Global SMS with other applications, websites, or systems using its flexible API, which can be used to send messages or check an account balance via REST calls.

Open New York Child Care Regulated ProgramsOpen New York Child Care Regulated Programs API: Open New York collects and exposes local, state, and federal data. The site hosts a catalogue of datasets organized by location or subject area.
The Open New York Child Care Regulated Programs API exposes data elements about registered and licensed child care programs in New York State. The intended primary uses of the API are families choosing child care and to assist in research.
The API is accessed through HTTPS. Responses may be JSON, XML, or CSV formatted.

Open New York Farmers Markets in New York StateOpen New York Farmers Markets in New York State API: Open New York collects and exposes local, state, and federal data. The site hosts a catalogue of datasets organized by location or subject area.
The Open New York Farmers Markets in New York State API exposes information on community farmers markets. Data types include time, location, and market manager name and phone number.
The API is accessed through HTTPS. Responses may be JSON, XML, or CSV formatted.

Open New York Recommended Fishing Rivers and StreamsOpen New York Recommended Fishing Rivers and Streams API: Open New York collects and exposes local, state, and federal data. The site hosts a catalogue of datasets organized by location or subject area.
The Open New York Recommended Fishing Rivers and Streams API displays access locations of rivers and streams suitable for fishing. Suitability is determined by fisheries biologists from the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation.
The API is accessed through HTTPS. Responses may be JSON, XML, or CSV formatted.

OptionsXpressOptionsXpress API: OptionsXpress, by Charles Schwab, is a single platform taht allows users to trade options and futures contracts. Users can manage accounts with the API including order entry as well as any account-related function that is available to users on the optionsXpress website. If it's not available on the website, it's not available via the API. An account is required with service.

PeerIndexPeerIndex API: PeerIndex helps you understand and benefit from your social and reputation capital online. It is built around topic-based authority rankings. PeerIndex gathers and analyzes publicly available data to create a picture of your authority and activity on a given subject. The PeerIndex API gives developers programmatic access to PeerIndex's data on authority and resonance including PeerIndex Rank and interested topics. Developers can access the PeerIndex database and search for information on the users stored in the PeerIndex database.

Phoenix MinecraftPhoenix Minecraft API: The Phoenix Minecraft API allows users to retrieve information about any Minecraft server at any time. Available information includes server status, server information, a player list, plugins used, and more. It is provided by Alex Tan (a.k.a. IAmPhoenix) who is an application and web developer. The Phoenix Minecraft API's functions are accessible via REST calls.

PlanetSide 2 CensusPlanetSide 2 Census API: Planetside 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) game offered by Sony Online Entertainment. It is the sequel to their earlier game, PlanetSide.

Planetside Universe is a fansite for the Planetside franchise. It offers the Census API as a method of accessing data pulled directly from Planetside 2. This includes statistical and character-specific information for all players and server-specific territory statuses, as well as the names, descriptions, and icons for all items within the game. This API is accessible via REST calls issued in JSON or XML format.

PlayHaven ReportingPlayHaven Reporting API: PlayHaven provides in-game marketing and monetization services for mobile game developers. PlayHaven provides a Reporting API, granting developer access to granular and aggregate game related data. API calls are made over HTTPS and require an authorization token.

PodlingPodling API: Podling is a private social platform designed to facilitate group-based discussion and filesharing. Users are able to quickly set up discussion groups called "pods", each of which is private to those invited. Podling is available as an app sold through iTunes, but its functions are also accessible programmatically via REST API.

Rio Branco Real EstateRio Branco Real Estate API: Rio Branco Imobiliaria (trans. Rio Branco Real Estate) is a Brazilian Real Estate company. Its API allows users to search the site for available properties. Users can search by country, state, city, neighborhood, price range, and transaction type (sale or rent). The Rio Branco website is provided only in Portuguese.

SharedCountSharedCount API: SharedCount is a tool providing social URL analytics. Users simply enter a URL to track shares, likes, tweets, and more, over a variety of common social services.
The SharedCount API provides developer access to SharedCount statistics through simple HTTP calls using JSON format. JSONP callbacks are supported.

ShoeBooksShoeBooks API: Shoebooks is a fully featured online accounting and payroll solution that is based in Australia. The Shoebooks SOAP interface ensures that all business rules and data structure complies with the Shoebooks accounting and payroll system. The Shoebooks API allows users to create/edit customers, supplier or employee records, Create new invoices or bills, apply receipts to invoices and payments to bills, as well as create and lookup banking transactions.

SkillSenseSkillSense API: SkillSense is a workforce management service that provides software solutions to help businesses track job performance, project costs, employee utilization and a variety of other business needs. The SkillSense API allows users to use third party user interfaces with SkillSense data, embed workforce content in existing frameworks, and helps users avoid writing business logic superfluously. The API uses REST calls, and returns XML. An account is required with service.

SmartSheetSmartSheet API: Smartsheet is a Software as a Service company offering a cloud application supporting project management and collaboration at the enterprise level. The Smartsheet API provides a RESTful interface for interacting with Smartsheet features and data. JSON formatted data is supported. Smartsheet provides a Sandbox environment for development and testing.

SMS CreatorSMS Creator API: SMS Creator is a German SMS service that is designed to help companies promote themselves and their products via SMS. These services are made available directly through a web portal or programmatically via API. The SMS Creator API uses XML-formatted SOAP calls. The SMS Creator website is offered solely in German.

StrathcomStrathcom API: Strathcom aims to help automotive dealers get their inventory online to share their products across consumer search services. The Strathcom API allows users to directly access vehicle data stored on the site, and empower in-house web presentation and data Integration. Specific functions facilitate data queries for inventory data, allow users to retrieve new vehicle features and options data, leverage Strathcom's build and price engine, and sync leads with CRM services. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and requires an API Key for use.

TeamHavenTeamHaven API: TeamHaven provides a field force management platform for brands, marketing agencies, and enterprises. The TeamHaven API provides a RESTful interface to key elements of the TeamHaven Server business layer. Responses may be XML or JSON formatted.

TF2 Backpack ExplorerTF2 Backpack Explorer API: TF2 (Team Fortress 2) is an online, team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve. In TF2, the backpack is a player's personal inventory which stores all in-game items. Items are kept in individual slots and can be viewed, moved, or deleted. The TF2 Backpack Explorer API is a service that shows item pricing data as well as the contents of a given player's backpack.

The Home ZoneThe Home Zone API: The Home Zone seeks to provide its customers with simple, effective, and affordable online real estate marketing services. It's services include talking virtual tours (via text-to-speech or voice recordings), two-way texting, lead generation avenues, QR codes, property videos, and more. Most of The Home Zone's products and services can be set up quickly, and live support and training are available.

The Home Zone's SOAP API allows users to retrieve individual pages, Feed sources and submissions, online tour URLs, information on specific agencies, and time zone and weather data by zip code.

The TVThe TV API: The TV API is the interface for a comprehensive television database. Users can get information on tens of thousands of TV shows and over a million episodes. The TV API's primary source of data is TheTVDB, which is matched against data from Guidebox to provide a more comprehensive set of episode thumbnails and TV show artwork, as well as data on where an episode or TV show can be watched online (official sources only). The TV API can be accessed using RESTful calls to retrieve data in either XML or JSON format.

uHuntuHunt API: UVa Online Judge provides visitors with access to hundreds of problems similar to those used in programming contests. uHunt is a tool for finding interesting algorithm problems to solve on UVa Online Judge. It also keeps statistics on solved problems. The uHunt API allows other developers who are interested in querying UVa to integrate uHunt into their own tools via REST calls.

WhispirWhispir API: The Whispir Platform enables users to send information simultaneously via SMS, voice, email, web, mobile, or social media. High-volume messages are tailored and targeted for each channel and recipient. These communications are two-way, secure, and auditable. Whispir is accessible via web, mobile, or landline, allowing users to respond to any situation from any location. The Whispir API has been designed to let application developers embed features of the Whispir Platform into their own applications.