45 SEO APIs: Google AdSense, Alexa and Yahoo Site Explorer

Our API directory now includes 45 SEO APIs. The newest is the SEOlytics API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google AdSense API. We list 77 Google AdSense mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of SEO APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 31 SEO REST APIs and 7 SEO SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 31 SEO XML APIs and 22 SEO JSON APIs.

The most common tags within SEO are 27 Internet SEO APIs, 10 search SEO APIs and 8 marketing SEO APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 14 SEO mashups. We named Domlia as mashup of the day in June.

For reference, here is a list of all 45 SEO APIs.

  AdGooroo API: Keyword search marketing Platform

  Alexa Top Sites API: Web site traffic rankings

  Alexa Web Information Service API: Web site information and traffic data

  Analytics SEO API: SEO optimization service

  AuthorityLabs Account API: SEO Rank checking service

  AuthorityLabs Partner API: SEO Rank checking service

  BuiltWith API: Website information service

  ComputerSniffer API: Web page ranking service

  Daum Context Keyword API: Contextual keyword extraction service

  Directory Maximizer Directory Submissions API: SEO Link Building Service

  eCoComa Marketing API: Online marketing service

  Examineurl Online Analysis API: Website analytics and Intenet tools service

  Ginzametrics API: SEO service

  Google AdSense API: Advertising management

  HTTP Redirect Chain Enumerator API: Search Engine Optimization tool

  Link Emperor API: SEO campaign management service

  LinkTiger API: Link Checking Service

  Majestic SEO Enterprise API: SEO intelligence service

  Masspublisher API: Website and widget publishing and marketing service

  PositionMonitor API: Keyword and rank monitor

  Qirina API: Keyword analysis database

  Raven SEO Tools API: Internet Marketing Tools

  Raven Tools API: Search engine optimization services

  Regator Semantic API: Content aggregator and analysis service

  Scribe API: SEO improvement service

  SEO Engine API: SEO improvement and implementation service

  SEO metrics API: SEO metrics gathering service

  SEOBudget API: Search engine promotion valuation service

  SEOlytics API: SEO analytics software

  SEOmoz API: Search engine optimization services

  SEOshop WebshopApp API: Search engine optimized webshop service

  SetLinks API: SEO link buying service

  Twingly API: Blog Search Service

  Unofficial Alexa Rank and Backlink API: Check the Alexa rank of any domain

  UrlTrends API: Link tracking and search optimization

  VeryRelated Mind Maps Keyword API: Keywords generation service

  VideoBloom API: VideoBloom is a leader in end-to-end online video advertising and distribution solutions.

  WebSEOAnalytics API: SEO analytics service

  Wordpot API: Search engine optimization services

  Wordsfinder Keywords Extractor API: SEO term extraction service

  Wordstream Keyword Tool API: Keyword suggestion service

  wrap.im API: Anonymous linking Library

  Yahoo Site Explorer API: Web site analysis service

  zanox API: Internet monetization services

  ZoomRank API: SEO rank monitoring service

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