453 Search APIs: eBay, Google Ajax Search and Foursquare

Our API directory now includes 453 search APIs. The newest is the Automatton Instant Answers API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the eBay API. We list 220 eBay mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of search APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 319 search REST APIs and 68 search SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 290 search XML APIs and 219 search JSON APIs.

The most common tags within search are 49 reference search APIs, 34 social search APIs and 33 shopping search APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 1007 search mashups. We named YOUZEEK as mashup of the day on Sunday.

For reference, here is a list of all 453 search APIs.

  11870 API: Spanish bookmarking and directory service

  2GIS API: Russian Search Service

  80legs API: Commercial web search services

  AbeBooks API: Online books marketplace

  AdGooroo API: Keyword search marketing Platform

  Alan Bush Music Trust Compositions API: Musical compositions archive search

  Alexa Web Information Service API: Web site information and traffic data

  Alexa Web Search API: Web Search Engine

  Amazon A9 OpenSearch API: Search services

  American Bible Society BibleSearch API: Bible access and search service

  Analytics SEO API: SEO optimization service

  Appolicious API: Mobile application discovery service

  Ark.com API: People search directory

  art.sy API: Artwork information discovery service

  ASC National Registry Search API: Search service for registered real estate appraisers

  Ask AMEE API: Natural language query service

  Ask Sponsored Listings API: Search engine marketing service

  Audiobaba API: Music search and recommendation engine

  Automatton Instant Answers API: Search engine

  BackTweets API: Twitter link search service

  Baidu API: Online marketing service

  BeachGuard API: Beach information service

  Best Buy BBYOpen Products API: eCommerce shopping services

  Bibliotek API: Danish Library holdings database search

  BibServer API: Bibliographic metadata consolidation and sharing service

  Bing API: Online search services

  Bing Maps Search API: Mapping search service

  BioGRID API: Biological reference search service

  BioLabeler API: Library of Medicine text extractor and indexing engine

  BioLit API: Annotated biology article search

  Biosemantics JANE API: Journal and author name service

  Blekko API: Search engine

  Blinkx API: Video search service

  BlogCatalog API: Blog directory and community

  Blogwise API: Blog and Feed search service

  Boliven Publications API: Patent and scientific document Portal

  Bountii Price Search API: Electronics and appliances price comparison service

  Brickset API: Lego database lookup service

  Brownbook OpenSearch API: Business directory service

  buddyfetch API: Social network search engine

  Buildasearch API: BuildaSearch Site Search Services

  Bullseye Store Locator API: Store location search service

  burrp API: Local business search service

  Buzzzy API: Google Buzz Search Engine

  BView API: Local vouchers and offers

  Bview Local Search API: Local retail search service

  Calais API: Semantic data search and extraction service

  CareerOneStop API: U.S. Department of Labor career information service

  Carsolize API: Travel booking service

  cBio Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS) API: Cancer-related scientific information service

  CEPT Retina API: Semantic fingerprinting service

  Charity Navigator API: Search charity records

  ChEBI API: Chemical entity search service

  Cheeso's Looky Book Service API: Simple book search

  ChEMBL API: Chemical compound search service

  CICC gNova API: Chemical database search

  CinemaTorrents API: Movie Torrent Search

  CitedIn API: PubMed citation tracking service

  CityGrid API: Local business directory search service

  CLAIMS DIRECT API: Patent information service

  ClearForest Semantic Web Services1 API: Natural language processing tools

  Clipta API: Video Search

  Collecta API: Real time search service

  Compass: Business Data API: Business marketing database

  Conferma Booking API: UK travel booking and reconciliation service

  Copac API: Search UK libraries

  Copyscape Premium API: Online plagarism search service

  Coret Genealogy Online API: Dutch-language genealogy and family tree service

  CrossRef DOI Resolver API: Persistent identifier resolver

  Cruvee Social API: Social media search for wine industry

  Cruvee Wine Search API: Wine industry search service

  CSA/NBII Biocomplexity Thesaurus API: Biocomplexity Thesaurus search service

  Cue API: Distributed personal information search

  Culture Grid API: UK cultural institution collection information service

  cXense API: IT and web development solutions

  Cynapse Localscope API: Location based browsing application

  Daleeli Mobile API: Saudi Arabian business directory

  Data8 Companies House API: UK company search service

  Datafiniti API: Search engine for data

  Daum Search API: Search services

  Daum Shopping API: Online shopping and product search service

  deCarta MapSearch Engine API: Local search services

  Deezer API: Music streaming service

  Digital Podcast API: Podcast search

  Digitalsmiths API: Video search and recommendation service

  Directory Maximizer Directory Submissions API: SEO Link Building Service

  DiscoverEDINA Tagger API: Image metadata service

  Dolphin Dynamics API: Travel industry transaction processing service

  DomainsBot API: Domain name suggestion service

  Domus API: Estate Agent and Letting Management Service

  Dooblet API: Alternatives discovery services

  Drugle API: Pharmaceutical and medical search service

  Duck Duck Go API: Internet search engine

  EAST Search Engine API: Japanese address and ZIP code search service

  EB-eye Search API: Lucene-based search services

  eBay API: eBay Search service

  eBay Best Match API: eBay search ranking analysis service

  eBay Finding API: eBay Search service

  eBay Product Services API: eBay product compatibility service

  EBI CiteXplore API: Scientific publication and metadata retrieval

  EBSCO Host API: Biomedical reference and research service

  eCoComa Video API: Online video search service

  ecofreek API: Search engine for free or swap items

  ElderCare Locator API: Eldercare search service

  Elsevier Article API: Scientific journals and articles search service

  Empora Evergreen API: UK fashion search service

  Eniro API: Nordic business search directory

  Entireweb API: Web search service

  EU Latitude API: Location Information Search Service

  Europeana OpenSearch API: European museum collection metadata

  Evature Travel Search API: Free text travel search query service

  Everbread Haystack mini API: Online travel comparison service

  EveryBlock API: Hyperlocal data and news aggregator

  Evri API: Recommendations and semantic search service

  EXACTME! API: Job recruitment search engine

  Facetly API: E-commerce product search service

  Factery API: Search engine and meaning extraction service

  Family Tree Maker API: Genealogy search service

  FamilySearch API: Genealogical search and family tree service

  Fanggle QRazor API: Marketing and Advertising Service

  FAROO API: Web search engine

  Favatar API: Favicon retrieval service

  Feinsearch API: U.S. employer identification number service

  FilesTube API: Search engine for files

  Fillbug API: Query by example service

  Find That File API: File type search engine

  Find Your MP- UK Parliament API: UK MP search tool

  find2follow API: Twitter follower search

  Fliqz API: Video search service

  Fluidinfo API: Online storage and search platform for metadata

  foursquare API: Social networking and city exploration

  Freesound API: Music and sound search service

  GBR Direct API: European business activity data service

  geocubes API: Mapping search service

  Gigablast API: Search service

  Google AdWords API: Search advertising

  Google Ajax Search API: Web search components

  Google BigQuery API: Large dataset querying service

  Google Book Search Book Viewability API: Book search

  Google Books API: Book search services

  Google Code Search API: Code search service

  Google Commerce Search API: Online store and e-commerce product search service

  Google Custom Search API: Google custom search management

  Google Desktop API: Desktop search and gadgets

  Google Patent Search API: Patent search service

  Google Research Search API: Search services for researchers

  Google Search API: Search services

  Google Shopping Search API: Product search service

  Grab A Great Deal API: Search capability service

  Granicus Search API: Government agency search service

  GrepCode API: Java code search service

  Grocery Server API: Grocery search engine

  GroupHigh API: Blog Search and Meta Data

  Groups Near You API: Local groups search service

  Hakia API: Semantic search engine

  Hayoo! API: Haskell library search service

  Helioid API: Web visual search service

  Heystaks API: Social search and recommendation service

  HMMER API: Protein sequence search and alignment service

  HNSearch API: Hacker News search engine

  Home Theater Backdrops API: Backdrop images and wallpapers

  Homes.com Neighborhood Envoy API: Real estate profile and search service

  HoundSleuth API: Document index and search engine service

  Hub9 CloudSearch API: Cloud hosted search service

  IceRocket Blog Search API: Real-time blog search service

  IconFinder API: Graphic icon and image search

  Idealista API: Spanish real estate portal

  Idescat API: Population search

  iHeartRadio API: Radio station search and player

  ikiMap API: Create Maps From Public and Personal Georeference Information

  IMSLP API: Public domain music score library

  Inapub API: Pub search tool

  indeed API: Job search services

  IndexDen API: Full-text search service

  IndexTank API: Realtime fulltext search

  InfoNgen API: Content discovery and analysis service

  Information Environment Service Registry API: Scholarly Resource discovery and syndication service

  InsumaFocus API: Customizable German search engine

  Intellexere API: Natural language search service

  IODA Open API: Online Music Distribution Database

  iPointer API: Mobile real estate information service

  IQ Engines API: image recognition service

  ISBN db API: Books database

  isoHunt API: BitTorrent search engine

  iTunes & App Store Search API: Apple product search

  ITweetLive API: Twitter search and engagement service

  JailBase API: Mugshot and Arrest Information for County Jails

  Jawoco API: Web search engine

  Jinni API: Movie discovery and search service

  JobGizmo API: Job search tools

  JournalTOCs API: Journal search service

  Juju Publisher API: Job search engine

  Justis API: U.K. legal document search service

  JustJobs.ro API: Romanian job search site

  Kariru Library Search API: Japanese library catalog consolidation service

  Kayak API: Travel search service

  KidsEatFor API: Restaurant deal search service

  kikin EasySearch API: Embedded search service

  KillerTours.com API: Band and Concert Search Tool

  Kippt API: Bookmarking application

  Koemei API: Video and audio file transcription service

  kooaba Query API: Image recognition service

  Kraft Recipe API: Online recipe service

  Kratia API: Democratic search engine

  LazyTune API: Music search services

  LDSTech Gospel Library Catalog API: LDS catalog search service

  LDSTech Mormon Channel API: Mormon radio querying service

  LexisNexis Library Express API: Business publication search service

  Lijit API: Trust network based search tool

  Linkalope API: Twitter link search service

  ListingWare API: Listings Search Service

  LocalGuiding API: Local tour guide service

  LocalSchoolDirectory API: School information and search service

  LTU Engine/ON Demand API: Image matching and search

  LyrDB API: Lyrics Database

  Macroglossa API: Image comparison search engine

  MaGdev BankSearch API: German bank information service

  Magma API: Video directory and discovery service

  MapQuest Nominatim Search API: Geographic search service

  MapQuest Search API: Geographic search service

  Markify API: Trademark registration search engine

  MasterCard Merchant Identifier API: Merchant data lookup service

  MatchCollege API: College search service

  mBLAST mPACT API: Web content search service

  MEDgle API: Clinical informatics platform

  Medioh API: Video search service

  Mesagraph API: Social TV content aggregator

  Microsoft Bing API: Internet search

  Microsoft Office Research API: Microsoft Office-based research service

  Mimvi API: Mobile apps search engine

  Mobile Phone Megastore API: Mobile phone product search service

  Moodstocks API: Image recognition and search service

  Moviepilot API: Movie search, information and recommendation service

  MRS API: Biological and medical database search service

  mSense API: Metadata generating service

  Mugr API: Face recognition service

  My School Holidays API: School holiday search service

  myFeedz API: Blog services

  NaCTeM Geniatagger API: Academic text mining service

  Name Toolkit API: Domain name search and registration service

  National Library of Australia Trove API: Library catalog search service

  Naver API: Korean search engine

  NCAR Digital Library API: Atmospheric science digital resource search service

  ncRNA fRNAdb API: Functional RNA sequence search service

  NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository API: Academic publication information service

  Nestoria API: UK real estate listings

  Network for Good Donation API: Online giving and donations service

  New York Times Article Search API: New York Times article archives

  New York Times Events API: Event listing service

  New York Times Newswire API: All recent New York Times articles in summary

  NewsIsFree API: Online news aggregation

  Ningbo Institute of Technology SOIP API: Open API for Searching the NIT Information Portal

  novoseek API: Biomedical search engine

  NREL Building Component Library API: Architectural component information service

  Numismatic Search API: American Numismatic Society search service

  NutchWAX OpenSearch API: Search results sharing service

  NYPL Digital Gallery API: Digital image service

  Octopart Electronics API: Electronics parts search services

  OCWSearch API: University course search service

  Omgili API: Search service for user generated content

  Onboard Informatics API: Real estate listings and search service

  Onboard Lifestyle Search API: Real estate listings and search service

  Onboard Points of Interest API: Real estate listings and search service

  Onboard Property Search API: Real estate listings and search service

  OneSearchAway API: Social search service

  Ookaboo API: Creative Commons photo search service

  Open Access Plagiarism Search API: Plagiarism detection service

  Open Library API: Library data access

  Open Patent Services API: European Patent Office web services

  OReilly Safari API: Book search

  Outside.in API: Hyperlocal news and information aggregator

  Pays-Lecture API: French media library catalogue

  Peachnote API: Music score search engine and analysis platform

  Pearson dkimages API: Photo and image collection

  Pearson Kitchen Manager API: Searchable recipe collection

  Petfinder API: Petfinder Database Search API

  Picitup API: Visual search service

  Pingar API: Unstructured electronic data management service

  Pipl API: People search engine

  PlagScan API: Plagiarism detection service

  Pocket Village API: Travel search and booking service

  Pongr Image Recognition API: Image Recognition Service

  Praized API: Local user reviews and search service

  Praxeon API: Medical language search service

  PRESTO Harvard Library API: University library search service

  Publications NZ Book Cover API: Book cover image service

  PubSub API: Blog and feed search

  Q-Sensei FeedBooster API: Webfeed search service

  Quintura Site Search API: Site search provider

  Qwerly API: Social Web Search Engine

  Qwiki API: Interactive wiki with media

  Rainmaker API: Get Social Data for Email Contacts

  Random House Insight API: Full text book search

  Raven Tools API: Search engine optimization services

  Raw Sugar API: Web directory service

  refbase OpenSearch API: Bibliographic search service

  RescueGroups API: Provides access to adoptable pet information from thousands of rescues and shelters in the US and Canada.

  Researchr API: Scientific publication repository and research service

  REVO API: Real estate listing and promotion platform

  Revver API: Video services

  Rome2rio API: Travel itinerary search service

  Safe Creative API: Free copyright registry

  SaleLocator API: Sales search engine

  SalsaDev API: Semantic search and text analytics service

  Sapo Auto Search API: Automobile search service

  Sapo Tags API: Tag search service

  SBA Loans and Grants Search API: Loans and grants search service

  SBA Recommended Sites API: Link recommendation service

  SchoolTube API: Video hosting/sharing service for schools

  Science.gov API: Science information service

  ScienceSeeker API: Science blog article aggregator

  SearchBox API: Semantic Engine Service

  SearchForecast Keywords API: Pay per click advertising keyword search and analysis

  Searchify API: Hosted full-text search service

  SearchUPC.com API: UPC Search with Barcode generator

  SeatGeek API: Tickets search service

  SeedPeer API: File sharing via BitTorrent

  SeeqPod API: SeeqPod Music Discovery

  Seevl API: Music discovery service

  SemanticHacker API: Semantic discovery service

  Sensebot API: Semantic search service

  Sensis Business Search API: Australian business directory search service

  SEOmoz API: Search engine optimization services

  Sermon Browser API: Bible verse search service

  Sholarometer API: Scholarly resource search service

  ShopSense API: Online fashion search and shopping

  ShopWiki API: Online shopping aggregation service

  ShreveSearch Search API: Shreveport-Bossier LA area search services

  Silo Breaker API: News and information service

  Similar Sites API: Search API for Finding Similar Websites

  SimpleGeek BlogXBrowsing API: Search service for simplegeek blog

  Sindice API: Semantic data search and extraction service

  Skyscanner API: Flight and travel search engine

  sletoh.com API: Hotel price comparison service

  Slug.ch API: Swiss blog search engine

  SnappyFingers API: Question and answer search engine

  SOCH API: Swedish cultural resource search service

  Social Archive API: Status message search engine

  Social Mention API: Aggregated social search service

  Sogou Search Marketing API: Chinese search engine

  Spiderline Site Search API: Domain specific site search service

  Spinn3r API: Blog search index service

  SplogSpot API: Database of spam blogs

  Spock API: People search on the Web

  Spotify Apps API: Music search and streaming service

  Streamfinder API: Streaming radio station directory

  StreetEasy API: New York Real Estate search and information

  Stylight API: Fashion images and other services for shopping

  Summize Twitter Search API: Search Twitter tweets service

  SuperFish API: Visual search service

  SureChem API: Chemical patent search engine

  SureChemDirect API: Chemistry Patent Data

  Surescripts Million Hearts Risk Check Locator API: Cardiovascular screening search

  Swiftype API: Website search tool

  Swoogle API: Semantic data search

  Syndic8 API: News feed aggregation services

  Systembolaget System API: Systembolaget Alcohol Database Access

  T-ma-tic API: Semantic meaning and connections service

  Tagoo API: Audio and video search engine

  Tailrank API: Blog search and news aggregation service

  Tapir API: Blog search service

  Tariff Analysis Project API: Official utility tariff data service

  Technorati API: Blog search services

  TechSavvy API: Technology job listing site

  Textpresso for Neuroscience API: Neuroscience literature search service

  Tgels API: White-label airfare search and comparison service

  ThrustCurve API: Model rocket motor data

  Thumbplay API: Mobile. Music. Money. Sell digital media to over 200 million mobile phones from any application, widget or website.

  Tiket API: Online ticket booking service

  TinEye API: Reverse Image Search

  Topics.io API: Online content aggregation service

  Topsy API: Twitter search service

  Touch Local API: Business locator and review service

  Tracesmart API: UK people search service

  Trail API: Outdoor Recreation Info

  TravelFusion API: Travel Flight Booking API

  Trellian Keyword Discovery API: Keyword search and discovery service

  Trendspottr API: Social media trend monitoring and search service

  TripSay API: Social travel search and recommendations service

  True Knowledge API: General question and answers service

  Tweet Archivist API: Twitter post archiving service

  Tweet Scan API: Twitter and identi.ca search results service

  tweethook API: Twitter search data retrieval

  Tweettronics API: Brand monitoring and tracking service

  Twicsy API: Twitter Picture Search

  Twingly API: Blog Search Service

  TwitterBrite API: Twitter search engine

  uBio Namebank API: Animal scientific naming and search service

  UC Davis Online Directory Search API: UC Davis online directory search service

  Unofficial Newegg API: Computer and electronics online store search

  UpName API: Domain name search engine

  USASearch API: Government data

  Vast API: Structured web search

  VideoSurf API: Video search service

  VinAudit API: Motor vehicle VIN information service

  waldstat API: Location sharing service

  Washington State Corporations Search API: Washington state corporations search service

  WebLib HealthMash API: Medical semantic search engine

  WebLib Polymeta API: Federated search service

  WebReserv API: Online business search and booking service

  Wego API: Travel search service

  West Midlands Regional Observatory API: West Midlands public information search service

  whatisonip.com API: Reverse IP Address Look Up

  WhereIsNow API: self updating documents and contacts service provider

  Whoozy Person Search API: Name search service

  Wikia API: Search results enhancements and extensions

  WikiLocation API: Find Wikipedia articles based on location

  WikiSherpa API: Travel guides lookup service

  Wink API: Social search service

  Wolfram Alpha API: Computational knowledge and search engine

  Wordpot API: Search engine optimization services

  Wordsfinder Search Traffic Estimator API: Search traffic analysis service

  Wordstream Keyword Niche Finder API: Keyword suggestion service

  Wordstream Keyword Tool API: Keyword suggestion service

  Wordtracker API: Search engine optimization services

  World Addresses API: Address lookup and verification service

  World Government Data API: A portal to government data sets

  WorldCat Identities API: Library data access

  WorldCat knowledge base API: E-resource discovery and linking service

  Worldcat Registry API: Worldcat Registry access

  WorldCat Search API: Library data access

  wpSEEK API: WordPress search tool

  XML ME Electronic Products Finder API: Electronic products search service

  XML ME Sporting Goods Finder API: Sporting goods search service

  XML ME Video Games Finder API: Video game search service

  Yahoo Audio Search API: Music search services

  Yahoo BOSS API: Customizable search service

  Yahoo Image Search API: Image search services

  Yahoo Kimo Knowledge Plus API: Question and answer service

  Yahoo Local Search API: Local search service

  Yahoo My Web Search API: Personalized search services

  Yahoo Related Suggestions API: Search suggestion service

  Yahoo Search API: Search services

  Yahoo Shopping API: Shopping services

  Yahoo Term Extraction API: Contextual search service

  Yahoo Travel API: Online travel services

  Yahoo Video Search API: Video search

  Yamli API: Arabic search engine using Latin characters

  Yandex API: Russian search engine

  Yandex Blog Search API: Blog search service

  Yandex Server API: Online full text search service

  Yebol API: Semantic search engine

  Yellow API: Canadian business listings service

  YellowBot Reputation Management API: Local business search service

  Yolink API: Semantic search

  YouPage API: Business and local events directory

  Yummly API: Semantic recipe search platform

  Zemanta API: Blog authoring extension services

  Zenbu API: New Zealand search and business directory service

  Zipster API: Australian job search site

  Zoombu Fly API: Travel search service

  ZoomInfo API: Information search services

  ZoomRank API: SEO rank monitoring service

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