46 New APIs: Runscope, The Washington Post and Call Loop

This week we had 46 new APIs added to our API directory including a personalization and content engine, US health insurance plans and information service, API support tools, SMS messaging and voice broadcasting, mobile operations management service. In addition we covered an API for targeted video campaigns. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

5star SMS5star SMS API: 5star SMS is a Nigeria-based bulk SMS service provider delivering single or bulk SMS to over 200 countries. The 5star SMS API provides a simple developer interface for sending bulk SMS and checking account balances.

Arbitrary CounterArbitrary Counter API: ArbitraryCounter.com is a persistent counting API used to count arbitrary stuff. The API can count events in an application or website, count user conversions, or create like buttons, amongst other uses. The ArbitraryCounter.com API accepts simple HTTP POST calls and returns JSON formatted responses. Pro accounts are available with private URLs secured with basic Authentication.

AxilentAxilent API: Axilent is a web and mobile content publishing system built around ACE (Adaptive Context Engine), a SaaS publishing Platform that matches content to users with features such as user analysis, personalized content, product recommendations, and contextual marketing. The Axilent API provides a RESTful interface for automating manipulation of ACE.

BinboxBinbox API: Binbox is a pastebin that lets users earn money each time someone visits one of their pastes. All pastes stored with Binbox are encrypted using a password and then decrypted using a special URL that includes the password. In this way, pastes are encrypted and decrypted without the people at Binbox ever knowing the password or the contents of the paste.

The Binbox API allows users to make money through referrals. When others make pastes via the user's API URL, the user receives a percentage of the earnings from visits to the others' pastes.

BOP Enterprise Bitcoin ServerBOP Enterprise Bitcoin Server API: Bits Of Proof(BOP) aims to provide commercial support and Bitcoin server hosting in the emerging world of Bitcoin services and companies. The BOP Enterprise Bitcoin Server API allows users to connect third-party application s with the Bitcoin network. The API contains calls create a payment request, get info on recent payments, move funds to a bitcoin address, and many other calls. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON.

BR FaresBR Fares API: BR Fares is an independent website for exploring the fares offered by train companies in Great Britain without having to specify a route, time, or train. Because the ticketing system is complex, and not all fares are available to the general public, this service is recommended for expert users only. The REST-based API is currently free for low-volume use.

Bulawayo24 NewsBulawayo24 News API: Bulawayo24 is an online news service covering Bulawayo and the rest of Zimbabwe. The Bulawayo24 API allows developers to integrate news into websites and applications. The API is capable of delivering a selection of the latest stories or a specified article.

Call LoopCall Loop API: Call Loop provides web-based voice broadcasting, SMS messaging, and appointment reminder software. Call Loop enables users to send voice and text messages to large audiences, and offers an API allowing developers to integrate Call Loop’s SMS and voice capabilities into their applications.
The API allows applications to add or remove contacts from groups and to send SMS texts or voice broadcasts. Potential uses include automated notifications, customer service, order status updates, and more.

CanLIICanLII API: CanLII is a non-profit organization with the goal of making Canadian law freely accessible online. The CanLII website provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

The CanLII API is freely accessible and provides access the metadata of Canada’s largest current case law and legislative collection. Use the API to incorporate legal information and understanding into new applications. The CanLII API is read-only and follows the general REST design based on HTTP protocol. An API Key is required.

Coderbits ProfileCoderbits Profile API: Coderbits is a social and professional network for software developers and designers that Builds knowledge portfolios by automatically pulling profile data from 60+ sources, including GitHub, Stack Overflow, Dribbble, and Code School. Portfolios are built using Source Code, packages, designs, education, organizations, and more. Coderbits features an award system of badges and core trait scores designed to be fun and encourage personal growth.
The Coderbits Profile API exposes profile metadata by providing a simple JSON Endpoint for every profile. The API also supports requests using handles from linked external accounts. The API accepts HTTP GET calls and supports JSONP callbacks.

CrunchCrunch API: Crunch is an online accountancy firm that specializes in accessible accounting services for contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. Crunch offers a unique combination of cloud software and dedicated, personal service.

The Crunch REST API allows developers to integrate data and services from Crunch into third-party applications. The API Documentation covers supplier, expense and client service endpoints. Responses are returned in XML.

easyDNSeasyDNS API: EasyDNS is a managed DNS provider that that specializes in domain name registration, DNS hosting, and DNS services. Additional services include security, account management, email, and URL tools.

EasyDNS offers a REST based API for connecting with the easyDNS platform. The API is available for all users with currently active domains or services. API access and documentation is available by request.

EmailOutbound Email ListEmailOutbound Email List API: EmailOutbound is a company that provides business database and email marketing solutions. One of the company's offerings is Email List, which provides email marketing services such as email templates, built-in spam checking, inbox previews, autoresponders, action triggers, and contact list importing.

Email List comes with an API that allows developers to add or remove contacts, retrieve or update contact details, search a list for a given contact, and more.

evvntevvnt API: evvnt is an online event marketing service that broadcasts and publishes events to multiple event listing sites including Facebook, TimeOut, and Eventbrite. evvnt allows you to save time and reach thousands of unique event consumers locally, regionally and nationally.

evvnt offers 2 RESTful APIs. The read API allows you to pull events from evvnt for publication on your own site. The write API can be used in conjunction with the read API to submit events to evvnt. Both use JSON over HTTPS and require an API key.

GoInstantGoInstant API: GoInstant is a platform for building and managing multiplayer applications. GoInstant provides tools and resources for developers to create and build multiplayer applications for the web.

The GoInstant API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of GoInstant with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing applications, running applications, and managing accounts.

HandshakeHandshake API: Handshake is a service for writing and receiving orders online using an iPad, iPhone, or web browser. Orders sync instantly and are automatically tracked and sorted by item, region, rep, and more. Customer lists and information are managed so that important information, such as order history, is always within easy reach. Handshake even comes with support for barcode scanning.

The Handshake API enables users to integrate Handshake with other applications and services using REST calls issued in XML or JSON.

HealthCare.govHealthCare.gov API: The Health Insurance Marketplace at HeathCare.gov provides information on health care and health insurance options in the United States. Starting October 1, 2013, users will be able to fill out applications and view a custom list of health care plan options. From there, users will be able to compare plans and select the best one for them. Meanwhile, there is still plenty of healthcare and insurance information available.

All of the Health Insurance Marketplace's educational content is available programmatically via API so that developers can use it to create new products and services. The API uses REST calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

i>clicker GOi>clicker GO API: The i>clicker is a type of device that helps audiences and presenters interact by letting audience members respond to questions instantly with the press of a button. It was originally conceived as a teaching tool to improve engagement in very large, amphitheater-style classrooms.

i>clicker GO is a web application that provides an alternative to i>clicker devices by allowing students to access i>clicker functions on any device that connects to the internet. The i>clicker GO API allows users to log in, get information on courses that are using the i>clicker, and register for a course.

India PINCodeIndia PINCode API: India Pincode is an information service that provides a listing Post Offices and Pin Codes by state. The PINCode API allows users to query using a PIN Code and receive the Post Office, District and State the that the PIN corresponds to. The services uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API is free to use and has no usage limit.

Inputs.ioInputs.io API: Inputs.io is a secure payment service that allows users to store use Bitcoins for payment. The service uses two factor authentication for security and is designed to enable users to get a wallet and start utilizing it with speed and ease. The Inputs.io API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to get balances, get last transactions, send transactions, get transaction details, sign and verify messages, and generate/redeem vouchers. An account is required with service.

InsynQInsynQ API: InsynQ provides businesses with cloud-based hosting for their apps. It was one of the first cloud computing companies formed and currently hosts more than 300 applications. One of InsynQ's services is SSIT (Self Serve IT), which manages account information about users, applications, billing, and subscriptions. SSIT is remotely accessible via API, but the details on this API are not currently public.

JSLoggerJSLogger API: JSLogger is a service that monitors websites for errors in the execution of their JavaScript code. It also tracks visitors' behavior on the websites. All of this information is stored by JSLogger in the cloud, so that users can analyze it at their leisure. JSLogger also provides functions for creating graphs and charts to help analyze the data. Users can keep separate logs for each of their projects and receive daily email updates on each one.

The JSLogger API currently allows users to query their data in the cloud and build applications on top of it. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format.

karmaCRMkarmaCRM API: karmaCRM is a sales and contact database. karmaCRM helps salespeople keep track of their client relationships, sales leads, and other contact information within the client relationship management system (CRM).

The karmaCRM API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of karmaCRM with other applications. Some example API methods include managing contact information, retrieving contact information, and managing and retrieving custom field information.

KrakenKraken API: Kraken is a professional Bitcoin trading platform that aims to bring Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, into the main stream. The site offers robust trading capabilities, secure holdings, and a high level of regulatory compliance. The Kraken API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API offers public market data, private user data and information about the user's accounts, and the ability to place and manipulate trade orders. An account is required with service.

LobLob API: Lob is a cloud printing API capable of automating the on-demand printing and mailing documents such as posters, photos, invoices, checks, and much more. Lob is a RESTful service designed to have predictable, Resource-oriented URLs. Access requires a customer account and API Key.

Metafor SoftwareMetafor Software API: Metafor Software is an anomaly detection and predictive analytics company focusing on application diagnostics, performance troubleshooting, and monitoring server configuration drift. Metafor Software automates anomaly detection so that data center operators can quickly identify inconsistencies that create errors and downtime.

Metafor offers a RESTful API for integrating Metafor with your current systems. Access to the API and API documentation is available by request.

Mock ResponseMock Response API: Mock Response is a simple API providing mock HTTP responses for developers. The free API supports HTTP GET/POST calls returning a comprehensive list of error and success responses.

MyFareBox OnePointMyFareBox OnePoint API: MyFareBox is an airplane ticket selling platform that claims to offer the lowest fares for over 900 airlines around the world. MyFareBox OnePoint is an Open Travel Alliance (OTA)-compliant service that allows travel companies to merge MyFareBox's information and functions with their own applications, Internet Booking Engines (IBEs), and back-office systems. This Integration is accomplished using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

NymbolNymbol API: Nymbol is a content management system for mobile apps that connects digital content with physical objects and places. Nymbol lets you add “objects” to a collection, add text, upload photos and videos and include links and embeddable resources from sites like YouTube and Flickr.

The Nymbol RESTful API provides programmatic access to Nymbol's services. Access data and handle user-generated content like photos, ratings and comments. Responses are formatted in JSON or XML and an API key is required.

OpenSearchServer ScreenshotOpenSearchServer Screenshot API: OpenSearchServer is an open-source search engine based on continuously improving open-source technology. Through their SaaS center users can access a public API. The Screenshot API allows users to make a screenshot capture of a Web page. The user can choose to capture only the visible part of the page or the full content. The service uses REST calls and returns a PNG image which can still be reduced (to generate a thumbnail). An account is required with service, and API Key is used to access the API.

PHF-TRAINPHF-TRAIN API: The TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN) is a free service for public health professionals provided by the Public Health Foundation (PHF). TRAIN website users can find and register for courses, earn continuing education units (CEUs), track their online learning with personal transcripts, discuss and review courses, and get notifications on the latest training available for a specified location or area of expertise.

The TRAIN system can be integrated with external learning management systems (LMSs) using SOAP-based APIs.

PlanscopePlanscope API: Planscope is project management software designed to help track objectives, progress, messages, and tasks associated with a project. Planscope also comes with budget estimation features that allow users to add or subtract items from a project and see the budget updated in real time.

Clients can view the itemized budget for their project and choose features to add or remove to get the budget where they like it. This helps prevent miscommunications and misunderstandings about service costs. Additionally, Planscope helps keep clients informed on a project's progress by emailing them a detailed daily update.

The Planscope API allows users to retrieve lists of projects, tasks for a project, and all activities associated with a task. This API uses REST calls issued in JSON format.

PLOS Article-Level MetricsPLOS Article-Level Metrics API: Public Library of Science (PLOS) is a nonprofit advocacy organization and publisher aiming to transform scientific and medical research communication. Every article PLOS publishes is open access and contains metadata describing the article’s usage and reach. This metadata is called Article-Level Metrics.
The PLOS Article-Level Metrics API provides a RESTful interface for retrieving usage statistics for page views, downloads, citations, Wikipedia article mentions, social network references, and coverage from select blogs.

PODFatherPODFather API: PODFather is a cloud based mobile software solution designed for businesses working in logistics, construction, and other field service sectors. An integrated PDA and web-based back office solution allows businesses to manage their operations in real-time.

The PODFather API allows you to fully integrate the PODFather system with existing IT systems. The API is RESTful and uses both CSV and XML file formats. Use the API to create runs, jobs and download completed PODs.

Royal Mail PriceRoyal Mail Price API: The Royal Mail Price API allows users to make REST calls that specify an item, the weight of the item and the type of service, and receive the postage cost as a response formatted in JSON. No account is required with service and the service is available for free for commercial and non-commercial use.

RunscopeRunscope API: Built to support the modern application development lifecycle, Runscope is a suite of developer tools allowing users to debug, test and share HTTP or REST API calls. The Runscope API provides developers with programmatic access to data in their Runscope accounts.
The API accepts requests sent over HTTPS, returns JSON formatted data, and supports OAuth2 authentication.

Sentence RecognitionSentence Recognition API: Sentence Recognition is a natural language processing API for matching strings of text based on their meaning. The API is currently in closed beta testing, and prospective users must register for an API key to join in. The API's protocol and format are unspecified. Users can email the provider for instructions and examples.

StamplinStamplin API: Stamplin is an API capable of extracting text from image files. Supported formats include PDF, PNG, TIFF, and JPG. Supported text languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and ‘simplified Chinese’.
The API supports two methods. The text method extracts text only from PDFs. The ocr method, which requires authentication, analyses images included in PDFs to extract text. Responses are JSON formatted.

Substance ViewsSubstance Views API: Views is an online project management and impact reporting tool developed by Substance, a social research co-operative working in the youth, sport and social development sectors. The Views tool is intended to assist both statutory and voluntary organizations that are delivering personal and social development services improve their impact and demonstrate their value.

Views makes their services available via a RESTful API. The API includes services for contacts, evidence, work, and admin. The services are available in both XML and JSON formats.

TheySay AffectR TheySay AffectR API: TheySay is an automated sentiment analysis tool based on advanced computational linguistics. TheySay identifies sentiment, intent, and other subjective dimensions across multiple levels including documents, sentences, entities, topics, and relations. Analysis can be used to rank, filter, categorize, and enrich raw text data.

The TheySay AffectR API allows for the integration of sentiment analysis, speculation detection, part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing, and more into external applicatoins. The API follows REST principles and responses are formatted in JSON. An API key is required.

ThinknumThinknum API: The Thinknum financial analysis engine is an open platform meant to bring the functionality of a proprietary trading desk to the web. The Thinknum API allows users to conduct time-series analysis, run regressions, and correlations, as well as to save and share charts. Responses are JSON formatted.

TV Media TV ListingsTV Media TV Listings API: TV Media offers a TV Listings API that developers can use to integrate program listings information for Canada and the U.S. into their applications. The API provides access to show lineups, daily sports listings, movie listings, and station logos. It also lets users retrieve program details, series information, cast members, and episode descriptions. The TV Listings API uses REST calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

Veeva Vault PlatformVeeva Vault Platform API: Veeva Vault Platform is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) built specifically for the life sciences community. Veeva allows users to manage life sciences content.

The Veeva Vault Platform API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Veeva with other applications. Some example API methods include searching content, retrieving content, and managing content.

VidyardVidyard API: Vidyard is a video hosting platform with embedded analytics tools that helps businesses track and monetize video content. Vidyard helps content marketers get the most out of their video assets by providing in-depth data on viewer behavior that can be automatically pushed into marketing automation systems and CRMs.

Vidyard offers their video solutions to developers via a simple REST API. Additional information about the API is available by request.

VivastreetVivastreet API: Vivastreet is a free, local classified ads service available for cities in countries in all over the world. Find hundreds of free classifieds in your local area for everything from rental properties, used cars, and pets for sale to language classes, local events and free personals.

Vivastreet has implemented a REST API to give developers and third party content providers the ability to post listings on their website. Use the API to create, update or delete a listing. An API key is required.

Washington Post TroveWashington Post Trove API: Trove is a personalization and content engine from Washington Post Labs (WaPo). The Trove API provides basic text analysis services, URL lookup for news articles, and a continuously updated channel of news around any specified topic.
The API supports HTTP GET calls, allowing retrieval of resources, channels, and items. Responses are delivered in JSON format. Call backs are supported via JSONP. A developer key is required.