466 Mapping APIs: Google Maps, Bing Maps and Foursquare

ProgrammableWeb recently published an analysis of the top free and paid Mapping APIs available in our directory. Please click here to read the full analysis.

Our API directory now includes 466 mapping APIs. The newest is the 1Map API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Maps API. We list an amazing 2454 Google Maps mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of 466 APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 280 mapping REST APIs and 96 mapping SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 277 mapping XML APIs and 202 mapping JSON APIs.
The most common tags within global are 100 places mapping APIs, 91 location mapping APIs and 64 geolocation mapping APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 2671 mashups. We listed letsgo.io on April 24th 2013.

For reference, here is a list of all 466 APIs:

1Map API: South African GIS service

2GIS API: Russian Search Service

3DGeoStats API: Three Dimensional Visualization Service

Add to TomTom API: Route and place sharing service

aisle411 API: Indoor mapping and commerce Platform

Alpha Micro Systems API: GPS tracking service

Alpinaut API: Adventure sport route sharing service

Amazon Mobile App API: Amazon mobile app creation tools

Ancient World Mapping Center API: Ancient mapping database

AND GeoAccess API: Route mapping service

AnnotatedEarth Location API: Location-based information resources

ArcWeb API: Mapping and GIS services

Argos WebService API: Satellite-based monitoring service

Arkansas GeoStor API: Arkansas geographic information service

AskGeo API: Time zone reference service

AtlasCT Geo-Services API: Maps and location-based services

AtlasCT Location-Based Services API: Location-based services

AtlasCT Mobile Maps API: Maps and GPS navigation

AtlasCT Places & Check-in API: Places and location check-in

AtlasCT Static Map API: Maps and geo-location content

AtlasCT Web Maps API: Maps and location-based services

Auburn City Council Exponare API: Local mapping service

Baltimore Open311 API: Neighborhood public issue reporting tool

BatchGeo API: Online mapping service

Beer Mapping API: Brewery data and mapping services

Best Buy BBYOpen Stores API: Retail store data

Bikesy API: San Francisco bike route planning service

Bing Maps API: Microsoft online mapping service

Bing Maps Geocode API: Geocoding service

Bing Maps Geocode Dataflow API: Geocoding service

Bing Maps Routes API: Mapping route creation service

Bing Maps Search API: Mapping search service

Bing Maps Spatial Data Services API: Mapping geospatial data service

Bing Static Maps API: Bing static map creation service

BODC GEBCO Web Map Service API: Bathymetric map service

BODC Marsden Square Translator Service API: Marsden square geolocation service

Breadcrumbs API: GPS data sharing service

Brightkite API: Location sharing service

BusOnAir API: Italian bus route and transit service

CartoDB API: Geospatial data and map creation service

Chicago Boundary Service API: Illinois geographic boundary data

China Historical GIS API: Chinese history and geography information service

CloudMade API: Mapping and geospatial web services

CloudMade Geocoding API: Forward and Reverse Geocoding Service

Cloudmade Leaflet API: Interactive maps service

CloudMade NavEngine API: Driving directions service

Codebump GeoPlaces API: ZIP Code and city location and information service

CORDC HF RADAR Maps API: Vector mapping service

CORDC HFRADAR Maps API: High-frequency radar imaging service

CORDC Nautical Charts API: Coastal Mapping and Research

CS50 HarvardMaps API: Harvard Map Data

CSISS/GMU Geospatial API: Geospatial data processing and analysis services

Curbwise API: Real estate data for Omaha area

Danish Historical Atlas API: Danish history map

Daum Maps API: Mapping services

Daymet API: Daily weather and climatological summary service

DC Master Address Registry API: District of Columbia GIS/mapping service

deCarta API: Location-based services

deCarta MapSearch Engine API: Local search services

Dehood API: Location based application design service

Denmark Web service API: Denmark address and municipality services

Dublin City Community Maps API: Dublin amenities location service

Dynamic Geometry API: Mapping data service

earthmine Direct Data API: Programmatic access to street-level imagery

earthmine Flash Viewer API: Street-level imagery services

EarthTools API: Web services for geographical information

eco:Speed API: Fuel-conserving mapping service

eCoComa Geo API: Address-based geolocation services

EDINA Digimap OpenStream API: U.K. web map service

EEA Discomap API: Environmental Mapping Service

ELGIN Roadworks API: U.K. road construction information service

Environment Canterbury GIS API: New Zealand regional geographic information service

EPA Station API: Find EPA monitoring stations by geographic area

ePostcode API: Delivery address search and information service

Ericsson 3D Landscape API: 3D Landscape Tool

Ericsson Mobile Maps API: Mobile mapping service

Ericsson Web Maps API: Online mapping service

ESRI ArcGIS JavaScript API: Mapping services

Esri Community Analyst API: Application Building Service

European Alien Species Information Network API: Invasive species listing service

FAA Obstruction Evaluation API: Aviation obstruction information service

Factual Places API: Open Data for sharing and reference tools

Feest.je API: Netherlands-based location sharing service

Fizber Events API: Local events search services

Fizber Schools API: School finder service

Flyagogo API: Aviation sectional chart service

foursquare API: Social networking and city exploration

FraudLabs ZIPCodeWorld United States API: United states postal code geolocation service

FreeGeoIP API: IP and host name geolocating service

FSO NAC API: Middle Eastern geocoding, mapping, and routing service

Fulcrum API: Location based data collection application support

Fwix API: Geolocation and location-based content service

Fwix Location API: Business listing service

GaiaSup API: Spatial engine for location-based services

GeoAdmin API: Geospatial and mapping service

GeOAP API: Japanese GIS mapping service

GeoClique API: Social Media Platform

Geocoda API: Geolocation service

GeocodeFarm API: Geocoding service

geocoder API: Geocoding services for US

geocoder.ca API: Geocoding services for Canada

Geocoding Service for Korea API: Korean geocoding service

GeoCommunicator API: BLM public lands mapping and data service

geocubes API: Mapping search service

GeoData Demographics API: Location-specific demographics data service

Geognos World Countries API: Worldwide geocoding information service

GeoGratis API: Geographic data and mapping service

GeoIPs API: IP location and information service

GeoIQ API: Geo Data, Visualization, and Analysis

Geoloqi API: Location sharing service

GeoMaker API: Geo enrichment platform

GeoNB API: New Brunswick geographic information service

GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service API: Local coordinate transformation service

GeoNet Quake API: New Zealand earthquake reporting service

Geoportail API: French geomapping overlay service

GeoSmart API: New Zealand geospatial and mapping services

GEOSPAN API: Geographic information and visualization service

GetMapping API: Aerial photography and mapping service

getpos.de API: German geolocation services

Gink API: GPS tracking device communications service

GIS Cloud API: Geospatial data cloud hosting & map creation service

Glimt API: Norway event aggregation service

GlobeXplorer API: Mapping services

Gloe API: Geo-tagging service

Google Coordinate API: Workforce management application

Google Directions API: Driving directions Web Service

Google Distance Matrix API: Travel distance based on Google Maps

Google Earth API: Mapping and 3D geo visualization

Google Fusion Tables API: Data sharing and visualization platform

Google Gears Geolocation API: User geographical positioning service

Google Geocoding API: Google Maps Geocoding Service

Google Latitude API: Location sharing service

Google Maps API: Mapping services

Google Maps Data API: Service to store, update and view geodata

Google Maps Elevation API: Get elevation data for any location

Google Maps Flash API: Flash-based mapping service

Google Places API: Local business and point of interest service

Google Static Maps API: Simple online mapping service

Google Street View Image API: Street view image service

Google Time Zone API: Time zone by location service

Gothere Maps API: Singapore commuter map service

Gowalla API: Location aware social network

GPS Explorer API: GPS data and modeling service

GraphMuse API: Facebook users clustering service

HeatMap API: Heat map generator service

Helsinki City Service Map API: City services maps

HeyWhatsThat API: Geographic feature and viewshed service

HipGeo API: Trip tracking and recording application

HopStop API: Mass transit and walking directions

Hyperpublic API: Geographic data collection service

iGeolise Travel Time API: Transportation time estimation service

IHMC Cmap API: Concept mapping service

ikiMap API: Create Maps From Public and Personal Georeference Information

Infochimps Geo API: Geographic data and mapping service

INRIX API: Transportation traffic and route optimization service

Inside Idaho API: State geospatial information service

Insiteo Suite API: Indoor Location Mapping Service

Integrated Earth Data Applications API: Earth sciences data services

Intel Developer Services Beta API: Geographic mapping features

IP Address API: IP address lookup service

IPGEO API: IP Address Geolocation Service

IPInfoDB Geolocation API: Web based IP geolocation lookup service

IPloc API: IP address lookup services

Ipoki API: GPS and social presence services

IRL Connect API: Visible social networking service

jakdojade.pl API: Polish transit service

Jokahaku API: Finnish location- and route-finding service

KnowMarkets Address Verification API: Postal and area code lookup services

Koordinates API: Mapping layers data service

LAITS GMU Coverage API: Geospatial coverage retrieval service

Landcare Research Information Service API: New Zealand environmental data mapping service

Leaflet Vector Layers PostGIS API: Mapping vector layer service

Loc8 API: Geolocation for mobile apps

Local Search Maps Geocoder API: Geocoding Integration service

Location Genome API: Mobile location based services

Location Labs Geofence API: Location Alert Service

Location Labs Spatial Storage API: Access and Search Geo-Tagged Content

Locu API: Menu management and venue location service

LogVRP API: Vehicle Route Planning Service

LongLatToLocation API: Ship Location Information service

Loxcel API: Location based mapping service

Maa-Amet API: Estonian property address and mapping service

Malaika Consultants ZipCode Lookup API: U.S. Zip Code search service

Map Data Services API: Map rendering and route planning service

Map Data Services QuickMap API: Data mapping service

Map.Search.ch API: Interactive map of Switzerland

Map24 AJAX API: Mapping services

map4app API: Map integration service

MapBox API: Mapping Service

MapData Services API: Mapping and location-aware data service

MapDust API: OpenStreetMap bug tracker

Mapfluence API: Mapping infrastructure and data access

MapIt Global API: Global jurisdiction mapping service

MapIt UK API: U.K. postcode and location mapping service

MapLarge API: Embed interactive maps on websites

Mapnificent API: Public transportation map service

Maponics API: Mapping data service

Maporama Geocentric Web Services API: Digital mapping services

Mapping L.A. API: Geographic boundary service

Mappy API: French mapping service

MapQuest API: Online mapping service

MapQuest Directions API: Driving directions service

MapQuest Geocoding API: Forward and Reverse Geocoding Service

MapQuest Nominatim Search API: Geographic search service

MapQuest Open API: Online mapping service

MapQuest Open Directions API: Driving directions service

MapQuest Open Elevation API: Elevation data service

MapQuest Open Guidance API: Mobile navigation service

MapQuest Open Static Map API: Simple online mapping service

MapQuest Search API: Geographic search service

MapQuest Static Map API: Simple online mapping service

MapQuest Traffic API: Traffic report service

MapRendererService API: Map rendering service

Mapstraction API: Mapping API abstraction layer

Maptimize API: Google maps optimization service

Mapy API: Czech mapping services

MashSpots API: Local search and mapping

MasterCard ATM Locations API: ATM information service

MetaCarta API: Location and geotagging services

MetaLocator API: Location mapping and display service

Metro Mapper API: Louisville, Kentucky data maps

METViewer API: Meterological data visualization service

Micello API: Indoor mapping service

Microsoft Bing Maps API: Mapping services

Microsoft MapPoint API: Mapping services

Microsoft SensorMap DataHub API: Location-specific realtime data sharing service

Minnesota CTU dataset API: Minnesota mapping database

MLBS.net NAC Geoservices API: Natural Area Code geocoding service

MnGeo Composite Image API: Aerial and satellite photography service

MnGeo Geospatial Image API: Minnesota aerial photography and topographic map service

MODIS Land Subsets API: Earth surface satellite imagery retrieval service

Moonshadow Mobile API: US population data service

Mosaik Solutions Cellmaps API: Interactive global coverage map solutions

Multimap API: Global online mapping service

My Trails API: Trail mapping service

MyAvoxData API: Business entity data

MyGeoPosition GeoPicker API: Geocoding and location service

MyHurricane API: Hurricane Tracking Service

MySociety Gaze API: U.K. population information service

NAC Real-time Mapping API: Realtime mapping service

NAC Real-time Routing API: Realtime driving directions service

NASA API: Satellite mapping images

National Institute for Geographic Information and forestry API: French forestry information service

National Map Elevation Query API: Terrain and elevation mapping service

National Map Viewer API: USGS ArcGIS mapping service

Naver Maps API: Korean mapping service

Navionics API: Location and mapping service

Navlost NWX Weather API: Consolidated weather information service

NAVTEQ Map Reporter API: Map feedback submission service

Nearby.org.uk API: Geocoding service for UK

NearMap API: City-focused photo map service

New Zealand National Broadband Map API: Broadband Map for New Zealand

NOAA Historical Observing Metadata Repository API: Historical weather station data service

Nokia Map Image API: Online mapping service

Nokia Maps API: Online mapping service

Nokia Places API: Online mapping service

nowCOAST LayerInfo API: Coastal mapping information retrieval tool

NREL Alternative Fuel Stations API: Fueling station location service

NREL National Solar Radiation Database API: Location-based solar energy information service

NREL Solar API: Solar energy information service

NuMaps API: Map based information

NZTA Location Referencing API: New Zealand highway mapping and location service

OCLC MapFAST API: Geographic location descriptor service

olpcMAP API: Education technology mapping service

Onboard Points of Interest API: Real estate listings and search service

ondi.ro Geocoding API: Romanian geocoding service

Ontok API: Geocode any US address

Onuma WFS API: Building-related geospatial data service

Open Dems Polling Place API: Polling place location service

Open Weather Map API: Weather mapping service

Open311 API: Neighborhood public issue-tracking service

OpenAddresses GeoLocated Address Search API: Worldwide address search service

OpenBlock API: Neighborhood and local news service

openBmap API: Find GPS position of cellular networks

OpenCellID API: Cellular phone location service

OpenGeocoding API: Worldwide crowdsourced geocoded address service

OpenGeoTracker API: GPS data tracking platform

OpenLayers API: Mapping API abstraction layer

OpenPaths API: Personal location information management application

OpenRouteService API: Open GeoData route-finding service

OpenStreetMap API: The free wiki world map

OpenStreetMap Name Finder API: Location based information service

Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API: Online mapping service

OremGeocoder API: Utah geocoding service

Overpass OpenStreetMap API: Collaborative Mapping Service

ParcelStream API: Parcel boundary data for mapping apps

ParkingInMotion API: Parking information application

ParkMe API: Parking search application

PeekaCity API: Location-based services

Pelagios API: Ancient world geodata

PHL API: Philadelphia geodata

Pin 'n' Tag API: Geolocation information service

Pin Drop API: Location application

Placecast API: Location mapping tool

PlaceEngine API: Japanese wifi-based device location service

PlaceIQ API: Location data and mapping service

Pleiades API: Mapping reference for ancient places

Point-In-Polygon Census Intersection API: U.S. Census data mapping service

PolicyMap API: Geocoded and GIS data service

Poly9 FreeEarth API: 3D mapping service

Postcode Anywhere API: UK and international address management software, postcode finder web services and more

Postcode Anywhere Geocoding API: Geolocation service

Postcode Anywhere Maps API: Online mapping service

Postcode Anywhere Route Optimisation API: Find best route between locations

Postcode Anywhere Store Finder API: UK business listings service

PostCoder API: U.K. physical address lookup and validation service

PostMapper API: Mapping service for blog posts

Prj2EPSG API: PRJ to EPSG conversion service

Prototype GeoIP API: IP-to-location service

ProxyFraud API: Proxy detection service

Pushpin API: Mapping service

Pushpin Location Data API: Location and statistical information about places

Qualified Address API: US address verification service

Quova API: IP geolocation service

Qype API: Local reviews service

RadMap API: Weather radar mapping service

RaveGeo WebMap API: JavaScript Mapping Service

Research Data Australia API: Australian government research data service

Resighting API: Favorite places application

RouteSavvy API: Transportation route optimization service

Rummble API: Location-based services

RunKeeper Health Graph API: Health & fitness tracking service

RunSaturday API: Runners log tracking tool

RunwayFinder API: Aviation trip planning and mapping service

Rutamina API: Travel route planning and sharing

Rvolve Hyperlocal Ads API: Hyperlocal advertising platform

Safe2pee API: Gender neutral bathroom search

San Francisco Open311 API: Neighborhood public issue reporting tool

Satellite Situation Center Web (SSCWeb) API: Spacecraft location mapping

ScienceBase API: Geological science data catalog

Scout for Apps API: Telenav voice guided navigation for mobile phones

Screach API: Location-based social networking service

SDSS ImgCutout API: Sky map image retrieval service

SeaZone HydroView API: Bathymetric ocean and seabed mapping service

SecondLife API: Virtual world

Seismi API: Earthquake data visualization service

Seismic Data Portal API: Earthquake event data service

Service-X API: UK mapping, location, and SMS services

ServiceObjects DOTS Address API: Address validation and geocoding services

Shizzow API: Location sharing social networking

Shoothill Postcode API: U.K. postal code location service

ShowMyIP API: IP geolocation service

Sightwalk API: German streetview service

SignalFire Postcode API: U.K. geocoded location information

Simple Reverse Geocoding API: Japanese reverse geocoding service

SimpleGeo API: Location services platform

SimpleGeo Context API: Location Context Search

SimpleGeo Places API: Location Search Service

SimpleMappr API: Point map creation service

Singapore Geocoder API: Singapore postal code geocoder

SingTel inSing Business Search API: Mobile business search service

SISSVoc API: Interoperable spatial information service

SitOrSquat API: Public bathroom finding service

SIX Address Image API: Location imaging service for New South Wales

SIX Address Search API: Address search service for New South Wales

Skobbler Tiles API: Mapping tile service

Skyhook Wireless API: Wifi positioning services

SkyServer API: Astronomical data and image service

Smart-IP Geo-IP API: IP address lookup service

Snapr API: Real-time geosocial photosharing service

Socialight API: Social community

SoGeo API: Location aware business platform

SolarGIS API: Solar resources information and calculation services

Sound of the City API: Sound map of Luebeck, Germany

South African YellowPages Maps API: Mapping service

SpamID.net IP Locator API: IP address geolocation service

SpatialStream API: SaaS geospatial application service

Spot2be API: Online and mobile location sharing

SPOTCatalog API: Satellite earth imaging service

SpotCrime API: Crime mapping service

Sprint Location API: Mobile geolocation service

Stormpulse Maps API: Storm tracking map service

Street Directory Maps API: Australian street map service

StrikeIron Address Distance API: Calculation of distances between addresss

StrikeIron US Addresses API: US address verification service

Stumble.to API: Automatic check in to Foursquare service

Swiss Public Transport API: Swiss public transport data service

Tagwhat API: Hyperlocal data application

TeleNav AJAX Maps API: Integration service for TeleNav maps

TeleNav GeoCloud API: Location based service integration

TeliaSonera Landmark API API: Location tracking service

Tellmewhere API: Location sharing service

Telogis API: Dispatch Management Service

TerraServer Landmark Service API: Salable satellite imagery landmark search

Texas A&M University Geoservices Geocoder API: Geocoding service

Tiny GeoCoder API: Geocoding services

Tixik API: Famous places GPS services

TomTom Geocoding API: Geocoding and gelocation service

TomTom Map Toolkit API: Digital mapping service

Topocoding API: Altitude and topographic information service

Touch Local API: Business locator and review service

Transit and Trails API: Bay Area outdoor excursion planner

Trazzler API: Travel recommendation service

Trillium Global Locator API: Global address validation and location service

TripTracker API: Trip Tracking Service

UK Postcodes API: UK postcode lookup service

UMap API: Flash-Based Mapping API

UMapper API: Emeddable flash maps

UMapper API: Map authoring application

UNAVCO Synthetic Aperture Radar API: Satellite earth imaging service

Union County NC GIS API: Local North Carloina GIS service

Unlock API: Name and location mapping service

Urban Mapping Mapfluence API: Urban geo-spatial data services

Urban Mapping Neighborhoods API: Urban geo-spatial data services

Urbarama API: Architecture atlas

US Yellow Pages API: US yellow pages telephone directory

USC WebGIS Geocoder API: Geolocation service

USDA Soil Data Access API: U.S. agricultural soil survey service

USFWS Geospatial Service API: Geospatial wildlife data service

USgeocoder API: Address information lookup service

USGS Contour Service API: Contour mapping service

USGS Elevation Query Service API: Determine elevation based on latitude and longitude

USGS Gazetteer Query API: Geological data service

USGS Greenness Query API: Geological data service

USGS Seamless Datasets API: USGS mapping data service

USGS United States National Grid Conversion API: Geological data service

Utah GIS API: Utah geographic information service

Vehiclepath API: Vehicle fleet tracking service

Veniu API: European geo-mobile social network

Verizon NavBuilder LocationKit API: Mobile geolocation service

Verizon NavBuilder MapKit API: Mobile location based services

Verizon Navigation API: Mobile navigation service

Viamente Route Planner API: Italian route planning and mapping service

ViaMichelin API: Mapping, directions, and travel booking services

ViewRanger BuddyBeacon API: Live tracking map tool

Viking Spots API: Recommendation and advertising service

VodoModo API: Geolocation video provider

Vs30 map server API: Seismic hazard estimating service

waldstat API: Location sharing service

Walk Score API: Real estate walk score service

WallaBee API: Location-based mobile game

Wayfaring API: Map creation and sharing service

Waytag API: Geolocation and place service

WeatherBug GEO API: Weather Mapping Service

WebGL Earth API: Custom interactive map service

welovelocal API: Local business search and recommendation service

WeoGeo API: Geo-data storage and sharing service

Wheelmap API: Online map of wheelchair-accessible places

Where Is Tim Web Service API: Location tracking

Where2GetIt Geospatial API: Non-mapping geospatial services

Where2GetIt SlippyMap API: Online mapping service

Whereis API: Australian and New Zealand mapping service

WiFiSlam API: Indoor positioning solutions

Wigle API: Wireless network mapping

Wikimapia API: Editable interactive maps

Woocation Distance API: Distance between cities service

Xtify API: Location mapping service

Xtracked API: Mobile location service

Yahoo Geo Location API: Geolocation service for words and phrases

Yahoo Geocoding API: Geocoding services

Yahoo GeoPlanet API: Geo-referencing service

Yahoo Internet Location Platform API: Spatial interoperability and geographic discovery

Yahoo Local Search API: Local search service

Yahoo Map Image API: Map image creation service

Yahoo Maps API: Mapping services

Yahoo PlaceFinder API: Geocoding of named places

Yahoo Placemaker API: Geo-enrichment service

Yahoo Traffic API: Traffic data and routing

Yandex Maps API: Online mapping service

YourStreet API: Geocoding news article service

ZeeMaps API: Embedded maps and international geocoding

ZIP Codes API: Zip code lookup service

ZIPFOURce API: U.S. address validation and standarization service

Zippopotamus API: Zip and postal code service

Zoopla API: Property and real estate search engine

Zypr API: API aggregation service

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