47 New APIs: Google + Domains, HiTask and Vibetrace

This week we had 47 new APIs added to our API directory including a file encryption service, business and investment intelligence tools, online restaurant booking service, cloud-based Big Data management and analytics, and email marketing and product suggestion service. Furthermore, we covered Google's latest Google+ domains services. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

ALFAcashier ALFAcashier API: ALFAcashier is a currency exchange service that also facilitates payment services. The site maintains currency reserves and will exchange singular monetary units for a basket of other currencies. The ALFAcashier API allows users to integrate the currency exchange system into third-party services to allows payment acceptance. The API uses XML- RPC and an account is required with service.

backbeambackbeam API: BackBeam is a full- Stack backend Platform for web and mobile developers. Backbeam provides hosted databases, push notifications, a real-time API, personalized emails, statistics, security, user Authentication, and more. The backbeam REST API supports JSON and JSONP and uses a custom authorization system similar to OAuth. API keys are required.

BazQux ReaderBazQux Reader API: BazQux Reader is a Feed reader that displays blog posts and comments in one seamless stream. It also allows users to subscribe to Google+ and Facebook pages. BazQux Reader provides support for both viewing full-text article and displaying picture-rich blogs in a mosaic or magazine mode. Users can share articles through social networking sites and email, or they can save articles using services like Evernote and Pinboard. BazQux Reader works well with a variety of mobile and desktop apps due to its Google Reader-compatible REST API.

BetterificBetterific API: Betterific crowdsources innovation by prompting users to finish the phrase “Wouldn’t it be better if…” Users can then vote the ‘betterif’ up or down. The Betterific API provides access to publicly-available betterifs, tags, and users. Authenticated users can also submit betterifs, comment, vote, and take other actions.

BirdbackBirdback API: Birdback is an app platform for payment cards providing a card-linked loyalty solution for financial institutions and the development opportunity for apps that consumers can add to their payment cards to be executed at the point of sale. Potential uses could include digital receipt generation, social network check-ins, or rewards. Birdback access is through a RESTful API supporting the development of card-linked applications.

CB InsightsCB Insights API: CB Insights provides tools to track private companies, investors, and industries. The CB Insights API allows users to access CB Insights data through a RESTful interface. Responses are currently JSON formatted, with support for XML formatted responses expected. The API authenticates over a custom HTTP authentication scheme.

CloudSideCloudSide API: CloudSide is a Web Service allowing users to upload and share files. CloudSide includes a URL-shortener, a service made accessible via API. The API is publicly accessible and free. Users simply post a URL and receive a shortened URL in response.

expressFlowexpressFlow API: ExpressFlow is a file Encryption service that enables users to encrypt documents in a browser before pushing them to a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. Just drag and drop files from your computer to the expressFlow website and let expressFlow encrypt them and give back the credentials. The expressFlow API allows developers to easily integrate complex file-processing tasks into their applications. Built around the principle that "everything is in the cloud," the expressFlow API makes Integration easy by keeping the process simple. An API Key is required.

ExversionExversion API: Exversion is a data platform that crawls and indexes the world’s open data and makes it searchable through a single API. The Exversion API provides RESTful access to the data, providing data management tools such as queries, joins, data posting, and private data repositories.

FaxemFaxem API: Faxem is a direct marketing provider that offers companies in Australia with fax, email, and SMS marketing to help them reach their clients. The Faxem API allows users to integrate the Faxem data stream with third-party applications to automate tasks, directly perform operations, and add and delete data. The API uses JSON-RPC and returns JSON. An account, an API key, and secure ports are required for service.

FeedbinFeedbin API: Feedbin is a simple RSS feed reader. It allows users to manage their feeds by tagging or renaming them. Users can easily subscribe to new feeds, or they can import and export their feeds between Feedbin and other services. Feedbin supports the use of keyboard shortcuts and gives users the option of viewing the full content of articles from within the reader. This service can be accessed programmatically using REST calls.

FindingsFindings API: Findings allows users to share quotes found online using a chrome extension or bookmarklet. Users can choose between a "clip" option that lets them simply save a quote and a "customize" option that allows them to dress the quote up with a template. Quotes can then be shares across users' social networks. The quotes have links that can take people to their original articles, and the chrome extension allows people to see the highlights and comments made by other Findings users. All quotes found by users are stored on the Findings website where others may peruse and discuss them.

GamedoniaGamedonia API: Gamedonia is a social game development platform that aims to help developers to make better games by offering a scalable, and high availability backend solution with reliable servers and support from specialized gaming staff. The tools Gamedonia offers for creating better games include hosted websites, data storage, game analytics, social network integration, push notifications, and more. Gamedonia offers an API for programmatic access to Gamedonia functionality. The API is RESTful and uses a JSON storage model. An API key is required.

GleSYSGleSYS API: The GleSYS Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based server platform. Users are provided with full root access to their servers and can create or delete servers instantly. The Cloud VPS is flexible enough to handle both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as perform server upgrades and downgrades without needing to restart. The cloud server can be accessed programmatically using REST calls in a variety of data formats. The GleSYS website is provided in both English and Swedish.

Google Plus DomainsGoogle Plus Domains API: The Google+ Domains API allows users to build applications that can interact with with Google+. This could be prepopulating circles and admins within a business for new employees, integrate applications with Google+ for announcements and bulletins, or a number of other uses. The API allows access to Activities, Audiences, Comments, Circles, People, and Media from Google+. The services uses REST calls, and Google provides Java and Python developer kits.

GTA XMLGTA XML API: GTA-Travel is a global travel product provider that has sourced a broad portfolio of accommodation options, transfer services, city tours, tour guides, excursions, restaurants, and over 45,000 vendors in 185 countries. The GTA XML API allows travel vendors to access the GTA database of travel content for reservation systems or third-party websites and applications. The services uses REST calls and returns XML. An account is required with service.

HiTaskHiTask API: HiTask provides task and project management services for individuals and businesses. It is designed to have an intuitive interface so that users can start creating, scheduling, and assigning tasks right away. The service uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to assign and modify tasks. Tasks can be grouped by date, project, or team member. HiTask also provides file sharing and time management services, and users can get progress reports on individual projects and tasks. The HiTask API provides remote access to all normal HiTask operations so that they can be integrated into other systems and applications. The API can also be used to import and export data from HiTask, allowing users to create custom reports.

HTML5 PleaseHTML5 Please API: HTML5 Please is a web Resource for developers built around a collection of recommendations describing browser support and suggested usage for modern browser features such as HTML5 and CSS3. The HTML5 API pulls data from caniuse.com and matches it to a user’s UA. Depending on the match, the API either tells the user that their browser is missing critical features required for the page, or simply allows the page to render normally.

IntegraPark PARISIntegraPark PARIS API: IntegraPark offers a suite of services designed for the parking industry. The company provides billing and receivables services, a revenue management system, a cloud-based revenue control application, a meter bagging scheduler, and a full service management system. The IntegraPark PARIS API allows users to access monthly parker information in mobile applications including: permit number, license plate information, reserved space number, parker space provision, and other calls. Contact IntegraPark for detailed API information.

iridizeiridize API: Iridize offers on-page guidance solutions for webapps that enhance User Experience and improve usability. Show users around your app and highlight new features using guides, walkthroughs, overlays, tooltips, and more. Iridize enables you to simplify navigation, promote new features, and engage users. Iridize offers a JavaScript API for control over the activation of iridize guides within your web application. Use the API to start or stop guides based on customized business logic, or monitor the progress of specific customers by binding to guide-level or step-level events.

JotFormJotForm API: JotForm is an online form builder that allows users to create and manage forms for websites without coding. Forms created in JotForm can be customized and personalized for different form needs. The JotForm API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of JotForm with other applications and websites. Some example API methods include managing forms, managing form data, and viewing form reports.

KiuwanKiuwan API: Kiuwan is a cloud service offering from Optimtyh Software that allows developers to analyze and measure the quality of their software. Developers can continuously monitor the quality of their applications for a growing number of programming languages and technologies. Kiuwan offers a REST API for developers who want to integrate Kiuwan services into their own applications. All data is sent and received as JSON. A Kiuwan account and Kiuwan username and password are required.

LibraryCloudLibraryCloud API: LibraryCloud is a metadata server that pulls metadata from multiple libraries nationwide and exposes that metadata through APIs and as Linked Open Data. The LibraryCloud API provides a RESTful interface for plugging into the power of LibraryCloud and exploring the data. The API currently provides access to metadata describing catalog items. Future support is expected for metadata describing events, ratings and reviews, and collections.

logentrieslogentries API: Logentries allows any user to harness the power of log data and convert it into actionable insights. Logentries collects log data, analyzes that data in real-time, automatically creates visualizations, and securely stores the data in the cloud. Logentries provides an API for automating log downloads. Accessible via HTTP GET calls, the API requires an account key and returns JSON formatted responses.

Next CallerNext Caller API: Next Caller is both a free priority customer service membership service and a call center efficiency platform. The platform allows users to skip customer service hold queues, by enabling call centers to securely retrieve identification data and process calls more efficiently. Authorized third party applications can use the Next Caller API to integrate with the platform. The REST API authenticates with OAuth 2.0 and supports JSON(P), XML, and F9XML formatted responses.

NuBotNuBot API: NuBot is a fully automated IVR application testing service. NuBot helps automate testing processes in a range of situations including functional, load, regression, performance, balancing, and Back-end testing as well as telephony infrastructure. NuBot offers a RESTful API for programmatic access to NuBot services. Example use cases for the API include collecting information to be sent to third-party components, gathering metrics to be displayed on a web dashboard, launching a test session from a build process, and getting raw test session data to provide trend analysis over time.

Ost.ioOst.io API: Ost.io ("open-source talks") is a forum where people can discuss open-source projects with other users. It is designed to replace mailing lists, which are currently used by many open-source projects for discussions. Ost.io is closely integrated with GitHub, and users can sign in through GitHub and sync their repositories to the service. Users may choose to receive email notifications regarding new posts in their repositories or in any threads they've commented on (regardless of which repository those threads are in).

PresstacularPresstacular API: Presstacular is a marketing tool that provides content for IT companies in the form of editable blog entries and newsletter articles, and allows companies to manage subscribers. Presstacular’s API allows applications and websites to manage subscriber lists.

QuadernoQuaderno API: Quaderno allows business owners to manage their invoices, expenses, and cost estimates from one online location. Users can create highly personalized invoices that can be designed to be sent out once or on a recurring basis. Quaderno also provides functions for analyzing income statements, calculating taxes, and creating customized reports. Users retain complete control over their information and can export it at any time. Information stored with Quaderno can be accessed by its owners via REST API.

Response TapResponse Tap API: Response Tap is a online SEO and analytics company that utilizes proprietary software to track what a users does on a clients website before, during, and after calling the company. This approach is designed to help track the effectiveness of marketing changes. The Response Tap API uses REST calls, returns XML or JSON, and allows users to integrate the number provisions, call features, and reporting analytics into third-party applications.

RestaloRestalo API: Restalo is an online restaurant guide that allows users to make real time reservations for restaurants in major cities across Spain,Italy, France, and the UK. Users can find detailed information about each restaurant and can take advantage of exclusive discounts offered exclusively to Restalo’s users. Restalo offers a RESTful API to affiliates and partners for the search and filtering of restaurants, information about restaurants, offers and availability, booking, restalo coupons, user management, and favorite restaurants. An API key is required.

SDL BeGlobalSDL BeGlobal API: SDL BeGlobal is an online translation platform combining machine and human translation services. The SDL BeGlobal API enables the delivery of translation-as-a-service within existing processes. Third party applications may use the RESTful service to submit content for both machine and human translation.

SiastoSiasto API: Siasto is a team collaboration and project management service. Siasto allows teams to work together and collaborate on Siasto with various features, including project management, workflow management, and team communication tools. The Siasto API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Siasto with other applications. Some example API methods include managing users, managing teams, and managing project information.

SnappySnappy API: Snappy is a collaborative customer service system. Its email ticket support system can be used from any email client and includes a tagging service that makes it easier to assign and respond to support tickets. Snappy also allows users to create organized, single-page FAQs to help customers find the information they need. Staff can access FAQ answers and easily include them in support emails. The Team Wall provides a place where customer support personnel can chat and exchange information. Snappy's reporting system provides information on metrics like how many tickets are being processed, how long each ticket takes to handle, and what issues are arising most frequently. Snappy can be accessed programmatically for integration with other systems and services using REST calls.

Sumo LogicSumo Logic API: Sumo Logic is a service for managing and analyzing large quantities of data in the cloud. It uses Machine Learning algorithms to help extract insights from big data, even in cases where the users don't know what they're looking for. Sumo Logic collects, stores, centralizes, and backs up log data while maintaining both its security and its availability to the owner. Logs are indexed for increased searchability, and users can set alerts to be sent out when certain conditions are met or new patterns appear. The Sumo Logic API allows users to access resources and log data programmatically, exposing it to other applications and systems via JSON-formatted REST calls.

TimeShoutTimeShout API: TimeShout is a event database designed to promote local events through sharing capability and visitor participation, all through community input. The service includes calendars, public submissions, event sharing, as well as event booking and registration. The TimeShout API allows users to use REST calls to get events, event lists, get occurrences, get venue information, get profiles, and get calendars. An API key is required with service. The API currently has limited beta functionality open to the public.

UploadHeroUploadHero API: UploadHero is an online file manager and storage service. UploadHero exposes its file management capabilities through an API. The API allows 3rd party applications to upload, delete, or rename files, access file or account details, and more. The API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls and supports methods for guests and registered users.

Uploads.imUploads.im API: Uploads.im is a simple image uploading web service. Users may upload an unlimited number of images to be stored on the server indefinitely. The Uploads.im API allows third party applications to upload images. The API accepts HTTP GET or POST calls and returns JSON(P), XML, or TEXT formatted responses.

Ur.lyUr.ly API: Ur.ly is a service for creating very short URLs. The service recently became read-only when Google changed its app engine pricing. Ur.ly can be accessed programmatically using REST calls with responses in XML, JSON, HTML, and text formats. Users can contact the service creator, Adam Stiles, at his Twitter account.

VeroVero API: Vero helps users run behavioral email campaigns, which send emails to customers based on their actions. Some situations that the service has been preconfigured to respond to include customers leaving the checkout without buying a product in their cart, customers not returning to the site in more than 30 days, and customers signing up without inputting a key metric. Vero users can also create their own situationally appropriate responses from scratch.

VibetraceVibetrace API: Vibetrace is a service that allows users to set up email triggers based on customer behaviors, such as leaving the site with items still in their shopping cart. The service can send email newsletters that include content tailored for the recipient, such as products and offers based on browsing and purchasing history. Vibetrace also provides users with site tools and product recommendation widgets that can have their messages, placement, size, etc. customized to match the website's design. The Vibetrace API can be used to provide site visitors with recommendations in real time based on their actions. Developers can integrate the API into their site using REST calls issued in JSON format.

VideoliciousVideolicious API: Videolicious is a video and HD video creation application. Users can make videos from various content and video clips with Videolicious. The Videolicious API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Videolicious with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email developer@videolicious.com for more information.

VigLink CatalogVigLink Catalog API: VigLink is a service that embeds affiliate links where possible to make a publisher money from referrals and other purchases. The VigLink Catalog API allows users to access a searchable database of products which includes prices, images, descriptions, and additional information. The API uses REST calls and returns XML. The VigLink Catalogue API makes it possible to create price search and comparison engines in third party applications. An account is required with service and an API key is used for user authentication.

WebTranslateItWebTranslateIt API: WebTranslateIt is a translation management and software translation platform. The WebTranslateIt API provides programmatic access to the platform, exposing information on projects, users, translations, and more. All calls are over HTTPS and require an API Key. Responses may be JSON(P), YAML, or XML formatted.

WhatRunsWhereWhatRunsWhere API: WhatRunsWhere provides companies with information about online advertising behaviors and their effectiveness for both PCs and mobile devices. Users can find out what other advertisers with businesses similar to theirs are doing to promote themselves. They can then use this information to keep track of competitors, get new advertising ideas, and plan future campaigns. The WhatRunsWhere API provides a RESTful method for accessing the service's advertising intelligence information.

WickedAPIWickedAPI API: WickedAPI is a Boston based company that Builds API-accessible developer tools. WickedAPI currently provides two services. Wicked Zip provides geographic data for a specified ZIP code. Wicked IP provides geographic data associated with any given IP address. WickedAPI is a RESTful service that returns JSON formatted responses and supports JSONP callbacks.

YounityYounity API: Younity is a cloud-based application that stores and automatically syncs all uploaded files and content across multiple devices. Users can upload and store documents, videos, music, and more to Younity and access from any connected device. The Younity API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Younity with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Younity for more information.