47 New APIs: Quora, MapQuest and Google

This week we had 47 new APIs added to our API directory including a Twitter advertising service, url shortening service, Google Buzz search engine, web telephony service and a Frisbee finding service. We wrote about several of these new APIs on the blog, including Quora quickly released Alpha API, Google's URL Shortener and MapQuest's OpenStreetMap mapping platform. Below is more detail on each of these 47 new APIs:

140 Proof140 Proof API: The 140 Proof API gives users programmatic access to the 140 Proof service. 140 Proof delivers 140 character brand messages postioned directly above the Twitter stream to targeted users based on their interests, using public Twitter data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses can be formatted in either XML, JSON and HTML.

3NGNetworks3NGNetworks API: The 3NGNetworks API allows developers to intergate their existng applications with the 3NG VoIP Platform. 3NG is a provider of private label VoIP solutions. The API exposes the entire VoIP platform functionality. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML. Full API documentation is not publicly available.

4PSA DNS Manager4PSA DNS Manager API: This API allows third-party products to interact with the 4PSA DNS Manager system. The DNS Manager is a multitenant software automation tool designed to deliver DNS hosting to service providers and businesses. The web service allows the execution of basic management operations on client accounts or dns zones belonging to a 4PSA DNS Manager system. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

4PSA VoipNow4PSA VoipNow API: 4PSA VoipNow Core is delivered with an API that enables the integration with third-party applications. 4PSA VoipNow Core is an Integrated Communications System for service providers and enterprises. It integrates voice and data into a single network infrastructure with an open standards software. The API allows the execution of basic management operations on all supported types of user accounts: resellers, clients, endpoints; charging plans and channels and call routing rules. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

51.com51.com API: 51.com is a Chinese social networking website. The 51.com API is a RESTful API that lets developers create applications that can access 51.com user data in XML or JSON format.

AdmobAdmob API: The AdMob API allows you to access the campaign, sites and applications data in your AdMob account with a secure programmatic interface. You can build custom applications using the AdMob API to help better manage your mobile business.

awe.smawe.sm API: awe.sm is a campaign tracking platform for social media. Develoeprs can use the APIs to integrate awe.sm link creation into their own tools and/or extract awe.sm data for any accounts they control. The APIs can also be used to retrieve anonymized aggregate data for the share actions through awe.sm for a given long URL. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML or JSON.

BantaBanta API: Bantá is a social online video platform. The service includes functionality to "augment, extend and positively increase a user's experience" with applications on social networks. Developers can use the Bantá API and service framework to allow users to socialize and engage with the media.

Bantam LiveBantam Live API: Bantam Live provides a social CRM workspace to connect with customers, build relationships, and collaborate with coworkers to grow your business. The Bantam Live API is a RESTful, JSON interface for accessing data within a Bantam Live account.

BuyDeals.in Local DealBuyDeals.in Local Deal API: BuyDeals.in has an API allowing for various methods that pulls local deals from the BuyDeals database. BuyDeals.in aggregate the deals from all the top local deal sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr, TownHog, HomeRun, Dealster and BuyWithMe. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML, JSON or PHP.

BuzzzyBuzzzy API: Buzzzy is a search engine for Google Buzz. It gives users access to Buzz's real-time information without needing a GMail account. The service has its own take on search relevancy, including filters for time, location and source of status message. The Buzzzy API is a RESTful API that developers can use to integrate Buzzzy search data into their own applications.

ChannelAdvisorChannelAdvisor API: Provides access to the ChannelAdvisor platform, which provides cart service, inventory, listings, orders, marketplace ads, shipping, and storage services.

Conferma CSP On-DemandConferma CSP On-Demand API: Conferma is the UK travel industry's leading provider of booking, reconciliation and settlement software. Conferma specialises in providing tools to financial partners to enable the automation of previously manual processes in the travel and expenses sector.

CSP On-Demand is Conferma's XML-based interface that enables customers to securely access the full suite of Conferma's settlement tools for integration to their enterprise or agency applications. With CSP On-Demand any travel management booking system can take advantage of the Conferma process of introducing a onetime only card through the whole lifecycle of procure to pay.

The Conferma CSP On-Demand API acts as a plug-in to enhance established enterprise systems for simplified ordering, settlement and reconciliation. The interface supports any programming language and is based on open-standards, thus remaining vendor neutral and flexible. Full documentation for the API is available via Conferma support at apisupport@conferma.com.

CrashPlan PROCrashPlan PRO API: CrashPlan PRO is a way for businesses to easily backup and store their data. The site offers software to be installed on the computers to be backed up or a developer API for businesses to integrate into their own applications. The CrashPlan API is a RESTful API with data formats XML and JSON (default).

DailymileDailymile API: Dailymile is a "a social training log for runners, triathletes, and cyclists" that lets users create posts about their workouts, map workout routes, and compete with other users. Dailymile provides a RESTful API that lets developers access Dailymile data in their own applications.

Developer CentreDeveloper Centre API: Through using the Web Service, applications can communicate with the SMS Gateway, using the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) specification. The Web Service has been designed to provide a rich set of functionality to send and receive messages from both applications and web environments.

Digimi GizmoDigimi Gizmo API: Digimi provides 3d avatar creation tools, for gaming or personal use. Users can also create animated clips with these avatars.

The Digimi Gizmo API allows developers to use the Digimi/Gizmo functionality in their own applications. The API can be used as a Server-to-Server application, an Application-to-Server application, or a Browser-to-Server application.

Facebook ChatFacebook Chat API: This API allows users to integrate Facebook Chat into their Web-based, desktop, or mobile instant messaging products. The user's instant messaging client connects to Facebook Chat via the Jabber/XMPP service. Responses are formatted as XML or vCard.

FFindrFFindr API: FFindr is a web service that contains data about upcoming Frisbee events and tournaments, Frisbee teams and players, and other links. The FFindr API allows developers to access FFindr's data through their own applications.

FindMeSpecialsFindMeSpecials API: The FindMeSpecials APIs let users get verified specials and events by geolocation. It currently lists over 250,000 food, drink and leisure specials in the US. With the API users can retrieve a list of businesses for a particular location, search specials and events for a specific date and location and more. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Google Shared SpacesGoogle Shared Spaces API: Google Shared Spaces are collaborative gadgets based on Google Wave technology. Current gadgets include finding meeting times, simple yes/no/maybe RSVP and shared shopping lists. Developers can use the Google Shared Spaces API to create their own gadgets. Currently the service uses the Google Wave Gadgets API. However, since Wave has been deprecated, these gadgets can run instead in Google Shared Spaces.

Google URL ShortenerGoogle URL Shortener API: The Google URL Shortener takes long URLs and creates short links on the goo.gl domain name. The REST-based API requires authentication with an API Key and Auth Token (OAuth).

High Gear MediaHigh Gear Media API: The High Gear Media API is for any developer that want to build Car/Automotive apps. High Gear Media is a vertical publishing company that publishes premium automotive content through websites targeting key buyer and vehicle segments. The API lets users load feeds from the many automotive sites on High Gear Media. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

HighlightCamHighlightCam API: HighlightCam is a video service that lets developers submit their own videos to be summarized, quickly and automatically, shortening them to any desired fraction of the original video. The HighlightCam API lets users submit their own videos for summarization, shortening them to any desired fraction of the original video. The HighlightCam algorithm looks for features like motion, voices and faces to select the parts that are likely to be most interesting.

Junction Networks Web ServicesJunction Networks Web Services API: Junction Networks offers a variety of business VoIP services. They also offer a RESTful Web Services API (currently in beta form) for developers to use to create their own applications with Junction Networks' tools.

KadooKadoo API: Kadoo Backstage's cloud-specific, open source APIs give developers the ability to create web and mobile apps and services. The APIs create cross-cloud compatibility by speaking to all services. Kadoo is a cloud-based video hosting service that gives users access to all applications and web services from any device. Developers can use the APIs to give apps, mobile, and web services access to Kadoo's file, user, and billing clouds. The API uses RESTful protocol.

Kantar Video AnalyticsKantar Video Analytics API: The Kantar Video Analytics Actionscript API is used for online video syndication, analytics and fingerprinting matching and tracking. KANTAR VideolyticsTM is an online and mobile video advertising and program platform offering content identity, syndication,tracking, measurement, analytics, and optimization for marketers and their agencies, media companies, and content creators and distributors.

KazleKazle API: Kazle provides a platform for users to manage all of their social networks from one place. Users can update their status across multiple sites, export photos from other sites to Kazle, as well as upload additional photos to other sites with Kazle. The Kazle API allows developers to use Kazle tools in their own applications.

The Kazle API is currently in public beta.

L9L9 API: L9 is a URL shortening service. Users can use it to shorten long URLs to a more manageable format. Developers can gain access to the L9 API for programmatic access to L9's tools. There are two APIs, a JSON API and a REST API; both are used to shorten URLs, but they return different types of data. The JSON API returns an array with many different values including error messages while the REST API only returns the URL or an error.

LijitLijit API: The Ligit API allows users to embed Lijit Search Results in their web pages. Lijit's site search and content discovery tools collect and report on reader intent, behavior, demographics, and other actionable insights. The data is used to build custom integrated advertising campaigns that leverage social media and authentic content to encourage interaction, increase brand awareness and deliver intent to purchase. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

LinkalopeLinkalope API: Linkalope API allows developers to bring recently shared links from Twitter into their own website or application. Linkalope is a site that lets users find the most recently shared links for topics and people they follow. Users can access the Twitter advanced search operators to refine their search. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON or RSS.

LinksPreadeRLinksPreadeR API: LinksPreadR is a URL-shortening service. Developers can use the LinksPreadR API to gain programmatic access to the LinksPreadR website. The LinksPreadR API is a RESTful API that returns data in a JSON format. There are two methods, shorten URL and expand URL.

MagentoMagento API: Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of its online store. The Magento Core API gives users access to functionality such as export/import of customer/customer addresses, retrieve countries and regions and more. The API supports both SOAP and XML RPC protocols. The API is permission based and allows access to the Customer, Catalog and Order modules of Magento.

MapQuest OpenMapQuest Open API: MapQuest Open API is an OpenStreetMap-based version of embeddable online maps. Using JavaScript, you can create maps, add controls, plot points and draw lines on the map. The underlying map data, which is displayed as a tiled "slippy" map, is Creative Commons licensed and crowd-sourced by the OpenStreetMap community.

MediaMindMediaMind API: MediaMind is a global provider of digital advertising solutions that optimize the use of media, creative and data for enhanced campaign performance. The MediaMind Trafficking API lets developers build applications that interact directly with the MediaMind Platform. With these applications, advertisers, media agencies, creative shops and third parties can manage their large or complex accounts and campaigns more efficiently and creatively. With the MediaMind Trafficking API users can create and update campaigns, placements, advertisers, ads, and more without having to access MediaMind. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

MovistarMovistar API: Moviestar.com offers two APIs, a SMS API and a MMS API, with the same functionality for different message formats. Both services contain methods to send a SMS/MMS and to view the status of the message. Both APIs are RESTful APIs, with data returned in a JSON or XML format.

MyAdsMyAds API: The MyAds API allows users to develop applications that create and manage their MyAds advertising campaigns. Through the API users can gain access to campaigns, accounts, performance and more.MyAds is a self service ad platform that lets users build and customize ads to reach new customers. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Nexmo Wholesale SMSNexmo Wholesale SMS API: Nexmo is a Wholesale Messaging API service that allows developers to deliver Application-to-Person SMS. Its network includes over 4 billion mobiles in more than 200 countries. With the API users can send send high volumes of SMS at low cost. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in XML or JSON.

Omnifone MusicStationOmnifone MusicStation API: Omnifone offers a full suite of APIs for their MusicStation program. The MusicStation Next Generation program allows partners, including leading device manufacturers, to provide an unlimited music solution on a range of connected devices, from home entertainment systems to set-top boxes and in-car audio systems, using dedicated service APIs and bespoke client development services and capabilities.

Omnifone is an independent provider of unlimited music services. The company's open music solution, MusicStation, is the world's leading multi-platform interoperable end-to-end unlimited music solution and is used by leading device vendors, mobile network operators and broadband providers.

The MusicStation Next Generation program offers the following end-to-end suite of MusicStation APIs

* Community management APIs
* Private and public playlist management and storage APIs
* Catalogue Services APIs
* Search Services APIs
* Metering Services APIs
* DRM Services API
* Content Delivery APIs
* User Services APIs
* Playlist Services APIs
* Events & Audit Trail APIs
* Recommender Services APIs
* Reporting Services APIs

Public documenataion of the APIs is not available on the site.

PokeTalkPokeTalk API: PokeTalk is a web service that provides low-cost international phone calls to customers. The PokeTalk API allows developers to use PokeTalk's tools in their own applications. Developers need an API Key and PokeTalk's poketalk.base.js file in their web directory to make applications.

ProperSpellProperSpell API: The ProperSpell API is a RESTful API that provides 'Did you mean' style spell check suggestions, currently only for English. The service can be integrated into developers' applications. The API returns data in XML, JSON, JSONP, PSER, and HTML formats.

QuoraQuora API: Quora is a individual-focused question and answer site with an emphasis on tagging. You can follow users, questions and topics. The Quora API is an alpha release made specifically to help developers create browser extensions.

Reverse AustraliaReverse Australia API: The Reverse Australia API gives users limited access to the company database. Reverse Australia is a free Australian reverse phone lookup service. The API can be used to lookup caller IDs, determine if a caller is spam and find the location of a caller. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML, JSON or TXT.

The ChickenThe Chicken API: The Chicken is a website where users can write about their experiences with different products. The API provided by The Chicken allows developers to access The Chicken data through their own applications.

UCLA.inUCLA.in API: Based on Bit.ly's API, UCLA.in allows users to shorten URLs "in" the allowed UCLA domains. UCLA.in is free to use, and anyone can use it; authentication is not required.

UsefulBytes Stock ServiceUsefulBytes Stock Service API: The Stock Service is targeted to the wholesale business field and helps wholesale suppliers track in-stock SKUs, collect orders from verified buyers and integrate stock management with other business processes. UsefulBytes is a software development company specializing in running the cloud services for small business owners. The Stock Service API is currently in private beta.

Vokoder.fmVokoder.fm API: Vokoder.fm is a website that lets users store, share, and sell their music. The Vokoder.fm API is a RESTful API that allows developers to access Vokoder.fm services through their own applications.


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