48 Hours, 31 Hacks - Stockholm Music Hack Day

music_hackdayTwo days, a room full of hackers and one theme: music. This is the premise behind the Stockholm Music Hack Day, which resulted in 31 projects including hardware hacks, mobile, web and desktop applications. A number of the web applications are live and available for anyone to use.

discoverOmatic allows you to discover new artists and tracks while listening to the radio or even your own collection. Simply select the radio station you're currently listening to (currently on BBC brands supported) and we'll do the rest.


Mystery Music Search gives you the results for whatever the person before you searched for. Heavily inspired by mysterygoogle.com, and using the new Echonest search_tracks API.


Another favourite is the Twitter best ever Midi Player, which is a small box that creates a realtime MIDI stream from Twitter messages.


A live feed covered the event, including a number of photos, twitter posts and video feeds.

You can find a similarly eclectic collection of hacks from the previous Music Hack Days, and developers sharing the same hacker spirit can find 74 music APIs to get them started on their own mashups.

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