48 IP APIs: Hostip.info, MaxMind and CDYNE

Our API directory now includes 48 IP APIs. The newest is the konvert.me API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Hostip.info API. We list 18 Hostip.info mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of IP APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 31 IP REST APIs and 11 IP SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 32 IP XML APIs and 23 IP JSON APIs.

The most common tags within IP are 31 geolocation IP APIs, 26 Internet IP APIs and 13 tools IP APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 4 IP mashups. We named IP Geolocation Search as mashup of the day in February 2010.

For reference, here is a list of all 48 IP APIs.

  Blogama (IPInfoDB) API: IP geolocation service

  CDYNE IP2Geo API: Geolocate by IP address

  CheckIP API: IP lookup service

  Data Science Toolkit API: Open Source tools for science

  Dazzlepod IP Address Lookup API: IP address lookup service

  DB-IP API: IP address location database

  Deutsche Telekom IP Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  DNS Tools API: DNS address resolving service

  Dynamic Geometry API: Mapping data service

  Edoceo API: Assorted reference and conversion tools

  Find your IP API: Return IP address

  FraudLabs IP2Location API: Geolocate by IP address service

  FreeGeoIP API: IP and host name geolocating service

  Geognos World Countries API: Worldwide geocoding information service

  GeoIPs API: IP location and information service

  GeoMe API: Location based IP tracking service

  geoPlugin API: IP address geolocating service

  hostip.info API: IP lookup

  InfoChimps IP Intelligence Demographics API: Census data based on IP address

  Infosniper.net API: Internet IP geolocation service

  IP Address Location API: IP address lookup service

  IP-API.com Geolocation API: IP address lookup service

  IP2Location API: IP lookup service

  IPAddressLabs API: IP Geolocation Service

  IPGEO API: IP Address Geolocation Service

  IPGP IP Address Geolocation API: IP address lookup service

  IPRental API: IP address routing service

  konvert.me API: Free network tools

  LOC-AID API: Mobile Location Service

  Loki API: Website location service

  Mark Sutuer IP Utils API: IP address lookup service

  MaxMind GeoIP API: IP address lookup services

  Melissa Data Data Quality Suite API: Location data lookup and verification services

  MSHD.net API: Reference information lookup

  Murrion Software IP Address to Geographic Location API: Geolocation service

  ONVIF API: IP-based security products standardization initiative

  Ping-uin API: Ping IP or URL tool

  Prototype GeoIP API: IP-to-location service

  ProxyFraud API: Proxy detection service

  Quova API: IP geolocation service

  ServiceObjects DOTS IP Address Validation API: IP address validation service

  SetGetGo IP Geolocation API: IP geolocation by country

  ShowMyIP API: IP geolocation service

  Smart-IP Geo-IP API: IP address lookup service

  SpamID.net IP Locator API: IP address geolocation service

  Tarya Technologies IP2Country API: IP address geolocation service

  Trackip API: IP address lookup service

  Xhaunch IP Get Detail API: IP information retrieval service

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