48 Monitoring APIs: WatchMouse, Amazon and Google

Our API directory now includes 39 monitoring APIs. The newest is the UptimeFu API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the WatchMouse API. We list 7 WatchMouse mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of monitoring APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 35 monitoring REST APIs and 8 monitoring SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 24 monitoring XML APIs and 22 monitoring JSON APIs.

The most common tags within monitoring are 29 internet monitoring APIs, 7 website monitoring APIs and 6 enterprise monitoring APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 12 monitoring mashups. We named VOZIQ as mashup of the day in December.

For reference, here is a list of all 48 monitoring APIs.

  AlertGrid API: Monitoring and alert service

  Amazon CloudWatch API: Cloud asset monitoring and management

  Are My Sites Up? API: Website uptime monitoring service

  Beevolve Crawler API: Social media monitoring service

  Binary Canary API: Website and online Resource monitoring service

  Boundary API: Real-time cloud environment monitoring service

  Carrier411 API: Trucking and transportation provider monitoring service

  Catchpoint API: Web performance monitoring service

  Cloudkick API: Cloud server monitoring tool

  DassMonarch GroundWork API: Network monitoring service

  Digital Monitoring Products API: Security monitoring provider

  Emoome API: Emotional profiling tool

  FuturePrice Data API: live NYSE shares Feed

  Google Page Speed Online API: Website speed scores and optimization

  GraphEdge API: Social network monitoring service

  HiGrids INforAMA API: Automobile motion monitoring service

  Internet Vista API: Internet monitoring service

  Librato Metrics API: Data management and visualization service

  Librato Silverline API: Application resource monitoring and management service

  ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus API: Network monitoring software

  Mon.itor.us API: Web site monitoring services

  Monitro API: Website monitoring service

  Murrion Software Blacknight services status API: Server monitoring service

  PagerDuty API: IT alerting service

  Paglo API: IT monitoring and management service

  Papertrail API: Server log management service

  PingER API: Internet performance monitoring project

  Rankur API: Social Media Monitoring service

  Sensr.net API: Realtime camera upload service

  Sentinel Monitoring API: Server and website monitoring service

  Server Density Monitoring API API: Server hosting and monitoring service

  ServerMojo API: Web site monitoring service

  Site24x7 API: Website monitoring

  SiteUptime API: Website Monitoring Service

  SLAC IEPM API: Internet performance monitoring data service

  SmartBear AlertSite API: Web performance monitoring service

  Stella API: Web site monitoring service

  Subuno API: Fraud monitoring service

  TeleNav Track API: Location based monitoring and reporting service

  Trendspottr API: Social media trend monitoring and search service

  UptimeFu API: Website status updates

  WatchMouse API: Web site monitoring service

  WebMetrics API: Website and web services monitoring

  WebSitePulse API: Web site and application monitoring service

  Wormly API: Uptime and server monitoring service

  Yottaa Partner API: Website performance and optimization service

  Yottaa Public API: Website performance and optimization service

  Yottaa User API: Website performance and optimization service

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