49 Library APIs: LibraryThing, WorldCat Search and Bookshare

Our API directory now includes 49 library APIs. The newest is the Home Theater Backdrops API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the LibraryThing API. We list 3 LibraryThing mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of Library APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 43 library REST APIs and 5 library SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 41 library XML APIs and 30 library JSON APIs.

The most common tags within library are 19 reference library APIs, 19 search library APIs and 10 books library APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 12 library mashups. We named BiblioBouts as mashup of the day in April.

For reference, here is a list of all 49 library APIs.

  aNobii API: Book sharing service

  Biodiversity Heritage Library API: Digital biodiversity library

  BioLabeler API: Library of Medicine text extractor and indexing engine

  Bookshare API: Accessible Books For Readers with Print Disabilities

  Bookworm ePub Reader API: Online book management service

  Cambridge University Library API: Library catalog and services

  Copac API: Search UK libraries

  Copac SALT recommender API: Library Resource recommendation service

  CrossRef DOI Resolver API: Persistent identifier resolver

  Culture Grid API: UK cultural institution collection information service

  DLESE API: Digital Earth science library

  Free Music Archive API: MP3 archive

  Hathi Trust Data Distribution API: Library catalog search service

  HathiTrust Volumes API: Library catalogue information retrieval service

  Home Theater Backdrops API: Backdrop images and wallpapers

  IMSLP API: Public domain music score library

  Information Environment Service Registry API: Scholarly resource discovery and syndication service

  Innovative Interfaces: Sierra API: Integrated library system

  Institute of Development Studies API: Research and data repository

  Kariru Library Search API: Japanese library catalog consolidation service

  LexisNexis Library Express API: Business publication search service

  Library of Congress Subject Headings API: Access to the Library of Congress Subject Headings

  LibraryThing API: Books database and community

  LIBRIS API: Swedish library search tool

  Mirlyn API: Library catalog and services

  National Library of Australia Trove API: Library catalog search service

  NCSU Libraries CatalogWS API: Library catalog and services

  NSDL Repository Update Service API: XML repository content management service

  NSDL Search API: Online science library

  OCLC Article Exchange API: Library document sharing service

  OCLC Classify API: Library catalog classification service

  OCLC EprintsUK API: OCLC's bibliographic index term management service

  OCLC QuestionPoint API: Library knowledge base access

  OCLC Virtual International Authority File API: Library authority file service

  OCLC WMS API: Library collection management services

  Open Archives Initiative API: Journal article metadata harvesting service

  Open Data Catalogue Austria API: Austria open data

  Pays-Lecture API: French media library catalogue

  PRESTO Harvard Library API: University library search service

  refbase OpenSearch API: Bibliographic search service

  SirsiDynix Symphony API: Library automation services

  The European Library API: European research and academic libraries network

  tinyThom.as API: Permanent URL generator for Library of Congress links

  UNLV Library API: Library catalog

  WorldCat Identities API: Library data access

  WorldCat knowledge base API: E-resource discovery and linking service

  Worldcat Registry API: Worldcat Registry access

  WorldCat Search API: Library data access

  WorldCat xISBN API: ISBN and book edition linking service

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