49 Upcoming Hackathons: Local, MongoDB, Music, Science and Big Data

Hackathons are a fast growing phenomenom where developers come together, usually in short periods up to 72 hours to submit ideas, form teams and hack together applications, data visualizations and sometimes form business models around their ideas. ProgrammableWeb is tracking 49 hackathons coming in the two weeks, all around the world.

Here is the complete list of 49 upcoming hackathons for the next two weeks:

If we missed your event, make sure and submit below as a comment and we’ll include it next week.

For those that are new to the hackathon space, these events are not intended to perform illegal activities around computer networks. Software developers widely see hacking as a quick and dirty programming solution to a problem.  It is NOT about gaining access to other networks, which is a definition widely publicized by the media and hollywood.  Among the developer community, it is meant to be a positive term that drives innovation among developers.

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