4sync: Race to the Bottom of the Storage Barrel is Good for Consumers

The 4sync SOAP API provides over 50 API functions like uploading and downloading files and deleting folders. The API gives access to 4sync's cloud synching, which is acknowledged to be among the least expensive deals available, featuring 15 gigabytes of free storage.

But can it compete with deep pocketed adversaries such as Dropbox? As Sean Ludwig at Venturebeat put it,

"Unfortunately for 4sync, the cloud storage landscape is a tough one, with cloud storage and syncing solutions tripping over themselves to stand out. The best thing 4sync seems to be offering is its 15GB of free storage — more free storage than you get upfront with Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive. If you need more space than that, 4sync offers a Premium optionwith up to 100GB that starts at $10 a month and gets less expensive per month as you buy more."

However, if it can keep pace as a price leader, that might be all that is needed. As it claimed in a press release posted at Marketwatch, "4Sync beta has experienced astonishing growth this year, and according to Alexa, is the fastest-growing cloud storage website in 2012, adding 10 thousand new accounts per day and was included in the top-6 of the "Most Popular Downloads" on CNET.com."

The service came out of beta at the Demo  conference in early October.

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