The 5 Best Healthcare APIs for Medical App Development

The mobile apps market has made significant progress over the past several years, becoming more business-oriented and commercialized. mHealth, also known as mobile health, is a completely new way of patient interaction with a doctor and patient care. It uses the support of mobile devices and wireless technologies to facilitate the process of obtaining medical care for patients and reduces the workload of routine operations for healthcare specialists, which allows more time to be spent on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. 

Why Use APIs for Medical App Development?

Healthcare mobile app development with the help of APIs has many advantages:

  1. Getting Rid of Unnecessary Work. APIs provide IT specialists with pre-designed tools and functions, making the process of developing a new app fast and easy. By using an available API to create a new product, mobile app developers do not need to reinvent the wheel each time and are able to minimize the budget and the time to market. 
  2. Stimulating Medicine Innovations. APIs facilitate international cooperation and allow immediate access to data, making the process of medical research fast and smooth. Without it, studies would be conducted independently of each other, and the results would appear much slower. Medical APIs allow scientists to quickly process the results of many studies, assist in discovering new therapies, and study the development of genetic diseases.
  3. Securely Manage all Medical Data. APIs provide fast data exchange with a single, simplified solution for managing secure medical information. They also allow users to instantly connect to existing information references, such as e-records and research databases. Thus, scientists can get valuable, practical information based on all of the available medical data.
  4. Provide Reliable Storage for Data. API security should confine data and provide multi-level comprehensive protection, as well as advanced threat prevention tools that comply with stringent standards. An efficient API medical app should have all necessary certificates, including ISO 27001, and should meet HIPAA regulatory requirements. As a result, APIs can enhance the security of the mHealth app. 
  5. Allows Better Treatment Results. Via API, it is possible to link data points from different systems to form more complete data sets. These data sets will help implement superior analytics outlines that help achieve better treatment results. 

Best APIs for Healthcare App Development

A good API eliminates the burden of creating the code from scratch. Using the ready-made code, developers will be able to create a successful mobile app much faster, saving time and resources. In addition, the API facilitates software support, debugging of code, and fixing errors. Below, we have listed some of the best APIs that can improve your medical app development.

EvitiTrack this API 

The Eviti Web API provides access to healthcare data for patients with cancer. It helps doctors choose the treatment that best suits the patient’s specific diagnosis and type of health insurance. For example, a separate code is used to determine the type of cancer. For instance, your code path can look as follows: 

path: ''.

DrChronoTrack this API

DrChrono is a particularly interesting phenomenon in the field of mobile apps for healthcare. Its intention is to provide doctors with a universal Platform that will cover all areas of medical practice, from the application of portable diagnostic tools to the processing of bills issued for treatment. Thanks to DrChrono-created Web apps, mobile versions for iOS and Android, as well as the API, developers can easily upgrade their apps.

AllscriptsTrack this API

For thirty years, Allscripts has been developing advanced information systems to automate health care and record treatment results. The company has certified nearly 200 various apps and devices and its latest development, the EHR patient care monitoring system, received the highest quality rating. Currently, its APIs have certificates of compliance with international standards and are ready for use for creating third-party apps. Allscripts APIs allow users to quickly realize novel ideas created by developers from all around the globe.

AdvancedMDTrack this API

AdvancedMD comprises a wide range of healthcare provision services. The system is suitable for individual doctors as well as for large groups of several providers. The AdvancedMD API includes over 40 templates for mental health, behavioral health, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. Templates can be customized or created from scratch, and developers can also create their own third-party apps filling them with all the desired features. 

EligibleTrack this API

Eligible Health Insurance API is a service that provides complete information about more than a thousand insurance companies. It standardizes and simplifies requests and supports a wide range of operations, including processing demographic data, filing applications, and making payments.

Final Word

When choosing an API for developing a successful mobile app, remember that the task of mobile health care is to facilitate the communication process between doctors and patients. It should help specialists carry out remote monitoring and accustom users to take care of their health, receive timely consultations, and undergo preventive examinations. Thus, make sure that you pick the best API platform that comprises all the necessary features.

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