5 New APIs: BigCommerce, CitySearch CityGrid, Context Voice, EasyImg, edocr

This week we had 23 new APIs added to our API directory. These include an ecommerce Platform API for building online stores, an API for a local business directory search, a social conversation aggregation API, an online image and graphics editing service, and an online document collaboration, storage and publishing API. More details on each of these new APIs below:

BigCommerceBigCommerce API: BigCommerce is an online ecommerce service used to power online stores. BigCommerce contains a RESTful API that allows remote retrieval of customers, orders and products via a XML Web Service. The API allows requests to be made to search for store and product data.

CitySearch CityGrid CitySearch CityGrid API: The CitySearch CityGrid API returns local business listings based on keyword, category, and geography attributes. This search API "enables a robust search experience for your consumers across both web and mobile applications without the need for your own directory listings. An affiliate program helps you monetize your applications."

Context VoiceContext Voice API: Context Voice is a service that aggregates conversations from social websites around specific URLs. The Context Voice API provides a RESTful interface with either XML or JSON formatted responses.

EasyImgEasyImg API: EasyImg is a service for quickly creating web graphics without an editor such as Photoshop. The API uses RESTful calls and responses can be formatted as either JPG, GIF or PNG.

edocredocr API: edocr.com "provides a highly interactivity environment for publishing and distributing an organisation's public documents across the Internet". The RESTful API allows developers to interact with the edocr.com services. They can use the API to list documents, post comments, list comments and more. Responses are formatted in JSON.

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