5 New APIs: From Chatrooms to Web Hosting

Want new APIs? Five new ones were just listed here at ProgrammableWeb in the past two days. Use them for making recommendations, hosting chat rooms, creating tutorials, managing web sites, or a set of services for getting reference data on anything from VAT rates to NFL team information.

  • Criteo: From their site "The Criteo predictive engine is a powerful tool that analyses consumer behavior and provide them with relevant product recommendations. The Criteo Quick-Start API allows you to start with recommendations on your web-site with a simplified but complete set of functions. Criteo technology is based on collaborative predictive analysis."
  • Lingr: From their site "Lingr is an open community of chatrooms. You can chat about anything you want, in public or private rooms. No account is required, and no special software. Just choose a room and start chatting. You could use the Lingr API to write an application to monitor activity in chatrooms and notify you when your friends are chatting (whoops, we already did that), to create a chat-bot that automatically responds to other chatters, or anything else you can think of."
  • StrikeIron Super Data Pack: From their site "The Super Data Pack brings together dozens of Web services into one easy-to-use Super Web service. With the Super Data Pack, developers and end-users can leverage multiple data sources for use within a diverse set of rich applications at no cost or with no commitment. The first 10,000 hits per month across all of the Web services within the Super Data Pack are free. API functions include access to country calling codes, historical foreign exchange rates, NFL team information, demographics, zip codes, VAT rates and others."
  • Microsoft Windows Live Custom Domains: From their site it "enables developers to programmatically manage their Windows Live Custom Domains user base by means of a Web service. This SDK is intended for customers and partners who want to programmatically accomplish many of the administration tasks that are available on the Windows Live Custom Domains Web site in addition to tasks that are not available on the Web site, such as importing and exporting user lists."
  • Tutorial Gardens: A simple set of services for managing online tutorials.

See here for all 368 APIs.


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