5 New APIs: Google Sidewiki, Online Storage, Content Analysis, and Social Search

This week we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory, 5 of which are outlined below. These include Google's Sidewiki API for commenting across the web, an API for predictive content analysis that includes plugins for major CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal, an online storage API designed to protect files as a type of virtual deposit box, and an API for a specialized search engine focused on "many to many" user generated sources like forums, discussion groups, mailing lists, answer boards, and opinion sites. More details on each there are below:

EcordiaEcordia API: The Ecordia API provides a way for content management systems to "integrate predictive content analysis within their applications - providing their users with advanced keyword and content analysis and recommendations. The Ecordia Content Optimizer will also be available for WordPress, MoveableType, Joomla and Drupal."

Estate++Estate++ API: Estate++, a subscription-based "virtual safe deposit box service to provide reliable access to information for planning and emergency purposes. Whether via natural disaster, theft, or even death and incapacity, the users's data is always available. The free public API which allows developers to upload files directly into a subscriber's account. SDK includes C# and Java examples."

FoldierFoldier API: Foldier offers users tools for "searching, aggregating, organizing and sharing personal content. The foldier API is a RESTful interface that allows external applications to request services from foldier."

Google SidewikiGoogle Sidewiki API: The Google Sidewiki Data API is designed to allow applications access to Google Sidewiki content. Developers can use the Google Sidewiki Data API to request a list of Sidewiki entries and query Sidewiki for data that match particular criteria. Data is returned in the form of Google Data API feeds. Functions allow retrieval of Sidewiki entries written for a specific web page, listing Sidewiki entries written by a specific author, or embedding a custom gadget onto a web page to display Sidewiki content about the page.

OmgiliOmgili API: Omgili is a specialized search engine focused on "many to many" user generated content platforms including forums, discussion groups, mailing lists, answer boards, opinion sites and others. It provides a way to find subjective information. As the describe: "Most technical questions out there have been answered and this service is designed to find those answers. The Omegili API allows developers to build applications that can access the Omegili data collected from discussions across the web."

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[...] our recent update on new APIs like Google Sidewiki, online storage, content analysis, and social search, we’ve been adding about 10 new APIs per week to our directory. Four of these news APIs [...]

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