5 New APIs: Gov, IP to Geo, and Twitter-based APIs

In addition to the 4 new APIs we profiled earlier this week, we've had some other interesting new entries add to our API directory. These include: an API that lets you detect a user's location based on IP address, an API from a Microsoft-sponsored effort for providing government data online, and a new flavor of URL shortener, one that works with YouTube videos. In addition, we've added two Twitter-derived APIs: one API for finding the currently trending topics on Twitter (which Let's be Trends, which we covered earlier this week, and another the lets you find the 'cost' of following a given Twitter user, a cost measured in 'milliscobles'. Here is more on each of these:

follow costfollow cost API: The follow cost API allows users to find the "cost" of following a twitter user. The service measures how much people tweet using an absolute scale: which is the average number of tweets per day and also measured in milliscobles, or 1/1000th of Robert Scoble's Twitter output. More about milliscobles. The API uses a GET request and returns data via the JSON format.

IP LocationIP Location API: The IP Location API enables you to detect user location based on a user's IP address. By providing the API with an IP address and it returns the country that IP is registered to. Use it you customize your visitor experience, such as displaying content in a language which may be more native to the user.

Let's Be TrendsLet's Be Trends API: Let's Be Trends is a web service API for getting information about trending topics on Twitter. The explanations for trends are provided by users of Brizzly. The API lets you get a list of current trends, details on a specific trend, or international explanations. The international service will find information on a given trend for a specific locale. These services are developed by Thing Labs.

Open Government Data InitiativeOpen Government Data Initiative API: The Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) is an effort led by Microsoft's Public Sector Developer Evangelism team. OGDI uses the Azure Services Platform for publishing and using a variety of data from public government agencies. OGDI is also a free, open source starter kit.

TwTubeTwTube API: TwTube is a URL shortening service for YouTube videos. The API features a simple RESTful interface. Can be useful for sharing videos on services like Twitter.


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