5 New APIs: iPhone Payments, Photo and Video Sharing, Hosted SQL, and Silverlight Apps

As we noted in our last API roundup, we continue to see an increase in the rate at which new APIs are being added to our API directory. Five of these new APIs include an API for a service for point-of-sale (POS) entry from mobile and online, a photo and video uploading API, a mobile video sharing service API, a hosted SQL database Web Service, and a hosted service for Microsoft Silverlight apps. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

orderTopiaorderTopia API: orderTopia is a system for mobile and online ordering where "customers can order and pay for food or buy merchandise using their iPhone, smartphone, or computer". The orderTopia API interface will deploy REST as input and JSON for output and provides a range of methods for users to build applications on top of the orderTopia Platform. Accessible items include passing data on public profiles, merchants, menus, favorites and social networking services.

PikchurPikchur API: Pikchur is a service that updates social networks/micro-blogging platforms with pictures & videos. Users can upload content using a computer, cell phone, or any other mobile device and Pikchur will distribute them over the social web. The Pikchur API is a RESTful service that allows users to interact with the service in order to perform tasks such as Authentication, posting and creating data feeds.

QikQik API: The Qik Platform Application Programming Interface enables anyone to integrate or build web, desktop, phone applications to take advantage of Qik's mobile video sharing platform.

RdbHostRdbHost API: RdbHost creates a database using the PostgreSQL engine exclusively for your use. First you need to create an account, then you will get a database that can be accessed via HTTP requests and regular SQL.

RedCritter RedCritter API: RedCritter Apps are created using Microsoft Silverlight and are hosted on the RedCritter cloud platform. Includes API for creating Outlook add-ins with Silverlight. Including SDK for Salesforce.com and Twitter Integration. The RedCritter Outlook Interface lets you hook into Outlook and received events when a user selects an email, contact or appointment. You can also search the user's contacts by email address.

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