5 New APIs: Sprint, Ericsson, and Volunteerism

In the past few days we've had 5 new APIs added to our API directory ranging from the new Sprint API, three APIs from Ericsson Labs, and the API for All for Good that helps you find local volunteer opportunities. Here are details on each of the latest APIs:

All for GoodAll for Good API: Use the All for Good API to retrieve and view the content of allforgood.org. All for Good collects and presents volunteer opportunities posted to numerous, disparate sites. Mashup apps can use the All for Good API to request a list of volunteer opportunities using a RESTful service. More details at our coverage earlier this week: All for Good: Volunteer Opportunities Via API.

Ericsson Mobile Maps Ericsson Mobile Maps API: Mobile maps API provides a simple way of adding map functionality to mobile phone applications. Very low bandwidth usage since maps are rendered in the phone app. Ericsson Labs provides APIs, developer resources, and related expert commentaries.

Ericsson SMS Send and ReceiveEricsson SMS Send and Receive API: SMS Send & Receive lets you "send and receive SMS messages using a simple REST-like Web API. With your personal API Key you get 1000 free SMS messages that you can send using the API, as well as a keyword for receiving SMS messages sent to your service."

Ericsson Web MapsEricsson Web Maps API: The Ericsson Web Maps API provides "an interactive mapping Platform for integrating dynamic maps into any web application. Custom layers of your own symbols. The maps are rendered in a Java Applet which provides fast map browsing and smooth and animated interaction."

Sprint Sprint API: The Sprint Developer Sandbox provides developers with free access to core enabling capabilities such as LBS, Messaging and Presence. Sprint provides developers with resources such as Developer Tools, Web casts, and Newsletters. Initially these services are available for access to CDMA handsets only. More at our report from this week: Sprint Opens API: Gets Openly RESTful.

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