5 Ways To Increase Developer Onboarding

Having developers adopt an API can be a difficult task, but one that can be overcome by framing the API as a product, with developers being the number one customer. If an API provider is noticing a lag in general interest, it could be due to any one of 5 major problems.

First, the API signup process should be concise yet informative. The "3:30:3" rule states that the API's purpose should be understood in 3 seconds, the Endpoint identified in 30 seconds, and a developer should be able to create an account and call the system in 3 minutes. Having a Sandbox can make or break a developer's interest. This is a great way to mimic calls and features to test before a live usage. Documentation should explicitly lay out all methods, parameters, and responses, mentioning input and output formats, authorization, and a clearly defined terms agreement.

Troubleshooting should include a forum, status page, or console for immediate technical support, and communication should encourage open dialogues using social networks, email, and a blog to regularly communicate release notifications and status changes. By using these tips, an API's ecosystem can thrive under the right conditions specifically designed to entice developer engagement. 

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5 Reasons Why Developers are not Using your API