50 Auto APIs: Been Plated, LotVantage and Skizmo VIN

Our API directory now includes 50 auto APIs. The newest is the Been Plated API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Yahoo Traffic API. We list 30 Yahoo Traffic mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of auto APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 25 auto REST APIs and 15 auto SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 32 auto XML APIs and 15 auto JSON APIs.

The most common tags within auto are 19 auto transportation APIs, 16 auto vehicle APIs and 12 auto cars APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 29 auto mashups. We named AutoProfilez as mashup of the day in March.

For reference, here is a list of all 50 auto APIs.

ASIROM API: Romanian car insurance policy information service

AutoNetTV Relay Pipe API: Automotive video and web content service

Beat the Traffic API: Real-time traffic application

Been Plated API: License plate comment site

Benchmark Automotive Data API: Automotive data and intelligence

car2go API: Car booking service and local driver's information

CarJam API: New Zealand car facts history service

Carloadboard API: Vehicle transport load matching service

CarQuery API: Automobile information

CarweB API: European automobile registration information service

DataOne VIN decoder API: Vehicle specification data service

DealerRater API: Automotive Dealer Review Service

Deutsche Telekom Scout24 API: German marketplace service

ebookers API: Travel Booking Service

Edmunds.com Dealer API: Vehicle dealer information

Edmunds.com Inventory API: Specific automobile information via VIN

Edmunds.com Vehicle API: Automobile information

EurotaxGlass Valuation API: Car value calculation service

Ford API: Application development for vehicles Platform

FuelFrog API: Track Your Gas Mileage

General Motors In-Vehicle API: Application development platform for GM vehicles

General Motors Remote API: Application development platform for GM vehicles

GOSO API: Online vehicle and dealer inventory service

Hotwire Rental Car Shopping API: Rental car shopping service

IM Group API: Vehicle information service

Kelley Blue Book InfoDriver API: Car information and pricing service

Laximo AfterMarket API: Russian car part finder and information service

Lexus Configurator API: Luxury car model and option selection service

Livio Connect API: Music and radio service

LotVantage API: Auto listing service

Maryland Driver and Vehicle Record API: State motor vehicle records service

NADA API: Used car values lookup service

National Citer API: French international car rental service

Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System API: State insurance verification service

Open Charge Map API: Electric vehicle charging point database.

OpenCarData API: Real time automobile data

OpenXC API: Automobile performance information retrieval service

Polk VINtelligence API: Vehicle identification number decoding service

ProcessClaims API: Enterprise software for insurance companies

Rental Car Manager API: Car rental shopping and reservation booking service

Sapo Auto Search API: Automobile search service

Skizmo VIN API: Motor vehicle identifier decoding service

Slipstream SA API: South African social media platform for automotive enthusiasts

TecCom Open Messaging API: Ping an Asynchronous process communication service

Tyre24 API: Wholesale service for tires and related parts

VinAudit API: Motor vehicle VIN information service

VINquery API: Motor vehicle identifier decoding service

VIP Auto Shipping API: Automobile shipping service

Wyoming FRVP API: Auto insurance verification service

Yahoo Traffic API: Traffic data and routing

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