50 Interesting APIs Added to ProgrammableWeb in 2015

Considering around 2,000 APIs were added to the ProgrammableWeb directory during 2015, it's nearly impossible for developers to take notice of all the unique and important innovation that the API world is driving. To highlight some of the most interesting technology we've seen this year, we put together a list of APIs that our users have responded to enthusiastically on social media, or APIs that we feel may have been simply overlooked but are worth noting. We've listed the APIs by broader categories of Business & Productivity, Cognitive Computing, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Mapping & Location, and Security & Privacy. Feast your eyes on these 50 enticing APIs you may have missed, and start developing!

Business & Productivity

Included in this section are some APIs for Email services, Marketing, Monetization, Social, Financial, CRM, Application Development, Advertising and other Business or Productivity needs. Many of the APIs listed below generated a lot of interest on ProgrammableWeb's social media accounts, so we thought they were worth highlighting again.

MailHops is an email service that lets users route their messages. The MailHops APITrack this API is an email route API and plugin. It lets developers get the route a sent message has traveled to get to a recipient. It also checks weather, blacklists, and the geoIP of the sender.

Social Swoope APITrack this API lets developers identify a person's interests based on information culled from their email address.

SocialSwoop API
Find out what a user is interested in with Social Swoope API / image: hAPI

Owler is a business intelligence Platform that allows users to discover information about competitors, startups, and other companies. The Owler REST APITrack this API lets developers retrieve information such as revenue, CEO background, press mentions, blog posts, social media statistics, investments, partnerships, and more.

What do people see when they look at your app? Sticky is a platform that allows brands and companies to measure visual engagement of online content. Their eye-tracking technology enables developers to see what people look at, what people engage with, and what people ignore when looking at applications. The Sticky REST APITrack this API allows Integration of the service.

Sticky API
Sticky shows developers what is actually seen by users who look at their applications / image: Sticky

QuantConnect is a financial data algorithm platform. QuantConnect's REST APITrack this API allows developers to create projects, add classes, compile code, and test it across historical financial data.

Streamdata.io is a hosted service and proxy to turn any API into a Streaming API. The Streamdata.io REST API allows for integration of Streamdata with other applications and APIs.

MyScript Cloud Recognition APITrack this API allows developers to integrate handwriting recognition capabilities into their applications. MyScript offers accurate text recognition across all digital writing devices. It can also recognize math equations, geometric shapes, and music notation.

MyScript API
MyScript can recognize hand-written math equations and convert them to digital information / image: MyScript

WealthEngine is a platform that allows users to look up wealth and net worth information about people and prospects for sales and fundraising. The APITrack this API gathers wealth intelligence from over 60 data sources.

WealthEngine's API determines a person's net worth
Find out net wealth of individuals with WealthEngine API / image: WealthEngine

Matrix.org provides an open standard for Decentralized communication with an HTTP APITrack this API for WebRTC, chat rooms, or IoT communications. The API allows for sending and retrieving message, end-to-end Encryption, secure synchronization of chat rooms, and extensible control over user accounts and rooms.

Image Color Extraction API extracts colors from any image, and returns colors in multiple formats, such as: RGB, HEX, HSL, HSB or RGBA.

AlchemyAPI Web Feed Detection APITrack this API allows for the extraction of links to RSS / ATOM feeds that are embedded in Web content.

Glot is an open source pastebin with runnable snippets. The Glot Run APITrack this API provides developers a HTTP API for running code inside docker containers and for storing and managing snippets.

Microsoft Outlook REST APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Microsoft Outlook with other applications. Example API methods include connecting to calendars, retrieving contacts, and finding people in a contact list.

Prototypster is designed to help users rapidly prototype their products with custom 3D printing. Users simply upload their design, select a material, and choose a shipping method. Prototypster API Track this APIallows developers to integrate 3D printing services into their own applications.

Prototypster 3d printing API
Protoypster helps users design, print, and sell 3D products / screenshot: Prototypster / screenshot: Prototypster

MonitorHotels continually monitors hotel competitors for room rates. Their Rate Shopping Data APITrack this API provides data used for displaying charts on the site and much more. The data is collected from a variety of sources and reviewed for accuracy. Near real-time data is collected all day long from cities worldwide, but mostly US and Europe. This API is listed under the Hotels category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Hotels APIs.

Scrape.it is a URL-based Web scraping tool. The service was designed to avoid complicated script writing or implementation time. Use it to transform Web data & robotic processes into APIs. Users enter the URL into the Web tool and the scraped data is returned.

iWantHue is a tool that allows scientists to generate a palette generator for data scientists. iWantHue Node.js Client LibraryTrack this Framework/Library by Andrew Liebchen allows developers to integrate the iWantHue palette generator Web tool into their Node.js projects.

IWantHue color tool for data scientists
IWantHue Tool

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