50 Interesting APIs Added to ProgrammableWeb in 2015

Cognitive Computing

This next section contains notable APIs from our Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictions, and Natural Language Processing categories. Read about more of these types of APIs in this article about the rise of deep learning computer vision technology.

Twinword Sentiment Analysis API returns a sentiment score for inputted given text . Because it allows users to find the tone of a user comment or post, it exposes positive and negative comments in social media platforms. 

Twinword Sentiment Analysis API
Use Twinword Sentiment Analysis API to discover tone in text / image: Twinword

Demographics Pro allows users to understand the characteristics of their social media audience. The Demographics Pro REST API lets developers add this data into applications. API methods include audience analysis, retrieving user profiles, and influencer search across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks.

API shows a user's followers' demographics
Sample analysis of demographics about Tiger Woods' followers on Demographic Pro / image: Demographics Pro

Apply Magic Sauce (AMS) is a service that predicts users' psycho-demographic traits based on Facebook "likes" data. Traits predicted by the AMS Prediction API include religious affiliation, relationship status, political view, life satisfaction, intelligence, and more. This service can be useful and informative for business, research, or personal inquiry.

traits according to the Apply Magic Sauce Predictive API
Some of this article author’s traits according to the Apply Magic Sauce Prediction API / image: Apply Magic Sauce

EyeSpy is an object recognition application. The EyeSpy API permits users to identify what the human eye can see such as animals, cars, fashion, movie posters, barcodes, and words. Eyespy not only recognizes objects, but it can tell users where to buy it, and provide a link to where they can buy it.

EyeSpy iOS application screenshots
EyeSpy identifies objects, and helps users shop / image: App Store on iTunes

HP IDOL OnDemand Image Recognition API scans an image to compare and match objects against a database of objects that the user provides.

IBM Watson Text to Speech APITrack this API allows users to synthesize speech from English or Spanish text. The service incorporates the appropriate cadence and intonation into the synthesized speech to help it sound natural, and can create audio files in .wav or .ogg format.

Katana by NinjaMetrics is a social analytics engine that measures "social value" of how users influence each other. The Katana Analytics API allows developers to measure the value of social contributions in applications and games. This API also provides developers with detailed projections for the outcomes that matter to developers, and offers the tools to determine how effectively features facilitate engagement and social interaction.

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