50 Interesting APIs Added to ProgrammableWeb in 2015

Entertainment & Learning

Listed below are some of 2015's most interesting APIs from Music, Movies, Games, Education, Robots, and other Entertainment and Learning subjects.

Audiosear.ch is a full-text search and recommendation API for podcasts and radio. The goal of this audio intelligence API is to provide smart audio recommendations based on networks, shows, categories, and topics.

Audiosear.ch podcast search API
Audiosear.ch API provides podcast recommendations / image: Audiosearch

The Star Wars APITrack this API (or "swapi") is brought to us by Independent develper Paul Hallett. Technically this API was added to our directory last year, but considering all the excitement surrounding The Force Awakens, we threw it in. The API provides programmatic access to a trove of databased Star Wars film information, including Planets, Spaceships, People, and Species sourced from the 6 first Star Wars films. For example, inputting "T-65 X-wing" can return "Luke Skywalker".

Robohash is a robot hashing tool with millions of image variations available. The Robohash Image Generator API allows developers to add the function to produce robot images for any text to applications. Along with robot images, alien and monster images can also be returned from inputted text, IP addresses, email addresses, filenames, userIDs, etc.

Animated Robot images generated from Robothash API
A sampling of Robots generated from an IP address. / image: Robohash

LittleBits sells sets of tiny electrical modules that users can snap together to easily create and prototype electronic devices. These modules can be used by educators to teach students about electrical systems or by DIYers for prototyping their ideas. The littleBits Cloud API allows developers to connect their littleBits devices to the internet.

Stream by Dextro is a visual data analysis platform that allows people to discover topics that are streaming on Periscope and Meerkat in real time. The Dextro REST API allows developers to categorize videos and images and detect photos.

The R&R Music REST API provides access to information on millions of songs with multiple data points. The API allows for searching through the R&R music catalog through metadata and sound parameters like BPM, mood, and genre cloud. The API also provides music recommendations based on songs uploaded and retrieved.

R&R Music data developer center
R&R Music Developer Center / image: dev.randrmusic.com

This REST API lets users access the data portal of London's Natural History Museum to retrieve collection and research datasets for use in software or applications. The datasets, returned in JSON, hold 2.7 million specimen records from the Museum’s Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Entomology collections.

Instructables is a DIY platform for publishing online guides. The Unofficial Instructables API is available on Mashape. Although this resource does not guarantee support by Instructables, it does provide data access to categories such as technology, science, woodworking, food, and others; lists in the form of metadata; and other details about the content of an individual Instructable.

There is an unofficial API for Instructables
Instructables Website

The Deck of Cards API is a simple service that allows developers to simulate a deck of cards. API methods allow users to shuffle the cards, draw a card, reshuffle the cards, get a brand new deck, or use a partial deck. This API is made available under the MIT License.

Make digital card games with Deck of Cards API
image: Deck of Cards API

Aldebaran Robotics creates, manufactures and sells humanoid and programmable robots such as the NAO robot. Their NAOqi operating system runs and controls the robots. Several NAOqi APIs that are used to program NAO robots that have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory.

NAO Robot
Develop for NAO Next Gen Robot via APIs / image: YouTube/AldebaranRobotics

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