50 Interesting APIs Added to ProgrammableWeb in 2015

Health & Environment

Next up are 2015's noteworthy APIs from the Healthcare, Nutrition, Environment, Fitness, Home Automation, and other Health & Lifestyle categories.

BetterDoctor provides a database of doctors and insurance networks. The BetterDoctor API offers programmatic access to doctor descriptions, ratings, photos, contact information, insurance providers and specialties. Use BetterDoctor to search for a physician or specialist by name, location and known condition.

BetterDoctor application screenshots
BetterDoctor iOS Application screenshots / image: iTunes/BetterDoctor

TerraCycle is an international upcycling and recycling company that collects difficult-to-recycle packaging and products and repurposes them. They work with over 100 major brands to collect used packaging and products to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Users of the TerraCycle API can get account, shipment, language, and location information, and also information on specific waste collection programs called Brigades. TerraCycle asks developers to contact the company before using their API.

Body Labs provides tools and services to analyze the human body shape, pose, and motion. The Body Labs BodyKit Instant API allows for the creation 3D models of human bodies, posting and retrieving measurements, and retrieving heat information from heatmaps.

Spoonacular helps users find restaurants, products and recipes that fit their nutritional goals. Their Food API allows users to search recipes and products using natural language (such as "gluten free brownies without sugar"). Analyze recipe costs, find recipes by favorite ingredients, or what's in the fridge, classify recipes, and much more.

Infermedica is an API for medical diagnosis. It allows users to submit anonymous patient symptons and risk factors for diagnostic analysis. This API can create new, or enrich existing healthcare products and services with intelligent diagnostic insights.

Infermedica Symptomate Application
Example of Symptomate on iOS. Symptomate is built with Infermedica technology

Automatic is a wireless device that connects a person’s car and smartphone through the auto's data port. It communicates with the car's onboard computer and upgrades its capabilities using the smartphone's GPS and data plan. The Automatic Real Time Event API allows developers to access event data from Automatic and send it to a listener URL on an application. The API can also send real-time information when a vehicle's ignition is on.

Automatic device and application
Automatic auto diagnostic application and device / image: Automatic

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