50 Interesting APIs Added to ProgrammableWeb in 2015

Mapping & Location

More and more developers are making use of Location and Mapping services to enhance their applications and these APIs provide recent technology in that sector. Other categories included here are Transportation, Engagement, and Travel.

MOCA uses proximity beacons to get in-depth data analysis on users' behavior. MOCA technology allows for real-time data analysis and is driven by big data algorithms that allow users to be grouped and targeted based on who they are, what they do, and where they are. The MOCA API allows developers to access MOCA's raw data for custom analytics and analysis.

MOCA - proximity beacons and API for integration
Analyze data gathered by proximity beacons with MOCA API / image: MOCA Platform

Meeti by MoBagel provides analytics software for the IoT and smart devices. With Meeti, developers can see a dashboard of data collected from IoT device usage. The data will be displayed in charts and graphs, and the service can be synced with Salesforce. Developers can use the Meeti REST API to manage the service.

Meeti IOT device analytics dashboard
Meeti aggregates distributed device data and displays it in a dashboard / Meeti by MoBagel

DigitalGlobe provides satellite imagery, aerial photos, and geospatial content. The DigitalGlobe Maps API is a cloud-hosted solution that feeds high-resolution map content straight into Web or mobile apps. Developers can use the API to access satellite, vector, and terrain content as well as build location-based applications.

DigitalGlobe's 30cm resolution satellite imagery example
DigitalGlobe delivers 30 cm resolution satellite imagery / image: from DigitalGlobe website

Luthansa offers an Open API to access several data sets for building travel applications. Datasets include country, city, and airport codes, flight schedules and status, nearest airports and lists of aircrafts.

CartoDB is a mapping and geospatial platform. The CartoDB Maps API offers database, data, and location services for developers interested in generating maps working with the JSON format. With the CartoDB Maps API, anonymous maps and named maps can be customized using SQL and CSS parameters.

Ellis Act eviction map was made using CartoDB and API
This Ellis Act eviction data map of San Francisco was created using CartoDB. Full animated map available at Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Waynaut lets users find the best way to their destination by combining traditional methods of European transportation such as bus, metro, or taxi with innovative methods such as ridesharing. The Waynaut API provides a RESTful JSON interface so developers have access to door-to-door search and trip planning integration.

Waynaut API example
Use the Waynaut API to provide navigation tools for your app users. / image: Waynaut

Pinlogic technology pinpoints where a user is. The Pinlogic API provides latitude and longitude of an application user when that person clicks on a link sent to them in an SMS message. This service is ideal for delivery people, emergency responders, tow-truck drivers, and the like.

BeaconsInSpace provides developers with information and access to deployed beacons for the building of location and Internet of Things applications. The BeaconsInSpace REST API provides developers with rentable access to beacons from various establishments in major cities for integration.

BeaconsInSpace finds beacons for location app connectivity
BeaconsInSpace provides access to information on rentable beacons for application developers / image: BeaconsInSpace

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