50 New APIs This Week: USA Today, Google, SimpleGeo and Shutterfly

This week we had 50 new APIs added to our API directory, including the 17 we covered earlier. The 33 remaining include an online coupons and discounts service, shipping rate calculator, online payment service, cloud-based telephony application platform, website reputation service and a photo sharing platform. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

10x1010x10 API: 10x10 ('ten by ten') is an interactive exploration of words and photos based on news stories during a particular hour. The 10x10 site displays 100 photos, each photo representative of a word used in many news stories published during the current hour. The 10x10 site maintains an archive of these photos and words back to 2004. The 10x10 API is organized like directories, with the year, month, day and hour. Retrieve the words list for a particular hour, then get the photos that correspond to those words.

73s Ham Radio73s Ham Radio API: 73s.org is the Web 2.0 social network for ham radio operators. Its users log, tag and track their conversations/contacts, which operators call QSOs. The 73s Ham Radio API provides developers with programmatic access to public logs. You can search by call sign, date, events or even specific relationships between call signs.

AuctionInc ShippingAuctionInc Shipping API: AuctionInc provides e-commerce and auction tools, including a full-featured shipping rate calculator. The services calculates shipping rates, including insurance, taxes and handling, for UPS, FedEx, DHL and the USPS. Include local pickup, drop shipping from multiple locations and intelligent packaging for multiple items. The service is available as an API using XML-RPC.

Brazilian Election CandidatesBrazilian Election Candidates API: This experimental API allows developers to access data about Brazilian election candidates using REST web services instead of through a web interface. It appears to be provided by an independent developer who harvests the data from the government elections division.

Database.comDatabase.com API: Database.com is a database service in the cloud coming in 2011. It's services include database tools, file storage, a social data model, identification and authentication, and a developer API. With the Database.com API, developers can create their own applications in a variety of languages for a variety of platforms.

DoubleClickDoubleClick API: DoubleClick is a large advertising network specializing in online display ads. The company is a subsidiary of Google and provides an API for customers to manage their accounts. DoubleClick's API is SOAP-based and does not provide helper libraries, so developers need to interact directly with the service using XML. There are currently 19 separate WSDLs for describing the services and commands available, including procedures for logging users in and organizing advertising campaigns.

DoubleClick for PublishersDoubleClick for Publishers API: Google's DoubleClick for Publishers API lets developers interact with the DoubleClick online display advertising platform. Whereas the standard DoubleClick API provides advertisers with a way to manage campaigns, the Publishers API lets site owner's and developers manage inventory and other aspects of providing ad space.

For example, using the DoubleClick for Publishers API, developers can automate invoicing by connecting billing to DoubleClick reporting data or integrate with their content management systems to update inventory when content or structure changes.

The API uses the SOAP protocol and has 11 WSDLs to describe the service. Among the functions available are creating orders and generating reports.

eTapestryeTapestry API: The eTapestry service helps organizations with online fundraising and donor management. Intended mainly for non-profits, the service is free to small organizations, but charges a monthly fee for a database with more than 500 contacts. The eTapestry API is an interface to access and ammend data in the eTapestry platform.

Google GeocodingGoogle Geocoding API: The Google Geocoding API is a webservice for the Google Maps API. The Geocoding API provides a direct way to access a geocoder via an HTTP request, though it must be used in conjunction with Google Maps. Additionally, the service allows you to perform the converse operation (turning coordinates into addresses); this process is known as "reverse geocoding." Also, you can choose to limit your search to certain bounded areas (Viewport Biasing) or regions (Region Biasing).

iFile.itiFile.it API: The iFile.it service is a simple online storage solution. The site provides several upload options and responds to new uploads with a short link and a secret deletion link. The iFile.it API provides access to the major functionality of the iFile.it service. Applications using the iFile.it API can upload files, edit descriptions and get information about files, folders and user accounts.

Ixaris OpnIxaris Opn API: Ixaris Opn is a platform for external financial networks and allows third-party financial institutions to provide payment services through publicly-available APIs. For developers, Ixaris makes complex global payments easy. Full documentation is not yet available, though we did cover the Secret Path Developer Challenge on the blog.

KooKooKooKoo API: KooKoo acts as an interface between your applications and telephony applications, allowing users to setup an extra delivery channel for their web applications. It can perform telephony applications like placing a call, receiving calls, send sms,gathering user input etc. It acts as another web page in an application which is accessible from the phone rather than the browser. With KooKoo users can build telecom applications, IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), office PBX and outbound campaigns. The API lets users take advantage of their existing web development skills to build telephony apps. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Mail.RuMail.Ru API: Social API for largest mail service in CIS countries and social network my.mail.ru. The Mail.Ru API allows developers to integrate Mail.Ru services into their websites and to develop applications based on Mail.Ru. Mail.Ru API has both REST and JavaScript versions which both return JSON and XML data.

MetamarkMetamark API: Metamark is a simple URL shortening service maintained by Perl developer Ask Bj�rn Hansen. Short URLs are returned using the xrl.us domain name. The REST API provides a very basic interface to creating short URLs programmatically. A Perl package is naturally provided.

MoodstocksMoodstocks API: The Moodstocks API enables users to integrate visual search into an application. Moodstocks is a company dedicated to visual search on the Internet. They analyze images in terms of their visual properties like color, shape, and texture, interlink them based on their visual similarity and display them into state-of-the-art interfaces. The Moodstocks API provides users with a set of web services to deal with image recognition. It comes with a dashboard to upload data and follow stats in real time. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

MozesMozes API: Mozes is the leader in mobile engagement around music, sports, entertainment and causes. The Developer API provides a way to use Mozes keywords to interface with systems. First, set a Dynamic Content URL which specifies the location of your script. Then, whenever your keyword is texted, your script will be called with the input from the text message.

MyWotMyWot API: WOT, or Web of Trust, promotes a safe browsing tool with a traffic light-like method of sharing what it knows about a site. The trust rankings are determined by millions of users in the active WOT community. The MyWot API provides access to the reputation rankings in four categories: trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. In addition to the 0-100 reputation, MyWot provides a confidence score for how reliable the system believes the score to be.

NimbulaNimbula API: Nimbula has developed an automated cloud management system delivering Amazon EC2-like services behind the firewall. Their Nimbula Cloud OS also comes with an API to manage on- and off-site cloud computing resources. The Nimbula API is a RESTful HTTP API with JSON encoding supports a rich set of functionality and a simple and robust interface to cloud resources.

novoseeknovoseek API: The novo|seek service is a biomedical search engine for searching biomedical journals and other sources of published biomedical knowledge. Search results are broken down by concepts, such as pharmacology, genes and diseases. The novo|seek API will allow you to enrich your content with free access to the search capabilities. Search documents and concepts, basic or advanced.

OCR TerminalOCR Terminal API: This API has been created to let users and partners interact programmatically with OCR Terminal. OCR Terminal is an online OCR (optical character recognition) service that allows you to convert PDF to Word, JPEG to Word and scanned images into editable documents. A HTTP based API for OCR - it allows developers to upload scanned images(JPEG, TIFF etc) or PDFs and convert them to editable document formats (like DOC, RTF, TXT) or searchable PDFs. Full documentation is available by request.

Raven SEO ToolsRaven SEO Tools API: Raven provides tools that simplify internet marketing, such as reports, research, optimization, and management for kewords, links, contacts, and more. The Raven SEO Tools API allows developers to directly query the Raven database, which contains the search results for thousands of keywords, and to manage the keywords and domains added to their accounts.

RealRadiosRealRadios API: The RealRadios API provides a broad range of methods to build applications or integrate information from RealRadios into other contexts. It also provides advanced methods for working with maps and geographical data, app integration with RealRadios member accounts and several other unique features. The API is not currently available but developers can leave their email to be notified upon its release.

RetailMeNot.com Community IdeasRetailMeNot.com Community Ideas API: The RetailMeNot.com Community Ideas API provides methods for obtaining data from this site for using in mashups and other consumable formats. Retail Me Not is a website that provides links to, and information about online coupons, coupon codes and discounts for a variety of retailers. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

ShutterflyShutterfly API: Shutterfly is an online photo printing service. Using the Shutterfly API, developers can create new and innovative applications using the Shutterfly service. The API can upload and organize images, authenticate Shutterfly users and even place orders.

SignalSignal API: Signal is a mobile and cross channel marketing platform. Create two-way SMS campaigns and interface directly with email marketing from within the same system. Use email to call customers to opt into a text message program. Or, trigger emails based on mobile interaction.

Signal supports multiple types of APIs for different purposed. Use REST or SOAP to send messages. Receive messages and subscription alerts via webhooks.

The platform is geared toward businesses and agencies, with subscriptions starting at $500 per month.

SimpleGeo ContextSimpleGeo Context API: SimpleGeo Context provides relevant contextual information such as weather, demographics, or neighborhood data for a specific location. You give SimpleGeo Context a latitude and longitude, and it turns that point into structured data that is meaningful and useful to real people. The SimpleGeo API lets developers make more meaningful location apps by using a latitude/longitude to look up real-time information on a location.

SimpleGeo PlacesSimpleGeo Places API: The SimpleGeo Places is a free database of business listings and points of interest (POIs) that enables real-time community collaboration. Using proprietary data processes, SimpleGeo Places leverages a mixture of crowdsourcing and automation technologies to clean, update, and validate place data that our community creates in real-time. The SimpleGeo API Tools and SDKs make it faster and much simpler for developers to take their location-aware app ideas from sketch to launch.

USA Today Best-Selling BooksUSA Today Best-Selling Books API: USA Today's Best-Selling Books API provides a method for developers to retrieve USA TOday's weekly compiled list of the nation's best-selling books, which is published each Thursday. In addition, developers can also retrieve archived lists since the book list's launch on Thursday, Oct. 28, 1993. The Best-Selling Books API can also be used to retrieve a title's history on the list and metadata about each title.

USA Today Sports SalariesUSA Today Sports Salaries API: USA Today's sports databases contain information about the salaries for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey players for the past few years (since 1988 for baseball, and around 2000 for all others). In addition to salaries, there is extensive information for the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL available, including player, position, and team data.The USA Today Salaries API allows developers to programmatically access the USA TODAY Sports Salaries database.

ValueAppealValueAppeal API: ValueAppeal is a service that provides United States homeowners with the documentation needed to contest their property tax valuation. The company provides several options for partners, including widgets. An API is available, with documentation by special request. The company shares 20% of revenue that comes in as a result of partner links or applications.

Verify.IM TrustVerify.IM Trust API: The Verify.IM verification API lets users integrate the Verify.IM service into their web site via a CURL call. Verify.IM is an independent third-party verification service that protects users' online identities. The API returns member approved public data including account type, user name, business name and more. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML or JSON.

Washington State Department of Revenue Sales Tax RateWashington State Department of Revenue Sales Tax Rate API: The API provides direct access to the Washington Department of Revenue�s address based rate lookup technology platform. As Washington state's principal tax collection agency, the Department of Revenue oversees about 60 different taxes. It collects more than 90 percent of state General Fund tax revenues and all local sales tax revenues. The rate lookup URL is designed to return the current sales tax rates for an address. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML or TXT.

ZenfolioZenfolio API: Zenfolio provides photographers to create a portfolio to showcase their photos. Photographers can organize, present and protect their images, as well as print and sell photos, using the Zenfolio service. The Zenfolio API provides outside developers with the same features and functionality used by Zenfolio.

Developers can incorporate Zenfolio uploading into their photo application, or provide your own interface to simple photo editing, such as photo rotation and meta-data editing.


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