50 Twitter Visualizations, Including the TwitSprout Beta

The Twitter API is one of the most popular APIs in our directory. While the most fundamental use of the API is to post a Tweet, developers have been using the API to access and mine the humongous amounts of Twitter data being generated, resulting in 50 Twitter visualizations in our mashups directory alone. These applications mine Tweets to provide services that help users track topics of interest, geolocalized Tweets and even predict flu outbreaks.

One of the areas that individuals and organizations are particularly interested in is to track their social media activity in terms of follower count, posts, interactions and more. Another use case is that of an Agency, who is entrusted with the responsibility of tracking social media interactions for their clients, where the agency needs to provide a high level report of their social media accounts once a week. One such offering that has released its Beta version and promises to give you a snapshot of your accounts and even competitive analysis, whether you are an individual, organization or agency is TwitSprout.

TwitSprout does a few things and does them well. First, it allows for tracking Social media activity in your Twitter or Facebook accounts. For example, for the given time period and Twitter account, you can see the increase/decrease in followers, the number of tweets, % increases, hourly changes and so on. We believe that additional intelligence could be provided in due course that could relate that a particular tweet resulted in an increase of followers, etc.

TwitSprout also allows you to track your data in comparison to your competitors. This definitely is one report that brands might be interested in. And what is data if you cannot take it along with you. While TwitSprout does not currently provide an API, it does give you a one page PDF export (custom branded for paid plans) for your dashboards so that you can plug that into your presentations or a download of all your data.

TwitSprout has several pricing plans. A free plan (Sapling) that allows you to add up to 5 social accounts, which we believe should be enough for most individual users. If you are a company, you might want to sign up for their Hickory Plan (for Businesses) starting at $50/month, which allows you up to 20 accounts and also allows competitor tracking and custom branding for your dashboard reports. If you are an agency monitoring various accounts for your clients, you go to full on to the Redwood plan that allows up to 60 accounts at $100/month. Enterprise and API Integration is also available but you need to contact them for that.

If you sign up for TwitSprout, one of the things that you will need is patience to see your Social Dashboard getting populated with data. On an average you need to give it about one week to start seeing the results. This is due to the fact that Twitter or Facebook do not provide access to historical data. So the moment you sign up for TwitSprout, authenticate your accounts and give it permission to start tracking your Social Accounts, it makes calls every hour to collect this information on your behalf. In short, this means that you can track your engagement every hour. You get a notification in the email once your Dashboard is ready and then you are off to seeing what the Dashboard looks like and better still, take a quick snapshot to put it in a presentation if needed.

Take a look at our 50+ Twitter Visualizations and let us know if you have come across one that is not listed.

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