50 Validation APIs: Fractal, Sapo Development and Vapour

Our API directory now includes 50 validation APIs. The newest is the Melissa Data Email Validation API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the JSON Tools API. We list one JSON Tools mashup. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of validation APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 17 validation REST APIs and 31 validation SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 40 validation XML APIs and 17 validation JSON APIs.

The most common tags within validation are 14 validation email APIs, 14 validation security APIs and 14 validation tools APIs

On the mashup side, we list zero validation mashups. However, the most popular validation API, JSON Tools, lists The Global Map of Musicians mashup that we profiled in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 50 validation APIs.

Accuity IBAN Connect API: IBAN conversion, validation, and routing service

AddressDoctor API: Street address validation service

Adobe Project Adthenticate API: Ad validation and optimization service

Albany eVERIFY API: Payment verification service

ArchiDev Validator API: Email and URL validation tool

Bank Account Checker API: Bank account verification service

C24 Validation API: SWIFT message validation service

Data8 Telephone Services API: Integrate telephone services

eCoComa Email API: E-mail receiving and validation services

Email Pie API: Email address validation service

Emailified API: Email Verification Service

Experian QAS Address Validation API: Street address validation service

Form CheckUtils API: Form field validation tool

Fractal API: HTML email validation and fixing service

IBAN Calculator API: IBAN calculation and validation service

Intech IQ Hosted API: Address validation service

isemail Address Validation API: Email address format validation service

JSON Tools API: JSON formatting tools

Lyons SSN Validation API: Online social security number validation

MasterCard Lost-Stolen Account List API: Credit card account validation service

Melissa Data Email Object API: Email parsing and domain validation service

Postcode Anywhere Address Services API: Address capture, lookup and search

Postcode Anywhere Email Validation API: Email validation service

Postcode Anywhere Payment Validation API: Bank and card validation

RealPhoneValidation API: Phone number validation service

Sapo Development API: Web application development tools

SBML Validator API: Biology markup language validation service

ServiceObjects DOTS Address API: Address validation and geocoding services

ServiceObjects DOTS BIN Validation API: Credit card validation service

ServiceObjects DOTS Email Validation API: Email validation service

ServiceObjects DOTS IP Address Validation API: IP address validation service

ServiceObjects DOTS Name Validation API: Name validation and parsing service

ServiceObjects DOTS Phone Services API: Phone lookup and validation service

SSA CBSV API: Social security number validation service

SSN Validator API: Social security number validation service

Tarya Technologies ChkMail API: Email address validation service

TEC Mailing API: Bulk email data validation service

TeleSign API: Telephone based verification services

TowerData API: Contact information validation service

txtNation HLR Number Lookup API: Mobile number lookup service

Unified Software AddressVal API: Matching service for incomplete UK addresses

Validator.nu API: HTML5 validation service

Vapour API: Linked data/RDF format validator service

Visual DataFlex ElfProef API: Dutch bank account number validation service

W3C Feed Validator API: Feed validation service

W3C Markup Validator API: Web markup validation service

WebServiceMart Phone3T API: Phone number validation service

World Addresses API: Address lookup and verification service

XWeb Financial API: RDFI lookup and validation service

XWebEmailValidation API: Email address validation service

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