500 Photo Mashups

While map mashups in many ways defined this genre of application, the second most popular type of web mashup here on ProgrammableWeb are photo mashups. How popular? Just this past week the number of photo-related mashups passed the 500 mark, and there are now 505 listed.

And even though there are now 48 photo APIs, it's still Flickr and their ever-popular API that rule this segment. There are now 382 Flickr mashups listed here. The next most popular photo APIs include ImageLoop, Panoramio and Picasa (the latter two being Google products).

Lately we've seen a trend in mashups that combine music APIs and photo APIs. Here is a sample of three from this month:

  • Flokoon: Flokoon is a visual search engine that lets you explore websites in a Flash-based visualization. Uses APIs including Last.fm for music data and YouTube for video. More details at our Flokoon mashup profile.
  • TuneChimp: TuneChimp lets you discover the best music from any artist: Listen to top tracks, learn more about them through videos, photos, bios, news, and lyrics. This mashup uses APIs including Yahoo Boss, Last.fm and Flickr. More at our TuneChimp mashup profile.
  • SoundPushr: Pick and collect items while surfing through last.fm artists, YouTube videos, Flickr shots and Amazon albums. More details at our SoundPushr mashup profile.

Track this topic at our photo API and mashup dashboard.

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