500 YouTube Mashups

It's a new milestone for our third most popular API. YouTube went past 500 mashups, a distinction shared only by Google Maps (over 2,000 Google Maps mashups) and Flickr (about 550 Flickr mashups). Earlier this year we chronicled the Top 10 YouTube Mashups of All Time, so we'll instead take this as an opportunity to share some of our recent favorite YouTube mashups.

  • Dragontape (today's mashup of the day): Create online video mixtapes to share with friends. Search for artists or songs on YouTube. Drag results into your list to create your own mixtape. More at our Dragontape profile.
  • Dragontape

  • Music Favmap: A map of the favorite music of Last.fm listeners. Circles to the right of the map have more plays per listener. The Y axis shows chronology, with the oldest tracks at the top of the chart. The larger the circle, the more plays the artist has received. APIs: Last.fm, YouTube. More at our Music Favmap profile.
  • Music Favmap

  • uMapItUp: uMapItUp.com is advanced mapping software based on the Google Maps API coupled with the Youtube Data API. It allows a user to search youtube based on geographic location, using keywords, author, timeframe, and search radius. Just for entertainment. APIs: Google Maps, YouTube. More at our uMapItUp profile.
  • uMapItUp

  • BlahBlahBleh: The simplest youtube "radio" or media player. Just type the name of an artist or song or style of music, press Go, and let BlahBlahBleh play you music videos from youtube related to your search.

    Like Last.fm or pandora, but lightweight. More at our BlahBlahBleh profile.

  • BlahBlahBleh

  • 44tips - your visual start page: With 44tips.com you create a startpage with your favorite content. Import your photos, videos, music, bookmarks. View your favorite websites in one place. Discover similar content. Collect, save and share your content. APIs: del.icio.us, Facebook, Flickr, Hyves, Last.fm, LinkedIn, Thumbalizr, Twitter, YouTube. More at our 44tips - your visual start page profile.
  • 44tips - your visual start page

    This is just a sampling of what's new. For more, be sure to go check out all 500+ YouTube mashups in our directory. Or, for a slightly filtered view, see the 200+ mashups of the day that use YouTube.

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