5000 Mashups

Last week our mashups directory passed a new milestone, number 5000. Maps are still by far the number one type of mashup, but by slightly less than the snapshots of our previous milestones, as the directory has grown to include many types of mashups. Along the way, we've seen some prolific developers and there have been big wins for a number of mashups.

About one in three mashups incorporate a map, which makes mapping the most popular type of mashup. That has been the case since the inception of the site. In fact, it used to be almost half of the mashups we listed used maps. It is, perhaps, appropriate that mashup number 5000, MisoTrendy, uses Google Maps.


One type of app that has crept up in popularity over the last two years is the social mashup. Fueled by Twitter and Facebook, among others, these now make up 7% of all mashups in our directory, making it out sixth most popular mashup type. In 2008, social mashups didn't crack the top ten.

We've seen a number of mashups get acquired, some by big companies. Google bought Panoramio and its geo-centric photo sharing service in 2007. Apple snatched up iPhone assistant Siri in April. Others: Twhirl by Seesmic, Ember by 37Signals, Precision Polling by SurveyMonkey and, of course, the popular WeatherBonk was acquired by The Weather Channel.

There are also a few developers we'd like to point out for their consistent and abundant contributions to our mashup directory. Virender Ajmani has 77 maps mashups, many showing recent events geographically. mlachwani has 31 mashups, mostly with the use of mobile and SMS. Jim Hamilton's 25 mashups are notable in that they use 42 different APIs.

Past milestones we've covered on the blog have included 500, 1001, and 2000 3000 mashups. Though we didn't cover the 4000th mashup, we hit that milestone in June of last year.


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Keep up the good work, next milestone is 10000 :)

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