500px API No Longer Free of Charge

500px, a community of photographers and fans of photography, announced this week that its 500px API will no longer be available for free. The company made the announcement on YCombinator's Hacker News, with few details. The announcement read:

"500px will no longer be offering free access to our API."

No other updates were made on the company site or blog.

There was no shortage of comments regarding 500px's vague announcement. Some developers indicated that those interested in continued API access should contact sales@500px.com. This suggests that the company is moving towards a paid API model, but nothing on the company's website hints at pricing tiers or models.

500px allows photographers to easily share photos with other community members. The 500px API enables access to both 500px functionality and content. With no further API updates, we can only speculate as to the future of the 500px API. But, the company was acquired by VCG (aka the "Getty Images of China") earlier this year, and announced a partnership with Getty Images a few weeks ago. Both partnerships add to speculation surrounding the future of the 500px API. Expect more announcements in the future.

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