51 Audio APIs: Soundcloud, SHOUTcast Radio and Evoca

Our API directory now includes 51 audio APIs. The newest is the Umano API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the SoundCloud API. We list 27 SoundCloud mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of audio APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 39 audio REST APIs and 5 audio SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 30 audio XML APIs and 25 audio JSON APIs.

The most common tags within audio are 22 video audio APIs, 10 tools audio APIs and 10 music audio APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 25 audio mashups. We named Audibase as mashup of the day two weeks ago.

For reference, here is a list of all 51 audio APIs.

  3PlayMedia API: Caption and Transcription Service

  Acoustid API: Audio fingerprinting service

  AddLive API: WebRTC video and audio services

  Atlas API: the global video & audio index

  Audioboo API: Audio sharing Platform

  AudioMicro API: Stock music and sound effects provider

  Auphonic API: Audio post production service

  Blubrry API: Media hosting service

  CastingWords API: Audio Transcription Service

  CD Universe API: Online CD and music retailing service

  CinchCast API: Content sharing service

  DAR.fm API: Digital audio recording service

  Deutsche Telekom Voice Record API: Voice message recording service

  Ericsson Converting Media API: Media Conversion Tool

  Ericsson Streaming Media API: Streaming Media Status Tools

  Evoca API: Phone to web media voice services

  Flipzu API: Broadcasting and sharing service

  Fotobabble API: Talking photo service

  FoxTranscribe API: Online human transcription service

  gPodder API: Podcast retrieval service

  How do you pronounce and use...? API: Multimedia pronunciation dictionary

  Koemei API: Video and audio file transcription service

  LicenseQuote API: Music licensing service

  Meridix LiveID API: Live stream and media access service

  MetaCDN API: Cloud-based content delivery and media streaming service

  MTG Canoris API: Audio processing and analysis software

  Musicshake API: Royalty-free music service

  MyShowroom.TV API: Live broadcasting service

  NeoSpeech API: Text to speech service

  Quicktate API: Audio transcription service

  Qwiki API: Interactive wiki with media

  SampleSumo MeloTranscript API: Music transcription service

  SermonAudio API: Audio sermon Library service

  Shoudio API: Location Based Audio Platform

  SHOUTcast Radio API: Internet radio database service

  sonicAPI.com API: Sound effect, audio, and music service

  Sound of the City API: Sound map of Luebeck, Germany

  SoundCloud API: SoundCloud is a social audio platform

  soundtoys API: Visual artists works repository

  SpeakerText API: Online transcription service

  Streaming Video Provider API: Hosted media storage and streaming service

  Tagoo API: Audio and video search engine

  True Key Video Hosting API: Video and radio streaming platform

  TurboBridge API: Conference call service

  Tvider API: Mobile Twitter Media Sharing/Uploading Service

  Umano API: Audio content creator

  Vodafone Audio API: Mobile audio player

  WeKnowIt Speech Service API: Speech recognition service

  WorldStream TV API: Multicultural video and audio content service

  xeno-canto API: Bird song recording service

  Yahoo WebPlayer API: Web media player

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