51 GPS APIs: Breadcrumbs, Ipoki and Waze

Our API directory now includes 49 GPS APIs. The newest is the what3words API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Garmin MotionBased API. We list 2 Garmin MotionBased mashups . Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of GPS APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 34 GPS REST APIs and 8 GPS  SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 30 GPS XML APIs and 19 GPS JSON APIs.

The most common tags within gps are 29 GPS mapping APIs, 23 GPS location APIs and 6 GPS mobile APIs

On the mashup side, we list 51 GPS mashups. We profiled the G4ng mashup as mashup of the day in June.

For reference, here is a list of all 49 GPS APIs.

Alpha Micro Systems API: GPS tracking service

AlterGeo API: Local recommendation service

AT&T Location API: Location based services

AtlasCT Location-Based Services API: Location-based services

AtlasCT Mobile Maps API: Maps and GPS navigation

Breadcrumbs API: GPS data sharing service

Brightkite API: Location sharing service

Buddycloud API: Social location service

Cellid API: Cellular phone signal location service

EarthScope Data Portal API: North American earth sciences data service

Fresh Logic Studios Atlas GPS API: GPS device location mapping service

Garmin MotionBased API: GPS services and mapping

Gbanga Puppetmaster API: Location-based gaming Platform

Geocaching API: Geocaching Data Set and Feed Service

Geoloqi API: Location sharing service

Gink API: GPS tracking device communications service

GPS Explorer API: GPS data and modeling service

GPSit TrackFusion API: GPS tracking services for businesses and police

Ipoki API: GPS and social presence services

Locr API: Photo geotagging and sharing service

Map My Tracks API: Sport activity tracking service

MapQuest Open Guidance API: Mobile navigation service

Micello API: Indoor mapping service

NAC Geocoding Address Files API: Geocoding and address matching

NAC Real-time Conversion API: Worldwide geocoding information service

Navionics API: Location and mapping service

openBmap API: Find GPS position of cellular networks

Opencaching.us API: US geocaching database

OpenGeoTracker API: GPS data tracking platform

OpenPaths API: Personal location information management application

RunSaturday API: Runners log tracking tool

SPOT Shared Page API: GPS emergency messaging service

Sprint API: SMS and MMS messaging service

Sprint Geofencing API: Geolocation support service

Sprint Location API: Mobile geolocation service

TrackMatching API: Matching GPS data to OSM road network

TripTracker API: Trip Tracking Service

Vehiclepath API: Vehicle fleet tracking service

Verizon NavBuilder LocationKit API: Mobile geolocation service

Verizon Navigation API: Mobile navigation service

ViewRanger BuddyBeacon API: Live tracking map tool

Vodafone Geolocation API: Mobile geolocation widget

VodoModo API: Geolocation video provider

WallaBee API: Location-based mobile game

Waytag API: Geolocation and place service

Waze API: Social navigation application

what3words API: GPS location identification using words

WHERE GPS API: Mobile GPS widget platform

Xtracked API: Mobile location service

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