51 New APIs: Astronomy, Census Reporter, and Delivery.com

This week, we had 51 new APIs added to our API directory including a Bitcoin purchasing platform, a real estate search engine, and an online translation service provider. We also explored Unbabel, a platform that combines machine and human translation.

AndertoonsAndertoons API: Andertoons is a site for the cartoons by Mark Anderson. The site allows users to browse through the comics he has created by category, tag, alphabetically, and many other criterion. The Andertoons API allows users to display Andertoon comics on third-party websites with agreement from Mark Anderson. For Integration arrangements, contact Mark Anderson through his site.

AstronomyAstronomy API: Astronomy API is an API that allows developers to access astronomical data, star data, planet data, and more astronomy information. The Astronomy API can be integrated with other applications and used to create applications.

BahaQuoteBahaQuote API: Bahaquote is an invoicing and expensing service that provides users with access to online invoicing, expense monitoring, mobile access, email marketing, and other features. The Bahaquote Platform can be integrated into third party applications and used for automation using the Bahaquote API. The API allows users to complete transactions online, update billing information, send quotes and invoices in a systematic manner through an automated process. An account is required with service.

BTC-DealerBTC-Dealer API: BTC-Dealer is a bitcoin service that allows users to purchase bitcoins using credit cards. The BTC-Dealer API allows merchants to integrate the credit card payment option into their site to sell bitcoins. To use the site, users must be in a country in which the service operates. As of 2/6/2014, the site does not provide its service to U.S users.

Cat FactsCat Facts API: The Cat Facts API is a Web Service able to deliver random cat facts sourced from a variety of open web pages. Developers simply place a HTTP call specifying a number of cat facts, and the API delivers a JSON formatted response.

Census ReporterCensus Reporter API: Census Reporter is a service for accessing and making sense of U.S. Census data. Information is divided into categories, and users can search for information by topic or keyword. Each data point comes with context to show how it fits into the larger picture of its state and country. Census Reporter offers visualizations of its data in the form of maps and charts. Users can download and save data in CSV and JSON format (more formats to come).

ChurchMetricsChurchMetrics API: ChurchMetrics is a web-based church management service that helps churches keep track of important information. Trackable information includes attendance, donations, baptisms, and more. Historical data can be reviewed in the form of charts and reports. This data can be accessed from any computer with internet access or via an iOS or Android application. Data is also programmatically accessible via REST API.

DataboxDatabox API: Databox is a data connection and dashboard service. Databox provides features that allow users to connect to datasources, visualize data, and analyze data. The Databox API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Databox with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

Delivery.comDelivery.com API: Delivery.com provides a database of restaurants, fast food establishments, dry cleaners, and liquor stores that provide delivery options. Users can search locally for places that provide delivery, place an order, and pay online. The Delivery.com API provides developers with the tools to integrate the search and ordering functions into third-party applications. The Delivery APIs allows users to search for local restaurants, liquor stores, and laundries that offer delivery and pickup then make purchases through the checkout API.

DigiadvertsDigiadverts API: Digiadverts is a marketing and advertising service that offers customers bulk sms services, two-way sms service, mobile coupons, and an sms gateway. The Digiadverts API provides developers with the capabilities to integrate 3rd-party software through an SMS Gateway API. Using the SMS Gateway API users can enable their website, application or software for sending SMS. The API provides a revenue share models available for developers and integrators.

Dreamhack Crew CornerDreamhack Crew Corner API: DreamHack is possibly the world's largest computer festival. Happening twice a year, the Swedish festival includes digital art and gaming competitions, concerts, and other events. The DreamHack Crew Corner API exposes festival data, including schedules and photographs. The API includes public endpoints as well as endpoints available only to the festival's volunteer crew.

DSNDSN API: The DSN is based on a monthly transmission of personal data of employees, automated payroll software, after payroll, via a single reception point responsible for allocating data to the recipients. The DSN public API provides access to social statements in France.

Dutch SupermarketDutch Supermarket API: High quality details for supermarket store locations in the Netherlands, including Name, Brand, Address, Zipcode, City, Phone, Latitude, and Longitude. Brands in scope: Agrimarkt Albert Heijn Aldi Attent Bas van der Heijden Boni C1000 Coop Deen DekaMarkt Digros Dirk van den Broek EMTÉ Hoogvliet Jan Linders Jumbo Lidl MCD Nettorama Plus Poiesz Sanders Spar Troefmarkt Vomar

ElasticSearchElasticSearch API: ElasticSearch is a data analysis, monitoring, and search platform. ElasticSearch provides multiple products for monitoring, searching, and organizing data. The ElasticSearch API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ElasticSearch with other applications. API documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

EverysportEverysport API: Everysport is a Swedish website that provides visitors with information and services relating to all kinds of sports. Site members can create user profiles, participate in discussions, create groups, and more. They can follow games live with other people and track match results. Members can report from matches, but official results are provided by Everysport Media Service AB. The Everysport API allows developers to access information on 90,000 teams and 1,500,000 matches. Although the Everysport website is given only in Swedish, the API documentation is given in English.

GeocodioGeocodio API: Geocodio provides bulk geocoding and reverse lookup services through a REST API. The API is able to process a single address, as well as handle bulk requests of up to 10,000 addresses. Geocoded results are returned with an accuracy score indicating the confidence Geocodio has in the accuracy of the result. Geocodio is also able to Parse addresses into individual components.

GPSiesGPSies API: Billing itself as “tracks for vagabonds”, GPSies is an online community built around sharing hiking, running, and cycling routes via GPS recorded tracks. Users either draw or import routes onto GPSies maps, which can then be downloaded. The GPSies API is able to deliver XML formatted route data. The API can query by username, geocoordinate perimeter, Zip code or city, country, and more.

ICANE StatisticalICANE Statistical API: ICANE, the Statistical Office of Cantabria (a region in the north of Spain) publishes the Statistical Data and Metadata API of Cantabria. Currently, the API provides access to all data and metadata of all statistical series included in its database. A date of preparation of this aid, the approximate number of series is: regional data: 2187 Historical Data: 254 municipal data: 265 The API consists of two modules, one for metadata and one for data.

IDX BrokerIDX Broker API: IDX Broker is a provider of real estate search applications. IDX, LLC actively manages more than $1 trillion worth of active listings data from more than 550 individual Multiple Listings Services (MLS). IDX, LLC provides integrated software, customizable listing search utilities, and lead management tools for real estate based websites (IDX Broker). The IDX Broker API allows users to Collect Lead Data and integrate with a CRM, gather account information, and access some MLS-Provided Data.

iGEM RegistryiGEM Registry API: iGEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, is an international undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition. Student teams are given a kit of standard biological parts and tasked with building biological systems and operating them in living cells. The iGEM Registry API exposes the MIT Registry of Standard Biological Parts, allowing developers to retrieve XML formatted information describing those parts. Information for any given part includes name, type, subparts, sequence, and much more.

IPv4IPv4 API: IPv4.cf is a free IP Lookup service for non-commercial use. Ipv4.cf provides a public free REST API for doing a lot of Geotargeting or IP Address Lookups through multiple response formats. It supports multiple formats, include json, xml, csv, plain, png. And It supports multiple languages.

Juice In Da CityJuice In Da City API: Juice In Da City is a social site celebrating urban rap culture, hosting videos, photos, radio, and event tickets. The Juice In Da City API exposes the platform's user base, providing developer access to user data describing associates, messages, notifications, photos, and profiles.

License DirectLicense Direct API: License Direct is an application that allows users to verify the registration status of over 15 million licensed professionals throughout the USA. The License Direct API can be integrated and used to verify doctors, security guards, and other categories of service providers hold the necessary licenses and are accredited with their state government agency.

LightingFactsLightingFacts API: LED Lighting Facts is a program created by the U.S. Department of Energy that encourages produces of LED products to test and post performance results on the site. The site is designed to provide information for manufacturers, retails and distributers, approval labs, and other industry groups. The LightingFacts API allows developers to interact with the products list to get product data, perform Product Management, and perform other functions. An account is required with service. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses SSL for Authentication.

Lone WolfLone Wolf API: Lone Wolf is a real estate solutions provider that offers clients a wide variety of enterprise services. Lone Wolf offers services including brokerWolf, WolfConnect, globalWolf, loadingDOCS, Wolfmedia, and many other services that provide listing, advertising, marketing, accounting, document management, and other services. The Lone Wolf API allows users to integrate data from a number of external programs directly into their Lone Wolf suite of products. An account is required with service.

Mercado-BitcoinMercado-Bitcoin API: Mercado-Bitcoin is an Argentine bitcoin exchange that provides trade quotes in pesos and bitcoin. The Mercado-Bitcoin API allows users to make calls to get the Last Trade, last average price, mtgox price listings, fiat currency exchange rates, and other data. The API uses REST calls and can return XML, JSON, and CSV. An account is required with service.

osu!osu! API: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan is a Nintendo DS game based on using simple gestures to match the rhythms of popular Japanese songs. This game has been adapted for the PC, and on the osu! website, players can create profiles, gain levels, share beatmaps, etc. The osu! API allows developers to retrieve general beatmap information, general user information, information on the top 50 scores of a given beatmap, and information on multiplayer matches.

PayzaPayza API: Payza is a global online payment platform that enables consumers and businesses to send and receive money instantly. The Payza API provides a developer interface for interacting with this platform. The API is able to send individual or mass payments, refund transactions, cancel subscriptions, and to return merchant and consumer data.

PLACEHOLD.ITPLACEHOLD.IT API: PLACEHOLD.IT is a web service providing customizable image placeholders. PLACEHOLD.IT accepts simple HTTP calls allowing developers to specify dimensions, format, custom text, and background and text color.

placekittenplacekitten API: Placekitten is a web service providing kitten themed image placeholders. Developers place a simple HTTP call specifying image size and placekitten responds with a kitten image to use as a placeholder. Developers can request a specific image.

Postcodes.ioPostcodes.io API: Postcodes.io is a free, open source postcode and geolocation API for Great Britain. Postcodes.io allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Postcodes.io with other applications. Some example API methods include looking up postcodes individually and bulk, reverse geocoding individually and bulk, and querying postcodes.

ProofHubProofHub API: ProofHub is all-in-one, web-based project management software. It allows team members to plan and organize projects using calendars, notes, charts, lists, timesheets, chatting, and discussions. Users can import files from Google and Dropbox to share with teammates and clients. Casper mode helps users control what information they share with clients and what is kept private. The ProofHub API allows users to access information on people and projects via REST calls.

QordobaQordoba API: Qordoba is an online translation provider. Qordoba provides translation services for web content, documents, and all types of text. The Qordoba API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Qordoba with other applications. Some example API methods include translating text, retrieving translations, and retrieving domains.

RankCrewRankCrew API: RankCrew is a manual link building service providing SEO products for new and established sites. The RankCrew API allows customers to programmatically place a variety of service orders, request quotes, and retrieve account balance information.

Recharge MyRecharge My API: Recharge My is an online mobile recharging, bill payment, and eCommerce platform. Users can pay bills, manage payments, and recharge their mobile phone airtime and data. The Recharge My API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Recharge My with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

ReciPalReciPal API: Recipal provides cloud-based services for food businesses, including nutrition analysis, nutrition fact labels, ingredient lists, recipe costing, and recipe management. The Recipal API provides a RESTful interface for managing the site's ingredient and recipe databases.

SqwiggleSqwiggle API: Sqwiggle is an online workplace for remote teams. Sqwiggle features include online collaboration software, always-on video conferencing, drag and drop file uploading, and group video chat. The Sqwiggle API provides a RESTful interface for developers to interact with its platform. Exposed resources include conversations, messages, attachments, users, organizations, and more.

StatwingStatwing API: Statwing is a data analysis tool. Statwing provides various data analysis and visualization features. The Statwing API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Statwing with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving datasets, uploading datasets, and managing user accounts.

StreamWIDE Call ScreeningStreamWIDE Call Screening API: StreamWIDE is a company that provides carrier-grade Value Added Services (VAS) to mobile service providers. One of these services is Call Screening, which allows users to filter calls using acceptance and denial lists, time-based filters, behavior-based filters, delays on incoming or outgoing communications, and more. StreamWIDE provides users with SOAP, XML- RPC, and JSON-RPC APIs that enable them to integrate with the Call Screening service.

TaplyticsTaplytics API: Taplytics is a mobile data and metrics analysis platform. Taplytics provides various features to view, analyze, and access mobile application data and metrics. The Taplytics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Taplytics with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data, downloading metrics, and managing user accounts.

TelerikTelerik API: Telerik Platform is a mobile application development platform that combines a set of tools for developing applications for multiple platforms with cloud services that manage the application lifecycle process. Telerik Platform provides an adaptive Framework for creating applications regardless of whether the application runs on the Web, native or hybrid mode.

TopCoderTopCoder API: TopCoder brings developers together for competitions in the fields of Design, Development, and Data Science. Competitors are encouraged to collaborate with and learn from each other within the TopCoder community. TopCoder provides several APIs for accessing data on its contests, members, and marathon match contests. Users can explore and play with these APIs in their browsers using the API Playground.

TorrageTorrage API: Torrage allows users to cache their torrent files online for free. Users can only access cached torrent files if they already know the info_hash value for the file in question. Users cannot search for other peoples' files. The Torrage API allows users to automatically cache new torrent files or to cache a large number of old files. Code examples are provided in PHP and Perl.

VectramindVectramind API: Vectramind is a mobile marketing and advertising service that provides mobile CRM, two-way SMS, mobile ticketing, QR codes, and more. Users can send SMS, MMS, and USSD programmatically via API, allowing them to integrate the ability to send bulk marketing messages into their applications and systems using SOAP, REST, or SMPP calls.

VenturocketVenturocket API: Venturocket is a service that helps job seekers get in direct contact with hiring managers and recruiters, rather than relying on a resume to get them a call. Venturocket functions like a dating site, matching people with employers based on their skills and experience. If both agree, they can exchange direct contact information. Developers can access Venturocket's matching system from third-party application via REST API.

VSeeVSee API: VSee is a video conference and screen share service that provides users with a private and secure way to collaborate through video communication. The service provides one-click application sharing, drag-and-drop file transfer, and low bandwidth usage. The VSee API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API allows users to integrate the video conference features into third-party applications. An account is required with service.

Way2VoiceSMSWay2VoiceSMS API: Way2VoiceSMS provides bulk SMS services for sending messages in text, Unicode, WAP push, and long text format. Message recipients can be chosen based on their location or any other information the user has on file. Way2VoiceSMS supports Polling recipients to determine public opinion. Bulk SMS can be sent and received through the website, desktop application, or API. Available API methods include SOAP, SMPP, and SMTP.

WhyJustRunWhyJustRun API: WhyJustRun is a Canadian running group that includes orienteering in its races. Runners can pick their own routes between checkpoints, navigating with the aid of map and compass. The WhyJustRun API allows users to retrieve an entry list, start list, result list, organization list, event list, and iCal calendar Feed.

WishsmsWishsms API: Wishsms.com offers access to a large database of quotes & SMS messages. The content is broken up into over 50 categories that users can peruse and resuse at their leisure. Wishsms.com offers access to the collection of SMS messages and quotes through a REST API which returns the content in JSON.

ZiggeoZiggeo API: Ziggeo is a video recording and playback service that places an emphasis on interviews. Interviewers can set up a room, send question they'd like answered, and interviewees can record and submit answers directly to the interviewer. The Ziggeo API enables users to include video recording and playback in applications or third-party services. The API uses JavaScript. An account is required with service.

ZipwhipZipwhip API: Zipwhip provides cloud-based texting services that leverage the user's existing mobile and landlines, allowing them to send and receive texts from any device that connects to the internet. This includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Many customers prefer texting to calling, and Zipwhip allows them to do so.